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    Presenting the gentle rhyme of Sand:

BIO: Sandra Prouse originally from Newport, Pa. Traveled extensively in the United States while her husband was
 in the Air Force for 20 years and toured most of Europe several years ago.  Now divorced and living in Port Orange, Fla.
with her youngest son Ryan.  She's a proud mom of six children.  
Her first book is currently being marketed under the title
"THE SOFTEST KIND OF LOVE" and a second book
titled " AQUA SILK AND BRUISES" soon to be published.
INSPIRATIONS:  Children, nature, God's love, and family.

  Sogni d'oro  

                GOLDEN DREAMS TO YOU

                 The night is dark and chilly, the day has gone away  
                The time has come to curl up and put my thoughts away  
                The candle light makes shadows upon my bedroom wall  
                Soft and flickering shadows that dance so very tall  

                I close my eyes and drift away to a land of golden dreams  
                A place so full of beauty, exquisite and serene  
                A garden filled with lilacs, wildflowers of every kind  
                Roses in abundance and yellow dandelions  

                A bubbling brook lies hidden, a doorway to the sea  
                I slide my body into it , the warmth embraces me  
                I feel the water glide so smoothly touching every place  
                Immersed in golden dreams of a distant loving face  

                Golden dreams surround me and take me far away  
                To the land of love and laughter, a place where I can play  
                Running through the meadows with the sun upon my back  
                Surrounded by the heather, a lunch inside a sack  

                Golden dreams surround me, I think I want to stay  
                If I could only lie here forever and a day  
                Inside your arms so strong and sure, I feel so safe and warm  
                In golden dreams I feel your love keeping me secure  

                © Sand * * *  

                Sogni d'oro  
                Ciao amore  


                 Pretend you are holding me close to your chest  
                Feel my warm body, my arms round your neck  
                The fragrance is touching you, my hair on your face  
                The warmth of my body makes your heart race  

                Pretend you are holding me close to your chest  
                Feel my heart beat as you stroke my warm breast  
                Touch with your lips the eyes that are closed  
                Kiss my moist mouth as your lips press so close  

                Pretend you are holding me close to your chest  
                Feel the desire as you reach to caress  
                Touch my neck gently, trace every spot  
                Kiss me so tender, feel me so hot  

                Pretend you are holding me, feel my warm breath  
                Touch with your fingers the spot on my neck  
                The illusion of softness, the grace of a swan  
                This woman you hold in the strength of your arms  

                © Sand * * *  

                 THE SOFTEST LOVE

                Skin that feels as soft as satin, warmth to touch and heal  
                Delicate fingers that trace so softly, almost isn't real  
                I hold your hand inside of mine and it feels so very small  
                But the strength I feel inside of you could climb a mountain tall

                A woman's gentle beauty that casts a glow of pride  
                She knows when you feel empty, even when you hide  
                Her lips can soothe a wound or bring such ecstasy  
                Her hands can mend a broken wing and let it fly so free  

                The legs she holds a child upon can run so swift and sure  
                She'll hide her courage deep within and let it shine so pure  
                Her smile will bring you to your knees or soothe a baby's cry  
                She'll let her laughter echo when deep inside she cries  

                That narrow waist you hold so tight can nourish God's creation  
                Expand to hold a baby's form and offer you temptation  
                Her back can carry heavy loads and nurse a child to health  
                And offer you the softest love that you ever felt  

                Her scent is soft and sweet, her body meant to love  
                She gives it all so willingly with a faith from up above  
                She'll cry herself to sleep at night and wake to greet the day  
                I believe God made a miracle when He made woman this way  

                    ©  Sand   * * *

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