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 You may have noticed that I no longer call this FAQ a "completely unofficial"
 one. The reason is that Mr Feiss has read the FAQ and, as I'm told by Mr Kurt
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                              THE CONTENTS:

Section 1 - C&C: the introduction
1.5........ISN'T C&C AN ADULT SHOW?

Section 2 - C&C: the makers
2.2........WHO IS DAVID FEISS?
2.3........YEAH, BUT _WHO_ IS HE?
2.5........YEAH, BUT _WHO_ IS HE?

Section 3 - C&C: the show
3.2........WHO IS CHICKEN?
3.3........WHO IS COW?
3.4........WHO IS SUPERCOW?
3.5........WHO ARE MOM AND DAD?
3.7........WHO IS SOW?
3.9........WHO IS TEACHER?

Section 4 - C&C: trivia

Section 5 - C&C: the episodes

Section 6 - C&C: the official side
6.1........IS C&C OVER?
6.5........A MOVIE?

Section 7 - IMW: the introduction
7.1........WHAT IS "I. M. WEASEL"?

Section 8 - IMW: the show
8.1........WHO IS I. M. WEASEL?
8.3........WHO IS I. R. BABOON?

Section 9 - IMW: trivia

Section 10 - IMW: the episodes

Section 11 - C&C: the less official side
11.2.......WHAT WAS IT ABOUT?
11.3.......SO WHY DID THEY BAN IT?

Section 12 - The Red Guy!
12.1.......WHO IS THE RED GUY?

Section 13 - The 'Net
13.1........IS THERE ANY C&C SITE?

Section 14 - concerning the FAQ itself

Section 15 - Closing Time
15.1........THE 'WANTED' SECTION.


Section 1 - C&C: the introduction


I think a good answer may be the text from the show  creator's official site!
Just a mention here:  I will be usually referring to  "Cow  and  Chicken"  as
"C&C"  in this FAQ,  and The Red Guy will often be named just  "Red".  "I. M.
Weasel" - both the title of the show and its main character - will be usually
referred to as IMW, and I. R. Baboon as IRB. OK,  now for the text from David
Feiss's site:

"C&C  is a cartoon about a typical 11 year old and his typical seven year old
little  sister. They bicker and feud and  get in messes-and stand up for each
other-like all brothers and sisters.

But there's a twist.

Big brother is a foot-and-half tall, 4 pound chicken... Named Chicken.

And  "little" sister is a 6-foot, 400-pound  cow... Named Cow. They live in a
suburban  house,  with human parents. They  play with human friends who think
it's  really  cool that cow has an udder  and chicken has a beak. Oh yes, and
every now and then they get kidnapped by the devil.

Only  the  bizarre imagination of veteran  cartoonist David Feiss (Kissy Fur,
Droopy,  Fish Police) could have created such a wild new cartoon concept. And
only the cartoon pioneers at Hanna-Barbera could have made it a reality.

In 1994 Hanna-Barbera set out to recreate the golden age of cartoons with our
"What  a Cartoon!" program. We started making cartoons fast and furious - and
short,  the  way  Max Fleischer, Chuck Jones,  Tex  Avery, Bill Hanna and Joe
Barbera  made  them  fifty years ago. We  found  the best raw (and well done)
cartoon talent in the business and gave them the freedom to make the cartoons
of  their  dreams. And out of the  "What a Cartoon!" program, two "startoons"
were  born. "Dexter's Laboratory" was the first to go to series. And "Cow and
Chicken" quickly established itself as a hands down favourite."

These are two official CN texts concerning C&C:

"The  Emmy  Nominated  Show Cow and  Chicken  from  Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon
Network's  World  Premiere  Toons program will  debut  26 episodes during the
1997-1998 season.

Cow  and  Chicken, a viewer favourite  from the World Premiere Toons project,
consists  of  three cartoon shorts, two  featuring  the series' stars and one
entitled  I AM WEASEL, both created by  veteran animator David Feiss (Tom and
Jerry,  Super  Secret  Secret Squirrel,  Jetsons-The  Movie). Cow and Chicken
follows the wacky antics of a surreal pair of siblings, whose relationship is
comically underscored by their identity-big brother Chicken and little sister
Cow.  I Am Weasel is about the exploits of the internationally famous genius,
I. M. Weasel and his insanely jealous archrival I. R. Baboon.

After  a window of exclusivity on Cartoon  Network, Cow and Chicken will also
air on two other Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., entertainment networks-TBS
Superstation and TNT.

