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  Presenting the thought provoking writings of Andrea Antognini:


              I watch a dog  

              wandering the streets.  

              with a tired air,  


              Quickly dodging  

              Passers-by and vehicles  

              to disappear  

              down a calm alley.  

              In which roads  

              will my seasons end up?  

           In the colour  

              In the heat of a summer  


              of parched flowers,  

              of noises already forgotten . . .  

              . . . of voices  

              and breeze in the hair  

              to muddle thoughts.  

              Seagulls swoop down  

              to steal smiles.  

              I don't know their nests.  

              I only remember my colours.  

              It is difficult to write about love.  

 Where do we fly ?

 In a blossoming flower

 I see your existence,

 in the breeze, from the sea

 I hear your breath...

 nocturnal light,

 and armfuls of dreams

 to squeeze you again.

 It's like a child asking:

 where do we fly tomorrow ?

 Watery moments

 Until yesterday

 a single raindrop

 lit up my dreams.


 not even the sea

 carries me through  to  the evening.

   © Andrea Antognini

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