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                             Presenting the lovely work of Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper:

BIO:Living in Portland, Oregon, married with four children and six grandchildren,
Sharon is an active member of the Women's Assn. of the Oregon Symphony. An astrological Leo, this lady thrives on poetry and music. Driven by a need to have her thoughts preserved for posterity, she writes of things closest to her heart, family, children, nature.

       Sharon has been published in Sienna's Poetry Suite, Fluid Ink Press, Panda Poetry Magazine, Nature's Echoes, The Window of Remembrance, Mi Poesias E-Zine, Battle Stars', Special Edition of Poets & Poetry, Providers in Partnership for Kids, Angel News, A Poet's Odyssey, Mi Poesias Poetry Forum, Flashback 1960's, and future publication in, The Silence Within, In The Eyes Of The Wild and Wired Arts for Wired Hearts.


all poems on this page © Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper         website

My loves: family,  children, nature,  flowers.
These  are the things that dominate my poetry.

I  am a  lyric, a  dinosaur. Being a  wife,  mother and  grandmother has given  me a  wealth of topics to  draw on from personal experience.   I  can't seem to turn  off the thoughts that tumble constantly anxious to find a home on  paper.

My signature  poem best describes  me:


      Part of me has lain
      sleeping most of my life.
      It stirs and stretches.
      A composite of a lifetime
      put to paper.
      With pen and purpose
      I find completion.
      Expression of my
      deepest feelings:
      my destiny.

© Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

gorgeous photo courtesy of http://www.carsonbarnesorchids.com

 New Beginning

 Aurora rises,
mist drapes the dawn,
morning fog
is capped
by a veil of sun.

 Her finger
 brightens the sky,
 throws a shaft of light.
 Clouds seem alive
 softened by golden haze.

 A spectrum appears in the sky,
 a splendid beacon
 for a goddess.
 I hold out my hand
 toward her brilliance.

© Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

Little Mimics
For Alissa and Brittany

Ostentatiously they come.
Little people
mimicking their elders.

A cloud of feather boas,
necks a-glitter
with throw away jewelry,
dresses too short or too long,
trailing hem or sagging shoulder.

Costumes saved from a past holiday,
castoffs piled for pleasure.
Makeup gaudily applied to smiling faces,
they preen and posture on parade
with regal condescending gestures.

They approach
in a line, modeling
with pride and passion.

© Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

 Pride And Yearning

 I ache to see the Highlands,
 yearn to inhale
 crisp air,
 walk beaten paths,
 remember hillsides
 that shimmer in rich,
 purple ripened heather.

 Misty eyes see
 past generations,
 fierce, invincible clansmen.
 They fearlessly march
 across bracken
 strewn slopes.

Woven clan colors
proclaim our ancestry,
 tradition above all else,
 pride in symbols
 and sounds
 of a bygone time.

© Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

Leaves Of Regret

Three maple leaves hang all alone
on the tree autumn fades.
Brilliant hues of red and gold
are mine as memories are made.

With regret I'll have to wait
until this season comes anew.
Of this fall-time, I'll reminisce;
bright beauty that the maple grew.

Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper
(c) 2000


The Glen

Firs stand high upon the hill,
their peaks are shrouded in the mist.
Below, the maples soak up sun,
by its warmth they all are kissed.

The brook runs by so merrily,
gurgling up against the ground.
Daisies lift their perky heads
as if to turn and hear the sound.

I love this peaceful wooded glen
that holds a colorful array.
My hope is that I may return,
to enjoy another day.

Sharon Rothenfluch 2000

 Kindness Given

 Kindness given
will always
come full circle.

Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper
(c) 2000


To sail by moonlight is for me
a restful joy on placid seas.
Smooth, gentle passage is the way
to finish off a perfect day.

Plan a special trip at night
on sea or bay, when mostly bright.
Drink in the most exquisite view.
Share beauty known by very few.

 Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper
(c) 2000


 Sparkling eyes and upturned nose,
he gets his way now when he goes.

Willful deeds in this small form,
seem to be the simple norm.

Sharing Mom will change his turn,
another child is coming soon.

Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper
(c) 2000


Written words feed my passion,
they wail, shout and slip silently
as afterthoughts
to my mind's eye.
My lips form in an all-out grin
or droop with sadness.

Existence without books
leaves emptiness in a soul
that hungers for earthly
tempered dreams.
Reach out, touch the light,
avid ardor consumes all.

© Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

 Peaceful Perfection

Cold silver frosts the day.
 Deceiving clouds, soft and innocent,
 are thick with snow crystals.
 The walk is slick beneath my feet,
 glazed with rime.
 Boots kick - sound echoes.

 Boughs strain earthward,
 a battle for survival.
 Snow glistens, thousands
 of feathery particles
 dust the frozen pond
 with a velvet coverlet.

 My eyes sparkle and color blooms
 on cheeks and nose.
 Lashes are sprinkled with flakes.
 Perfection in a peaceful dawn.

© Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper


Afternoon breezes freshen.
Dark clouds gather
on the horizon,
littering the sky,
auguring the birth
of a tempest.

A dense ceiling forms
above me. Skies erupt.
Driving rain washes the air,
slants across the land.
Thunder explodes like gunpowder
within towering peaks.
Shades of gray and black
snuff out daylight.

jagged strips of lightening
ripple through the sky,
hissing, sizzling, igniting the air
and purpling the horizon.
A wondrous display
of natural pyrotechnics.

© Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper


  I relish in the solitude,
 sit with palms
 held to the heat.
 Tongues of fire
 lick the hearth,
 stroke the walls
 with dancing shapes.

 I'm mesmerized
 with the leap and sway of flame.
 Cloaked in alternating streaks
 of light and shadow,
 given an image of privacy,
 there's sweet escape
 in its mellow glow.

© Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

Gentle Grace
For Brittany

Of graceful form and quiet gentle mein,
this youthful girl has spirit to unfold.

Needs confidence to make that courage soar,
her family''s aid will help her set the mold.

You fill my life with joy, your Mom reborn.
Fly free, small bird, return a woman grown.

Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper
(c) 2000