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     Doughnut Sonnet No. 59 by Stephanie Scarborough: website
    Passing by mike barrett
      Your Perfume by Lou Desmier
      A Priceless Landscape by George W Knox

Title    Doughnut Sonnet No. 59

by Stephanie Scarborough   website

Hello there, sultry sugar god, have we
Met before?  I think we have.  Oh, yes,
The Christmas party, 1993.
I gazed at you-- I wore a sequin dress.
I had to diet seven weeks to wear
That stupid thing.  I felt a little weak
From lack of food, and then I saw you there.
I licked my lips and touched you.  Then that freak
Claudina ripped you from my sweet caress.
I thought that you were gone, but here you are
Atop the pastry cart at Bob's Express
Burrito Bar and Donut Shack.  Thus far
Our luck together has been cursed for I
Am on another diet and must pass you by.

©Stephanie Scarborough  

Title:  A Priceless Landscape
by George W Knox

I glance into a fire
of  resplendent eyes,
leading me to a palace
immersed in dreams,
as I sweetly sip
pure ecstasy
of sacred love

you paint my memories
with gentle strokes of affection,
swelling my empty landscape
as we dance in rains
of chilling watercolour.
Your passion of red
drips gleefully across
my sharp blue eyes,
merging into Technicolor thoughts,
exhibiting sweet pictures
in my mind

yet when we part,
the spectre of emptiness
excavates his grave of nothingness
through my heart,
as rains wash away our colours
and transform our masterpiece
to a canvass of white

oh my landscape craves
your colours
Come to me
my beautiful artist,

paint my life again

©  George W Knox

Title:  Your Perfume
Lou Desmier

If I could I'd come back as your perfume
And every day I'd find
Some new curve on which to linger
Longer than my lips would ever dare

If I could I'd come back as your perfume
And every day  I'd find some new fool to torture
He'd wake to find your scent woven into
Pillows where you never laid your hair

At you wrist I'd tear and claw
At every hand you hold
Behind your ear we'll flinch in fear
At sweetest truths you're told
After and around you,
My veil of thorns surrounds you
And so with every silken thread you wear

But on your breast I'm at my best
No worthy, bold Lothario
Would ever find his comfort there

And then as now I am undone
By every falling tear
From almond eye to powdered cheek
How soon I falter, wane and weak
I must desist,

And if I could I would

If I could I would

If I could I'd come back as your perfume

©Lou Desmier


 Title:   Passing by: mike barrett

i see her
        a luminous star
                just out of reach
                        or so the illusion
                i learned to fly cloud high     
                        only to find             
                she is farther than angels can reach
                        in the heavens

i hear her
        a song
                enchanting me to listen
                        seducing me
                with her distant melody
                i cannot grasp
                        the secrets she whispers
                though i remain mesmerized
                        under her spell

i taste her
        a lonely drop of wine
                falling softly
                        on my dry lips
                never quenching
                        the thirst that haunts me i smell  her
        a fragrance
                rising in spirals               
                        from her love potion
                promising me
                        unending peace
                but vanishing
                        with the dawn
                        the memory stirred

i feel her
        a warm breath
                the soft caress
                        of her apparition
                against the flesh
                        of my dreams

i sense her
        a presence
                of transcendental immanence
                        perfectly intangible
                a phosphorescent body
                        invisibly luminous
                passing through shadows
                        leaving behind
                only a mist of longing

© mike barrett  URL: not yet available

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