03/29/01 -
No Shit. Its been a while well im back. I got a few new things added up and working on a travis section as the people requested. It was about 3 years ago when I made this page I was 15. So for all you fucks that think this site sucks I WAS 15. I think that was pretty damn good for a 15 year old. Anyways thanks for all the support from the rest of you so im going to try and get some new info and some pics. One last thing I had a few people ask me some questions about who scott is? He is the EX-Drummer, and I realize that he is no longer apart of the band however I will not pull his section. Enjoy the new sections and hopefully layout..........

6/30/00 -
DAMN!!!! 10/18/98 was the last time I even updated this page! Well im back for a little while. I just saw blink in concert again. This time with Travis! THEIR SHOW KICKED SO MUCH ASS! I have to say that there Enema of the State tour is the best show I have ever seen. I live in Florida and saw them at the Ice Palace and if anyone in Florida has seen them before there Ice Palace show you will say the same. Sad to see Scott go, heard he went back to school a few years ago, but I don't know how true that is. For all you blink fans that have been around since Scott was there, what do you think, is Travis Blink worthy???? Travis kicks ass don't get me wrong, but I just dont think he is really Blink. Anywayz let me get a few more things changed around here, add some new pics, got some pics from the show but I got to scan them. Email me with suggestions and comments.

10/18/98 -
I have added a few more pics to my archive. Please send me anything related to Blink 182, I will take anything, not only pics.

If you have any news or anything at all that can help me please email I would love to hear it!