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Now do you think that this is right,  

I have to get up in the middle of the night.  

There is no reason why I shouldn't.  

But my poor wife, wishes that I wouldn't.  

Now what do you think that I should do.  

Should I come over and talk to you.  

I once talked about things with the Sand Man.  

If he cannot help me, then who can.  

There are many things to discuss with you,  

Such as why my Pajamas are not new.  

Or we could talk about my pillow case,  

And the reason why it frames my face.  

Now about my sheets so gleaming white.  

Must they crumple at my sight.  

Then of course there is the bed.  

Never a tear for me it's shed.  

And on the floor the chamber pot.  

Should I use it, should I not.  

As you may see, I have problems galore.  

The Wife is blessed with a very loud snore.  

Its enough you know to make me weep,  

How can she have such a wonderful sleep?  

I must get up, I'm fully awake,  

I think I'll go and have some cake.  

I might even make a cup of tea,  

And wake the wife to share it with me.  

My life at night is never a bore,  

Not with the Wife's very loud snore.  

So just bear with me for tonight,  

As the Wife snores with all her might.  

© Bernard Shaw.  

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Bernard Shaw's website


My love, my life, my only one,  

Many's the dream that we have spun.  

With your love so tender, true,  

You took my life and made it new.  

From you I learned how to give,  

Hand in hand, how to live.  

A touch, a smile, a gesture small,  

Your love surrounds me like a wall.  

Unending patience did you bring,  

Making this selfish heart to sing.  

You moulded this being into one,  

From darkest depth to brightest sun.  

As through the years together we go,  

Growing older, getting slow.  

My love, my life, my only one,  

There's just one thing I have not done.  

This I must do straight away,  

Before the end of another day.  

With love, with thanks ever new,  

WIFE, I dedicate myself to you.  

© Bernard Shaw.


At the bottom of a Rainbow, So I'm told,  
If I look carefully, I will find some Gold.  
I am a little disconcerted as my poem will show,  
For each Rainbow that I come to, moves away you know.  
And the closer that I get to the promised treasure,  
Other things that I see give me more pleasure.  
Like tiny drops of rain on leaf and flower,  
Or the sweet smells, I smell after a shower.  
The song of a Bird high in a tree,  
Is a fascinating reward for a man like me.  
A thought has come to me it is very profound,  
Who has so much gold to bury in the ground.  
But the birds in the trees and the drops of rain,  
These common treasures, they come again and again.  
So I will look for a rainbow high in the sky,  
But for buried Gold in the ground, not a tear will I cry.  

© Bernard Shaw.