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             They say these days that faith is hard to find,
           So many other things now take its place.
           The world is turning at a hectic pace
           We must keep up . . . we dare not look behind.
           Technology and science now fill the mind
           Creating new ideas to embrace,
           Our boundaries now extend to outer space
           Our needs and greeds have somehow intertwined.
           But now and then questions still remain
           In spite of all the knowledge we obtain,
           And when we find ourselves in the position
           Where we need help to make the right decision -
           When all else fails and we can't find our way
           We close our eyes, and bow our heads, and pray.

             © Catherine M. Prostak

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Thoughts In Rhyme


             Nature's Fireworks
           Streaked across the Northern sky
           On the night we met.
           Flames of blue and red . . .
            Shimmered  as  they  danced  on  high  -
           Like a minuet.
           Were those Northern Lights
           Sent as messengers of love?
           There's no way to know
           But we look back now
           And give thanks to God above
           For that special show.

© Catherine M. Prostak