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Admin Post: Spiritual/Visualization Projects
(Tom) [12/Dec/01]

I would suggest a Category called "political project", there I would like to present Tamera (see below). Greetings from Portugal Barbara Kovats

Tamera is a project for a future worth living. The project sees itself as a base for global peace work. The research work deals with new ways of healing humans and nature. The aim is to develop a cultural model of a non-violent lifestyle for a couple of hundred people and the implementation of a "healing biotope". A "healing biotope" is a life community of people, animals and plants, whose life forces complement each other and are no longer blocked by each other through violence and fear. Between people the character of Tamera is guided honesty in relationships, truth in love and transparency in the community, and above all by taking on one's own responsibility and thus steering free of leadership cults. Currently 30 staff members live and work at Tamera but during each summer there are many guests who like to help building up the project. A youth project and the "youth school for global learning" is just starting. New ideas for professions and new commitments in political and humanitarian fields can be found here and on travels to other continents and cultures. Tamera is looking for support and cooperation with other committed peace workers and future-orientated communities. Our main "meeting-point" for contact and network is the annual Summercamp.

Admin Post: Political Projects(Tom) [12/Dec/01]




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