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Welcome to my Personal Home Page...


 Hi there!  I'm Pravesh Subramanian and this is my Home Page. Well, it is also the very first one (I must say!). So,  in case  you come across any errors, please take into consideration the above fact and ignore it. You are also welcome to point them out by mailing to me.  

Now something about me: 

I reside in MUMBAI, India-the city of Dreams. Well, this must have proved how much I'm attached to my city and I think this is a general tendency of every person. He/she surely has a rather emotional feeling about his/her city of  residence.  

I'm a boy in my mid-teens who likes to talk about  say anything. I'm though qiute reserved with people whom I don't find interesting. My friends call me Mr. Humor. That's just because of my ability to  find the humor element in almost all  things except at places where things need to be taken rather seriously. Well, that's the way life has to go. Who knows whether you have a second life or what? Its better to laugh as much as you want today than to wait for tomorrow to come. Who know whether tomorrow will come or not! 

Well, I must say that I haven't achieved a lot in my extra-curriculars.But  right from my childhood, I was a keen reader. I used to love reading all those comics that you used to get in the book shop. Once when I had fallen sick, I had to be admitted to the hospital. I was there for about one month! I just had no job to do. So i asked my dad to bring a few books for me to read. He brought me a good tale book. I just loved reading it. And from then, I asked my dad  to bring such books everyday.   Since then, I must have surely read more than say 300 books. I have a collection of more than 500 such comics. Besides, I also like to read novels.  I have read almost all publications of Sidney Sheldon and also a few books of Enid Blyton, Danielle Steel and others. Though I have heard that Mills & Boons' publications are quite interesting, I haven't had the opportunity to read one.(so sad!). 

Another thing I enjoy is travelling. I love travelling to places, be it distant or somewhere close-by.  
I have travelled to many places in India. But the only place left uncovered is the East. I haven't been given the opportunity to travel alone with my friends yet, so I haven't had a real adventure(as it is called) or so. 
International travelling, though enjoyable, I haven't thought about it.  
Talking about sports, I may get a second-class rating. I play badminton quite well and like watching cricket, tennis, swimming and I manage to play table-tennis sometimes. I also like computer games. 

Music and Television, the inseperable part of man in today's world, is also one of my likes. I like listening to  pop, classical, bhangra, jazz and also techno kind of music. Ocassionally, I even do bathroom singing.  
My neighbours many times do false appreciation and flatter me.  May be, they wanna get rid of my singing.  
I also like surfing the net.I surf the net atleast for 30 minutes daily just for satisfaction sake.  
You will surely find all my links in my link Box very very cool indeed! 

I love befriending people and knowing about all their experiences, good or bad. If you too have an experience to share with me, you can surely mail to me at the address given below. I'll be happy to reply to you.  
My chatting ability has won me friends from all over the globe. From places like Greece, Australia, the U.S. of A etc. Even you can have their mail addresses by clicking on the Pal Mail button. 

I will be very much interested in sharing jokes with you. And do tell me whether you liked my jokes.If your joke is interesting, you surely can find it in the jokes section with your Name and mail address.  

I plan to do my graduation in Electronics Engineering. And if possible, do my M.S in a good American University. 
Hope you enjoyed visiting this site.  

Comments? Criticism? Suggestions? Feedback? 

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