Thirty-eight  year-old  veteran  animator  David  Feiss,  creator  of Cow and
Chicken,  jokes  that  he  has  constructed  a  cartoon  which  "captures the
'American Dream' - a nice house with a white picket fence, a loving father, a
doting  mother and two kids who just happen to be a 460-lb. cow and a chicken
with an attitude."

"In  only  its first season, "Cow and  Chicken"  has quickly developed into a
ratings  hit  for  Cartoon Network around the  world.  In  the U.S., "Cow and
Chicken"  nearly  doubled  ratings  among kids  6-11  in  its time periods in
October  compared  to  the  same  month  a  year  ago.  In  addition,  it has
consistently  been rated in the top five  programs among children in both the
United  Kingdom and the Netherlands since  launching in January 1997 and July
1997  respectively.  Since  its launch in  October  on  Cartoon Network Latin
America,  "Cow  and Chicken" 's weekend  telecast  consistently wins the time
periods  against competing children's networks in the region's cable measured

"Cow  and Chicken" developed out of Cartoon Network and Hanna-Barbera's World
Premiere  Toons, consists of three cartoon  shorts, two featuring the series'
quirky stars followed by another cartoon entitled "I Am Weasel," both created
by  veteran  animator  David  Feiss ("Tom  and  Jerry,"  "Super Secret Secret
Squirrel,"  "Jetsons:  The Movie"). "Cow  and Chicken" follows the outrageous
antics  of  an  absurd  pair of  siblings,  whose  relationship  is comically
underscored  by  their identity -- little  sister cow (seven years old, 6ft.,
400  lbs.)  and big brother Chicken (11 years  old, 18 inches, 4 lbs.). "I Am
Weasel"  is  about the exploits of  the  internationally famous genius, I. M.
Weasel, and his insanely jealous archrival, I. R. Baboon.

"Only  on  Cartoon  Network  could  a  show  with  such  an absurd, radically
different  premise be a hit across the globe," says Betty Cohen, president of
Cartoon  Network  Worldwide.  "We expect 'Cow  and  Chicken'  to increase its
momentum when it begins airing as a strip with "Dexter's Laboratory."

Cartoon  Network,  currently  seen in more  than  45.8 million U.S. homes, is
Turner  Broadcasting System, Inc.'s 24-hour, basic cable service offering the
best  in animated entertainment and drawing  from the world's largest cartoon
library.  Cartoon  Network  also showcases  unique  original ventures such as
"Dexter's  Laboratory," "Johnny Bravo," "Cow and Chicken," "Space Ghost Coast
to Coast" and World Premiere Toons. Since its launch in 1992, Cartoon Network
has remained one of basic cable's highest-rated networks.

Hanna-Barbera  Cartoons is one of the world's foremost creators of animation,
having  produced  more than 6,000  animated titles, starring such non-classic
characters  as  The Flintstones, The  Jetsons, Huckleberry Hound, Scooby-Doo,
Quick  Draw  McGraw and Jonny Quest.  The  current television series from the
renowned  animation  house  include: "The  Real  Adventures  of Jonny Quest,"
"Dexter's  Laboratory,"  "Cow and Chicken,"  "Cave  Kids," "Johnny Bravo" and
numerous shorts from the "What A Cartoon!" series on Cartoon Network. Founded
in  1957  by the legendary Bill  Hanna  and Joe Barbera, Hanna-Barbera became
part  of the Warner Bros. family with  the October 1996 acquisition of Turner
Broadcasting by Time Warner.

Turner  Broadcasting  System,  Inc., a subsidiary  of  Time Warner Inc., is a
major  producer  of news and entertainment  product  around the world and the
leading provider of programming for the basic cable industry".

This is what the show's creator, David Feiss himself says about C&C origin:

"I  was  getting  tired to read my  little  daughter every night a story, and
suddenly  I thought of a chicken and a  cow. A chicken - because they're such
little  funny  creatures. And I chose a  cow because it looks so foolish with
those  udders  under her body! I thought it  was  stupid to name them Fred or
something like that. So the name Cow and Chicken was made up easily".

Since  David's daughter loved his story, he  decided to write it down and try
with  Hanna Barbera who at the time  were looking for new cartoon ideas. They
chose  C&C  as  one  of the ideas  for  their  Cartoon Network "World Premier
Toons". The cartoon, titled "No Smoking", with its insanely absurd humour and
loveable  characters proved a huge success and  got an Emmy Nomination and an
Annie Award.

