* Cosplay * Kakyuu *

Konnichi wa~!! Well, you've come to the page to see pictures of my kawaiiest friend, Kakyuu-chan from the AX '99 Convention! Kakyuu's costume was so awesome, and she makes a great Kakyuu too! That's her *real* hair people!! Well, except its got some red dye in it ^^;; But the length is real!! Sugoi desu ne??

Next year, she hopes to go as Sailor Kakyuu as opposed to Princess Kakyuu to the Anime Expo 2000.

Kakyuu enjoys the Sailormoon Musicals, and especially *loves* Momoko Okuyama. Momoko was the actress for Yaten Kou / Sailor Starhealer. She just likes *anything* Yaten or Starhealer! [ne?] Hehehe she also likes her sweetie ~ Akane ^.~

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Kakyuu with a mini-Eternal Sailormoon and mini-Sailor Saturn. Kawaii, kawaii...
Kakyuu & Chibi Chibi
Kakyuu & Mina-P who went as Yuuki / Suzaku no Miko
Group picture of a bunch of cosplayers!!
And another group pic!!

Okies! That's it for now.