The Jellikit add-on API

This document comprises an overview of the Jellikit add-on API as it stands right now (version 0.9). Since Jellikit is still young and no other developer (to my knowledge) has released or even told me about their add-ons, this API is subject to change at any time. The reason for this is that I would like to resolve any stupidity in the current API before more than one developer (me) is effected.

Please send any suggestions/comments to Your input is important to me.

And now for the guts.


Every Jellikit add-on must export two important symbols, the Instantiate() function prototype and the TypeCode[] array. Since Jellikit add-ons are c++, you will need to wrap these exports in 'extern "C"' so that Jellikit can find them. For Example:

extern "C" 
	_EXPORT void Instantiate(...);
	_EXPORT type_code TypeCode[] = {... , (type_code)NULL};

AttrAddon * Instantiate(BRect frame, const char *name, uint32 resizeMask, uint32 flags, BMessage *msg, status_t *ret)

This function simply instantiates and returns a new instance your add-on.

type_code TypeCode[]

An array holding the type(s) of data that your add-on knows how to manipulate. All the common Be-defined types are in support/TypeConstants.h.


Derived from: BView
Declared in: AttrAddon.h


AttrAddon(BRect frame, const char *name, uint32 resizeMask, uint32 flags, BMessage *msg, status_t *ret)

frame, name, resizeMask, and flags are all from the BView constructor. msg is a BMessage containing three fields:

The last argument ret is used to indicate success or failure. If your add-on was unable to create an instance of itself for some reason, set ret to B_ERROR. Otherwise, set it to B_NO_ERROR.


Does nothing. If you need to do any cleanup, do it here.


virtual status_t GetData(BMessage *msg)

This function is used by Jellikit to get the edited attribute from your addon. You need to add a feild named "data" to the message that contains your attribute. If your add-on cannot grant this request for any reason, it should return B_ERROR. It it succeeds, it should return B_NO_ERROR.

virtual status_t ChangeData(BMessage *msg)

This function is used to swap out the data an add-on is currently editing with new data. Jellikit will call GetData() before calling ChangeData(). The msg argument contains the exact same fields as the BMessage passed to your add-on in its constructor. (this is mostly a lie. Jellikit does not currently use the ChangeData() function. All the current Jellikit add-ons are written to only look for a field named "data". Both of these things will change soon.)

virtual bool IsDirty() const

Jellikit uses this function to find out if the data your add-on is currently editing has changed since construction. Return true if the data has changed and false if it hasn't. If you encounter an error, return false.

John Wiggins 1999