David  says  that  the relationship between Cow  and  Chicken is based on the
relationship between his 13-year old son and his 9-year old daughter.


Ask  yourself why _you_ like it, and  that will be the most important answer!
Here is what David Feiss's page says:

"Kids love its wild and wacky premise, and identify with the main characters'
problems.  And  why not? They're the  problems all brothers and sisters share
around the world, even if they aren't cows or chickens".

And  here is what I additionally think:  C&C are an instance of "pythonesque"
fun.  Such  surrealistic  humour,  dwelling  on  the  absurd, descending from
Beckett's  theatre of absurd, has always  been the favourite entertainment of
sophisticated,  intelligent audience. In the humour pyramid  - so to say :) -
the  surrealistic humour is the very top. It is the choice of elite! Its full
understanding  requires  intelligence,  wit  and  knowledge.  The  viewer can
perceive  it,  analyse and interpret in any  way  he wants - the creators are
fully  aware of it, and that makes  the matter so much funnier. Additionally,
C&C is a perfect example of double meaning - on surface, it's a funny cartoon
with  lots of hilarious situations, but deeper, it winks at the adult viewer,
showing him what a child will be unable to grasp. In other words, if you like
C&C,  you are most probably a smart kid or an intelligent adult!  :)  Watched
C&C? Liked it? Feel proud, and welcome to the club! ;)


Oh,  it almost certainly is. Well, OK - maybe I should change it a little. Or
maybe... NOT! 


Aw, c'mon! Every cartoon FAQ does it! :)

1.5........ISN'T C&C AN ADULT SHOW?

Figure it out yourself! ;) Some people say so. When you think of the frequent
political  incorrectness  of  the show, the  spoofs  of some silly yet highly
fashionable trends, the continuous obsession with buttocks  ;),  the constant
gender-and-TV  plays  and confusion,  cross-dressing,  the word-play messages
directed at adults, the instances of what censors might treat as violence and
references  to  sex (only proving that violence  and sex is what they have on
their minds, and they see it everywhere) - you might think it is.

To me, however, it's simply a show with double-level meaning, which is one of
the  most  important reasons why it's so  great. Kids will watch it and laugh
for their reasons, and adults will watch it and laugh for _their_ reasons and
at  things  you can only notice when you're  an adult. If I had kids, I would
gladly  let  them  watch C&C, just as  I  would let them read Rene Goscinny's
novels,  which also have two layers of meaning (toutes proportions gardees ;)

Section 2 - C&C: the makers


Created by David Feiss
Episodes written by David Feiss, Michael Ryan, Steve Marmel and Maxwell Atoms
Art Direction by Deane Taylor and Scott Morse
Main/End Title Theme by Guy Moon
Music Score by Guy Moon
Additional Music / IMW Main/End Title Theme by Bill Fulton
Main Title Lyrics by David Feiss
IMW Main Title Lyrics by Richard Pursel
Produced by Vincent Davis
Storyboard by Maxwell Atoms

Dan McMurray (http://www.ccaa.edu/~mcmurd/cowchick/) compiled this large list
of actors providing voice talents for C&C and IMW :

- Charlie Adler: Red Guy, Cow, Chicken, I. R. Baboon, Clown, Beaver #4
- Dee Bradley Baker:  Dad,  Reporter,  NASA Official, Kid on Bike,  Toothless
  Man, Kid, Idiot Clown, Rider, Ship's Captain, Cooties, Turtle, Dragon
- Candi Milo:  Mom, Teacher, Woman on TV, Girl, Man, V.O. Woman, Carl's Wife,
  Girl, Kid, Groom, Ducks, Perspiring Pam Doll, Daisies
- Dom DeLuise: Jean-Paul Beaver, Dakota Governor #2, Spotted Owl #2 (Yes, Dom
  DeLuise himself! He also does Koosy on Dexter's Lab)
- Michael Dorn: I. M. Weasel, Nanook
- Howard Morris: Flem, Intercom Voice, Cootie Growl, Cootie Victim
- Don Castellaneta: Earl, Old Man, Lineman, Cootie, Cootie Victim
- Lori Alan: Loreece, Winney
- Carlos Alazroqui: Beaver #1, Craig
- Larry Cedar: French Guy, Carl, English Guy
- Mary Ellen Dunbar: Girl, Selma, Small Girl
- Will Ferrell: Farmer, Astronaut #2
- Richard Horvitz: Beaver #2, Spotted Owl #1
- Mark Klastorin: Kid on the Paddle, Worker, Farmer
- Ed McMahan: Beaver #5, Dakota Governor #1, Eugene Oregon
- Adam Menken: Beefy Cop, Kid Running
- Loretta Swit: Judge
- Nick Tate: English Guy #2, Egg Buyer
- Scott Weil: Beaver #3, Carl

Episodes were usually directed by David  Feiss, Robert Alvarez, or both guys.
Some IMW episodes were directed by David and by Robert Steele.

