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The Pug Rescue Ring was created to link the sites of pug rescue organizations throughout the United States. People who are not directly involved with rescue may be unaware that such a thing even exists within the breed; the goal of the Pug Rescue Ring is to strengthen the web presence of pug rescue groups and make information from these sites more accessible to potential adoptors, contributors, and volunteers.

At this time, the Pug Rescue Ring is open primarily to the websites of rescue organizations. If you have a site that spotlights your rescued dog, your best resource remains The Pug Info Ring. However, if your site prominently features the fact that your pug was rescued, feel free to send an email to the ring manager stating that you'd like to have your site considered. Pages that provide "real stories" of rescued pugs will be evaluated for inclusion on a case-by-case basis. Other personal pug pages, scroll down the page to see how you can show your support of Pug rescue.

Interested in joining the Pug Rescue Ring?
First, please make sure your site meets the following criteria:

Your site must be that of a pug rescue organization or similar pug rescue effort. Personal and commercial pug pages, please read the section below to see how you can show your support of the Pug rescue effort. Commercial sites are not allowed in the ring.
Your site should be complete. In other words, no temporary pages that say you'll be "moving in shortly."
You should display the Pug Rescue Ring banner on your main page. If not, it should be placed on a page that is clearly accessible from your main page. Remember, the goal of the ring is not only to educate about pug rescue, but to help people locate an organization in their area. In that spirit, traffic must be able to move through the ring with ease.
Your links should be current, and images should load where they're supposed to.

If your site is a personal or commercial homepage and does not meet the ring criteria, but you wish to show your support of pug rescue organizations on your website, you may copy and paste the HTML below into your source files (no need to upload the images, we'll provide them for you!). Simply place your homepage name into the appropriate section of the HTML, and all the world can see that you support the efforts of pug rescue! ATTENTION! If your graphics no longer load properly, you need to use the NEW CODE listed below. Simply cut and paste the NEW HTML into the same place the old HTML was.

<table border=0 width=205 height=105 cellspacing=2>
<td align=middle rowspan=2>
<a href="http://nav.webring.yahoo.com/hub?ring=pugrescue&list" TARGET="_top">
<img src="http://www.pugrescuering.com/resq/pugrescuesmall.gif" ALT="Pug Rescue Ring" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 BORDER=0 ALIGN=left>
<td align="top">
YOUR_WEBSITE_NAME<BR>is proud to support the
<tr><td align="middle">
<a href="http://nav.webring.yahoo.com/hub?ring=pugrescue&list" TARGET="_top">
<img src="http://www.pugrescuering.com/resq/pugrescuesmall2.gif" border=0 width=216 height=29 align=middle alt="Pug Rescue Ring Home"></a> </td></tr>

Pug Rescue Ring

is proud to support the
Pug Rescue Ring

NOTE: The main home page of the Pug Rescue Ring HAS MOVED to WWW.PUGRESCUERING.COM please update your links and bookmarks.

RESCUE GROUPS: TO JOIN, submit your site by sending an email to the ring manager E-mail by clicking the envelope. Include your organization's name, URL (web address), site description, and contact info. You will later receive an email with the HTML code for the ring banner to paste on your page. You will also need to copy the two ring graphics at the bottom of this page to your own server.

Once you have added the banner to your page and it is displaying properly, you will be added to the ring at the manager's earliest convenience (usually within a day or so). If you submit your site to the ring but do not place the banner on your site within two weeks, your site will be dropped from the queue and you will need to resubmit if you wish to join. Questions about placing the banner on your page should be sent to the ring manager E-mail .

The Pug Rescue Ring

The Pug Rescue Ring Homepage
is a proud member of the
Pug Rescue Ring.

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