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net_restart (my first BeOS app!)
net_restart is a simple shell based utility for restarting the net_server when it starts to get loaded down with dead socket threads. It was just a quick hack so that i wouldn't have to drive home to restart networking so rc5 could have more cpu to play with. BTW: net_restart will kill all network connections. (so dont do it in the middle of a big download :)
PS: If you're using any version of BeOS past R3, net+ knows how to manage its socket threads and net_restart isn't as useful as it originally was. (still not useless though)
Download (ppc executable and source)

stats is another simple little shell utility that gives you some stats on your computer. It's a lot like 'uptime' under unix, but with % cpu usage in place of load averages, plus some other info like whether your computer is on/off or burning/not burning. Here is some sample output:

nietzsche:/boot/home/code/stats> stats
01:12AM up 6 days, 9:55 : 125 threads : power on : computer is not on fire
cpu 1: 99.83%
Download (ppc executable and source)

BeCheckPoint (my first GUI'd BeOS app)
BeCheckPoint is a login type application. When launched, it kills the Tracker and Deskbar, (and mail_daemon if its running). After killing off all the useful stuff :) you get a password prompt. You can't do much of anything until you enter your password (appropriately so :). After you enter a correct password, BeCheckPoint unkills everything it killed at startup and exits.
I actually deleted the source for the original version of this app. Man that was stupid. I decided to rewrite it when someone at Harvard contacted me about using the source as a basis of a login app for a BeOS lab at Harvard. I just bit the bullet and two days later had BeCheckPoint back and _way_ better than the original. Oh, and the source (I don't know how much) did get integrated into a login system at Harvard. Nifty.
Download (ppc & x86 executables. source & makefile)

A nasty-ish app that helped me learn more BeAPI foo than BeCheckPoint taught me. I later went back and commented the sh*t out of the code so that others could have a looksy and possibly learn something. Basically it fills a bitmap with random data. If you fiddle with a scroll bar you can get some nifty patterns to show up. It was impressive when I wrote it :P
Download (ppc & x86 executables and source)

An Etch-A-Sketch emulator for BeOS! Draw with the arrow keys. Shake window to erase. Save memorable pictures using the translation kit. I wrote the first version one lazy sunday afternoon on a whim. I'm pretty sure I also got credit for it in my high school c++ class. Probably my most enjoyable app so far. (your mileage may vary)
Download (ppc & x86 executables and source)

An extensible attibute editor to end all extensible attribute editors. :) Supports all sorts of nifty BeOS features like file attributes, add-ons, & drag-and-drop. It's great messing with NetPositive's settings file and other settings files. (one of the reasons I wrote it) Here's a quick feature list:

  • Uses add-ons to edit attributes
  • Drag and drop support for copying attributes between files (and opening files)
  • Ability to add and remove attributes
  • All text used in the interface can be localized with a shell script
R4 ppc Download (bianary and add-ons)
R4 x86 Download (bianary and add-ons)

Jellikit add-on sources
Wanna write an add-on for Jellikit so that you can edit attributes of type x? Well, I haven't written any formal documentation of the API _yet_, but I do distribute the source for all the add-ons that come with Jellikit. You can usually be sure the API these add-ons are using is the most current. (yeah, I'm still open to API suggestions since I'm the only person I know is writing them)
Download (source, makefiles, and ppc projects)
Source not enough? Here is a description of the API

This isn't really a program, but if you're a developer, it's potentially very useful. It seems Be never thought to make it easy to have their text input widget do passwords. (like with a simple flag or something) Anywho, I jumped on that opportunity like a madman and came up with this. It has contributions from some other developers in it as well and you can find it in apps like BeCheckPoint and the BeOS port of VNC. (and others too I imagine)
Download (source and example app)

This is what happens when I get frustrated with a project and do something else to clear my mind. :) I wrote TheTick over a couple weeks and am pretty happy with it. It's my first ever replicant-happy app. Heck, this is one of my most BeOS-happy apps yet. It's multithreaded, uses add-ons, and replicates. Heck, it even stores settings as attributes :) (I should write a BPoint add-on for Jellikit now :\) Anyhow, maybe I should say what it does. Basically it grabs news from websites that have easily parsable headline files that their backend creates. (like BeOS Central, BeNews, & Slashdot) It then hands that file to an add-on that parses out the good stuff and hands it back. The finished product is 600 blinkenlights scrolling news past your attentive eyeballs. If you want, you can tear the ticker out of its window and make it live on your desktop, or any other replicant shelf enabled program.
Download (sources and no-think buildscript)

Ooh. This was my final project for the c++ class I took my senior year of high school. (I got an A :)(and made every other project in the class look lame since mine ran on BeOS and did Neat Stuff(tm))
Anywho. This program draws a 3d cube and lets you rotate it in any direction using the mouse. It's a bit messy, but I wasn't as hip to messaging when I made it as I am now.
Download (ppc executable and source)

I wrote the first version of this in an attempt to make BeOS Central updates more streamlined. (this was before Jake 'king of updates' Latham came along) Well, that version sucked. Hard. Then, Scot Hacker released TrackerBase. It included a script called newssite (or something very similar). I was pretty impressed with it, so I razed the previous code and came up with a nice little editor that had feilds for all the TrackerBase attributes I thought were useful and a place for the story. This sucked much less :) It also started me on Jellikit, which is a much nicer way to edit attributes. So now I'm quietly releasing it's wrath on the masses. Enjoy :)
Download (ppc executable and source)

My first BDirectWindow app. It's really just a modified version of Be's sample DirectWindow app 'Stars'. My version is what I originally thought this app looked like when I saw it at the March '98 BeDC. In case you can't read my mind, I thought Stars was a particle fountain when I first saw it. Well, when I finally ran it on my machine I was a little disappointed. My version is a close to fountain looking as I could get. Some bugs exist, but they shouldn't nuke your machine :)
Download (source and makefile)

ParticlesII, particle volcano, and demo framework
My first BWindowScreen excursion. I must say, BWindowScreen is much easier to program compared to BDirectWindow. I hope when Be replaces it, they replace it with something just as easy to use. ParticlesII is Particles, but fullscreen. 'particle volcano' is ParticlesII, but with a fire-like palette and trails. (the effect is really sweet) Finally, the demo framework is basically ParticlesII with all the particles specific code stripped out. It also includes handy convenience functions for frame buffer hackers like (get/set)pixel(), line drawing, rect drawing/filling, ellipse drawing/filling, and set_frame_rate(). All programs are based on the page_flip sample code from Be.
Download (source and makefile)

Misc. toolz >:P
For the I-wish-I-were-a-hacker in everyone out there, I have scraped together a couple semi-functional programs that I grabbed off of rootshell and fixed for BeOS.

Winnuke. I remember building this sucker and posting it on insite (or maybe even BOSC) back in the day. For those of you not in the know, insite was Jesda Gulati's site before he (and I in the shadows) took over operations at BOSC. I still don't think it works. Couple people said they got it to work, but it was probably coincidence.

Tcpprobe. This is a simple port scanner. Unlike winnuke, I know this works. Big deal :)

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Team BeOS - The BeOS team that I started. Currently #22 overall in RC5-64(!){1/99} out of ~5000 teams. I'd say that's pretty damn good. I can still remember when we weren't even on the top 100... Of course having lots of people helping us is beneficial. :)


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