All episodes written by David and by Mike Ryan.

The  show is also dubbed, apparently. Currently I know of a Dutch dubbing and
a Polish one (well, I should know that, I live here :-) ), but I don't really
think that listing the actors who do the voice-overs in dubbed versions would
be  of  any  interest  to anyone... or would  it?  Anyway,  as much as I hate
dubbing,  I must admit that the one in here  is done in quite a skilful way -
the  actors  chosen  sound  and act  almost  exactly  like  the original ones
(especially Red - he sounds like Charlie Adler's perfect clone :-) ), but the
translation is sometimes poor. I don't know anything about the Dutch dubbing,
but  I  heard  Dutch viewers complain about  its  quality. I'm a natural born
dubbing-hater,  anyway, and if a translation has to be done, I always opt for

2.2........WHO IS DAVID FEISS?

David  Feiss  is a veteran cartoon  maker who co-created, among others, "Dumb
and  Dumber",  "Alf Tales", "Super Secret  Secret  Squirrel" from "Two Stupid
Dogs",  "Tom  and Jerry Kids" and "The  Jetsons"  movie. C&C is his first own
full cartoon show.

You can contact David at: imwcc@jps.net
And visit his web site: http://davidfeiss.webjump.com/

2.3........YEAH, BUT _WHO_ IS HE?

He's the genius whom the world owes Cow and Chicken - and The Red Guy! :-)


Not  really a cartoon character, he is a voice artist who provides the voices
of  Cow,  Chicken,  and most importantly, the  Red  Guy!  Earlier, he was the
little bunny Buster on "Tiny Toon Adventures", and some characters on "Aaahh!
Real  Monsters!" and "Rocko's Modern Life". And that's just a few - he was in
over  30 TV shows and 15 animated movies. Lately, he stars in a play (one-man
play,  actually)  "There  Used to be  Fireflies"  where  he "is" 15 different

Charlie  doesn't  have an e-mail account, but you can write him  snail  mail.
The address comes from David Feiss's site:

 Charlie Adler, c/o Arlene Thornton
 12001 Ventura Place
 Studio City, CA 91604-2626

2.5........YEAH, BUT _WHO_ IS HE?

He's another genius who made Cow,  Chicken,  and especially  Red who they are
today! :-)

Section 3 - C&C: the show


Obviously,  Cow  and Chicken. Also, Mom and  Dad,  Flem and Earl, Flem's Dad,
Teacher, Boneless Chicken, Sow, Grandma(s) and Grandpa(s). And a very special
and fascinating character, usually referred to as The Red Guy!

3.2........WHO IS CHICKEN?

Chicken  is one of the two main characters.  He is a young cock - even though
young  in  human terms. He is 11 years  old and white all over. Currently, he
wears  his feathers as a feather-suit which  he can easily take off. This may
be  because of bad memories concerning his  real feathers, which he has after
his encounter with the Molting Fairy and a certain angry mob.

He  seems to have teeth, even though he is unable to whistle. He weighs 50 kg
(4  lbs.)  and is 50 cm (1.5 ft)  tall. Chicken is basically a normal growing
boy, er, chicken who "has just arrived at the 'rebel without a clue' phase of
his  life".  He  is not sure about so  many  things yet, and tries to situate
himself in the world.

He  enjoys  acting tough and playing a  smart guy, but his lack of experience
and  knowledge  usually  put  him  in all  sorts  of trouble.  He likes using
"advanced"  words, such as "oblivious", or  "inimitable", but he usually does
it  the  Adrian Mole way. He acts as  if he disliked his young sister (who in
fact  often  gives  him a reason to, unnerving  him  a  lot), but deep in his
heart,  he actually loves her and cares for her, as he proves whenever _she_,
for  a change, gets in trouble. His interests are that of many young, growing
male  persons  - superhero comic books,  action novels, tough army life, toys
and  equipment, sport - and girls, even though  he does not know why and what
for.  He _loves_ meat. Most things he eats  are made of meat or at least meat
flavoured  - meat cotton candy, meat ice cream, meat flakes, meat drinks, and
a  lot  of other interesting meals. The  only  change are the potatoes in the
traditional  family  meal,  "Pork Butts  'N'  'Taters",  consisting of, well,
cooked pig butts and potatoes. He likes milk, too. Oh, yes - did I mention he
is Cow's big brother? :)

3.3........WHO IS COW?

