1. Asia Connect Sdn Bhd-Internet Services
  2. Asia Pac Sdn Bhd-Internet Services
  3. Astro-Entertainment
  4. Celcom-Telecommunication Company
  5. Central Market-Caltural Centre
  6. Cybertouch-Distributor of Netscape products in Malaysia
  7. Dataprep-System Integrator
  8. Johor Bahru Online-Internet Services
  9. Malaysia Online-Internet Services
  10. Mobikom-Cellular Telephone Company
  11. Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)-One Stop Investment Centre for all Malaysian
  12. Petronas-Petroleum Company in Malaysia
  13. Professional Recruitment Services
  14. Time Systems Integrator Sdn Bhd
  15. Telekom Malaysia-Telecommunication Company in Malaysia
  16. Telekom Malaysia -Research and Development
  17. Telekom Malaysia-Institut Telekomunikasi dan Teknologi Maklumat
  18. Telekom Publication Sdn Bhd-White Pages & Yellow Pages
  19. Tenaga Nasional- Electricity/Power
  20. Hewlett Packard Malaysia- Hardware & Software Vendor