Special Friends--Gone, But Never Forgotten

This page is dedicated to special friends who are no longer with us. As you listen to the music, and read the lyrics, possibly YOU will remember a special friend also.

Ragnarok's Thundergulch of Kydolls - 1996/1998 - Thunder went to Rainbow Bridge after suffering a vaccine-related reaction...he will be missed, but thru his kittens, his life still goes on.

Merry Pawpins Topaz of Kydolls - 1997/1998 - Topie was here a short but loving time. A brief battle with lipidosis of the liver took her from us at just 11 months of age.

We hope to keep this section small....as time passes, tho, we realize that many of our friends will depart before us. This is my way of keeping them alive in my memory as well as my heart.

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