Cow  is  a young, 7-year-old, well - cow.  She weights 209 kg (460 lbs.), and
stands 2 metres tall. She is Chicken's younger sister and provides the family
with milk - even though Chicken didn't at first like the idea of drinking it.

Cow  is  a  good and gentle creature  with  a very innocent spirit. She loves
Chicken,  she  would  always love to accompany  him,  and  feels hurt when he
avoids  her company - to say the least! Cow likes most people she meets, with
an exception of a shadowy character known best as "The Red Guy". Cow is often
rather  childish, and has the problems and interests of any growing, er, girl
-  fun, dollies, gossip, and boys. She  hasn't been too successful with them,
however.  Both she and Chicken will live till  a very old age, as we saw them
already  looking  very old and wrinkled,  in the Jetsons-like future (Red was
there as well).

It may be just my impression,  but I think that between seasons I and III Cow
gets a bit more mature. So does Chicken, but obviously more slowly.

Cow loves  her dolls  -  Manure the Bear,  Crabs the Warthog,  and especially
Piles the  Beaver. This frequently gets her in  trouble. She also has a heavy
crush on I. M. Weasel.

Cow  is  quite  powerful. She does not  know  the  potential of her strength,
though, which often has bad consequences for Chicken.

The inside  of  Cow  is much  larger  than one might  expect.  In fact,  it's
inhabitated.  As a matter of fact,  Red may currently be living in her fourth

Cow  isn't  as silly as one might think.  In  fact, she has her own smartness
which  often  helps her. Her intelligence  improved  greatly when she started
wearing  glasses, and her IQ reached a very high level at that time. However,
she  apparently lost the glasses or no longer needs them, and her temporarily
high knowledge obviously disappeared. She holds a little secret,  too, and we
will take on it in the next answer...

3.4........WHO IS SUPERCOW?

This is a question that bothers The Red Guy so much! He couldn't find it out,
though,  but we know that Supercow is Cow's secret identity. Her alter ego is
a  powerful, tough-faced cow equipped with  super strength and the ability to
fly.  She wears a green cape and a violet costume which, as I suspect, may be
the  source of her extraordinary powers.  A large, red-and-yellow "C" logo is
on her costume's chest. She frequently uses her udder as a boxing glove and a
full-automatic   Milkygun.  She  _only_  speaks   Spanish  and  can  be  very
intimidating.  She  seems to be as  popular  as any superhero, and newspapers
often  write articles about her. Until now,  she has only been overpowered by
one  being - the fearsome Grizzly Beaver, the terror of African savannah. She
soon  struck  back,  however, ultimately  defeating  the monstrous Beaver and
turning  him into Beaver Gas. Usually, Cow changes into Supercow when Chicken
is  in  serious trouble and needs help -  or  when The Red Guy has wreaked so
much havoc that he must be stopped immediately.

The Red Guy is her greatest enemy and devotes his powers to tracking her down
and  getting  rid of her. Cunning and  dangerous  as he is, he may eventually
prove to be her Nemesis.

FLASH: The source of the power is Cow's blanket!

3.5........WHO ARE MOM AND DAD?

They  are  Cow and Chicken's parents, and  their  names are just Mom and Dad.
They  are _always_ shown from their belts down only - and it because they are
in  fact nothing more. They are pairs  of intelligent, talking legs. This was
revealed in the conclusion of the original "No Smoking" episode but they were
never  again  shown  this way. In all  later  episodes, every time that their
missing  upper  halves would have to  appear,  they were conveniently covered
with  objects such as branches, kitchen utensils, other people, etc. The show
makers  obviously toy with the idea, though  - Mom and Dad do everything with
their toes, their shadows reveal the emptiness above their belts, and Cow has
made  the  upper halves of their bodies  as her school project. They do quite
well  the  way  they are, though. There  is  no certainty as to their current
occupation  (or  anything else about them).  They  are very light-hearted and
eager  to  laugh,  and have a tendency  to  treat everything without too much
seriousness  - and that includes their children as well as their good selves.
Their  sanity is sometimes questioned by  their offspring, but they should be
forgiven - after all, they lost their heads and have no heart to anything!

