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  Presenting the touching work of Gabe Renzo:

I am a native New Yorker and, as such,
have always been obsessed with creativity; theatre, literature,
the performing arts; if it set my imagination churning,
I was there. Imagination, I believe, is greater than
Favorite philosophy:
"If you attempt something and fall on your face,
keep in mind you must have at least been moving forward"!
 -Gabe- ArcAngelo Renzo

Were I to send thee roses,

I would fly them on the wing,

Of a meadowlark

Who would sing his song

To announce the birth

Of Spring;

For if I were to send thee roses,

I would send thee but


Whose bright and radiant


Would paragon stars

In Heaven;

And were you but to tell me,

To send eleven 'tis truly


I would tell thee that the

Twelfth rose

Shall be found within

 A mirror!

p.s. this is dedicated to my beautiful and
wonderful wife of 35 years, Tina Marie Renzo!