Item List

AntidotePokémon MartCures Poison
AwakeningPokémon MartCures Sleep
BicycleCerulean City--Bike ShopUsed to travel faster
Bike VoucherVermilion City--Department StoreUsed to buy bike
Burn HealPokémon MartHeals burns
CalciumCeladon City--Department StoreBoosts Special rating
CarbosCeladon City--Department StoreBoosts Speed rating
Card KeySaffron City--Silph Co.Open Silph Co. doors
CoinCeladon CityUsed to play slot machines
Coin CaseCeladon CityHolds coins
Dire HitCeladon City--Department StoreBoosts attack effectiveness
Dome FossilMt. MoonUsed to clone new Pokémon
ElixerVarious AreasGives 10 PP to all abilities
Escape RopePokémon MartUsed to escape current area
EtherVarious AreasGives 10 PP to one ability
Exp. AllRoute 15Used to share exp. points
Fire StoneCeladon City--Department StoreTriggers evolution
Fresh WaterCeladon City--Department StoreQuenches thirst, restores 50 HP
Full HealPokémon MartCures any condition
Full RestorePokémon MartCures, Restores all HP
Gold TeethFuchsia City--Safari ZoneHelps Warden speak
Good RodFuchsia CityUsed to fish for Pokémon
Great BallPokémon MartUsed to catch Pokémon
Guard Spec.Celadon City--Department StoreDisables Special attacks
Helix FossilMt. MoonUsed to clone new Pokémon
HP UpVarious AreasBoosts HP meter by one point
Hyper PotionPokémon MartRestores 200 HP
Ice HealPokémon MartThaws frozen Pokémon
IronCeladon City--Department StoreBoosts Defense rating
Item FinderRoute 11Exposes hidden items
Leaf StoneCeladon City--Department StoreTriggers evolution
LemonadeCeladon City--Department StoreQuenches thirst. restores 80 HP
Lift KeyCeladon City--Game CornerActivates elevator
Master BallSaffron City--Silph Co.Used to catch Pokémon
Max ElixerVarious AreasRestores all PP
Max EtherVarious AreasRestores all PP to one ability
Max PotionPokémon MartRestores all HP
Max RepelPokémon MartPrevents random attacks
Max ReviveVarious AreasRevives and restores all HP
Moon StoneVarious AreasTriggers evolution
NuggetVarious AreasCan be sold for money
Oak's ParcelViridian City--Pokémon MartBelongs to Professor Oak
Old AmberPewter City--MuseumUsed to clone new Pokémon
Old RodVermilion CityUsed to fish for Pokémon
Paralyze HealPokémon MartCures paralyze
Poké BallPokémon MartUsed to catch Pokémon
Poké DollCeladon City--Department StoreDistracts opponent
Poké FluteLavender Town--Pokémon TowerWakes sleeping Pokémon
PokédexPallet TownUsed to store Pokémon data
PotionPokémon MartRestores 20 HP
PP UpVarious AreasBoosts PP meter by one point
ProteinCeladon City--Department StoreBoosts Attack rating
Rare CandyVarious AreasBoosts Experience level
RepelPokémon MartPrevents random attacks
RevivePokémon MartRevive fainted Pokémon
S.S. TicketSea CottageUsed to board S.S. Anne
Safari BallFuchsia City--Safari ZoneUsed in the Safari Zone
Secret KeyCinnabar Island--Pokémon ResearchOpens Cinnabar Island Gym
Silph ScopeCeladon City--Game CornerUsed to identify ghosts
Soda PopCeladon City--Department StoreQuenches thirst, restores 10 HP
Super PotionPokémon MartRestore 50 HP
Super RepelPokémon MartPrevents random attacks
Super RodRoute 12Used to fish for Pokémon
Thunder StoneCeladon City--Department StoreTriggers evolution
Town MapPallet TownMap of the entire game
Ultra BallPokémon MartUsed to catch Pokémon
Water StoneCeladon City--Department StoreTriggers evolution
X AccuracyCeladon City--Department StoreBoost Accuracy temporarily
X AttackCeladon City--Department StoreBoost Attack temporarily
X DefendCeladon City--Department StoreBoost Defense temporarily
X SpecialCeladon City--Department StoreBoost Special temporarily
X SpeedCeladon City--Department StoreBoost Speed temporarily

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