Some Pictures of Our "Babies"

These are just a few of our beautiful babies. The picture list will grow with time, so come back often!

Vinegar and JJ are just two of our gorgeous 'mommies'. Both are seal mitted girls, however, Vinegar has the beautiful hourglass blaze on her face. JJ has a 'diamond' snit on her nose, which makes her beautiful and unique also!

Thunder is next, a beautiful seal mitted boy. In this picture, he is 9 months old, and weighs 12 lbs! No kittens from him yet, but we're waiting!

Monty is our most popular 'daddy'. He is a big, beautiful blue bicolor, with the well-known Sheyenne Scout temperment.

Monty has produced some exceptional kittens for us, all of whom display his awesome blue eyes and 'mushy' disposition. He is a quad champion in ACFA, and once he puts some weight on, we are planning to show him to Grand.

Although he is daddy to many, he will ALWAYS be my big baby!