FLASH: They are shown in full again in IMW - turns out Red rubbed them out :)

C&C's parents had quite an exciting life.  They used to be pirates,  they met
at a lifestock toss,  the worked in a cabbage field...  In their youth,  when
Dad was still a girl,  they both attended a  military school,  which made Mom
a man.

Curiously,  both the bovine and the hen side of the family seems to come from
Dad's side.  Mrs Hen is his mom, and Longhorn Steer is his uncle.  Of course,
Mom and Dad can always be, for instance, a cousin-to-cousin marriage... ;-P

This  is  what David Feiss said about Mom  and  Dad: "Cow and Chicken are not
exactly 'The American Dream'. You know, nice house with a garden and a loving
Dad  and  Mom,  who both love their  children.  By  coincidence, one of their
children is a Cow with a weight of 209 kg, and the other one's an 11-year-old
spoiled  Chicken.  The  parents don't play  an  important role in the series,
that's why we only see their legs".

I  myself  would  say  that  the "legs only"  idea  is  a  parody  of a silly
convention  which  appeared in many an  American  movie and cartoon some time
ago,  and  was  frequently used - the  very  idea  of showing people who were
either  less  important  for the show, or  were  supposed  to be seen "from a
child's  point  of  view" (or maybe from  the  childish  point of view of the
person  who  came up with the idea)  only as legs, thus actually dehumanising
them and leaving them as symbols rather than actual persons. ;)


They  are  Chicken's pals. His best  friends,  actually. They are neither too
intelligent,  nor too attractive. Nevertheless, Chicken enjoys their company,
even  though  they have their ups and downs  - as any growing boy or chicken.
Flem has no last name but has a full-bodied father instead.  They  apparently
live in one house, with Flem's Dad...

3.7........WHO IS SOW?

Sow  is  Cow's cousin, a very troubled  young... person... who does not treat
law  as  a  thing one should observe. She  is  a  very rebellious pig with an
obvious  police  record  for juvenile crimes. She  may  be a member of a gang
(which  may have influenced Cow when she tried to join the Buffalo Gals motor
gang).  She  is also very mischievous  and seems full of hatred, particularly
towards all good and peaceful (namely, towards Cow).


Boneless  is  Cow and Chicken's older cousin.  Guess what: he's a chicken and
he's  boneless. There is no explanation for  his lack of bones, pun intended.
Perhaps,  not  much unlike Chicken in  his  Admiral Floyd adventure, Boneless
worked  in  a  KFC  restaurant and, when  proposed  a  new  job as a "Chicken
Special",  he decided to go for it, but quit having realised that the new job
would  not  last too long - or, in  other words, he escaped the plate but not
before  they extracted the bones from his  body in the kitchen. Boneless is a
bachelor  and has a rather unsuccessful life. Nevertheless, he is experienced
(for instance,  he fought in Nam -  not  'Nam/Vietnam,  but a town named Nam)
and his advice and wit often do people (and cows and chickens) good.

3.9........WHO IS TEACHER?

Teacher  is a woman whose job is same  as her name - she teaches C&C's class.
She  is a rather nervous and noisy person,  and her methods of teaching are a
bit  unorthodox.  Nevertheless, the class seems  to like her, perhaps with an
exception  of Chicken, who, due to his rebellious nature, may like her but on
the outside, he does not want to show it.


Naturally, C&C have two grandmas and two grandpas. The first pair seems to be
dead  already,  but they visit C&C as  friendly ghosts. Grandpa is a Southern
farmer,  and  Grandma  is an elegant Southern  hen.  The second pair are both
humans,  and they are alive. They are very forgetful, though, which may often
lead to some problems.  The second  pair are probably  Mom's  parents,  which
would mean that the chicken streak in the family comes from Dad.

Section 4 - C&C: trivia


This  is a great mystery. There is a strong possibility that Chicken was born
in  the family, and Cow was adopted - this is what Chicken claims. There seem
to be many hens in C&C's family - grandma, cousin Boneless - but not a single
cow. On the other hand, there is also a pig branch in the family - cousin Sow
comes from it - so perhaps Cow is a fruit of an intermarriage, or a child of,
for instance, Chicken's deceased uncle and aunt (if there are any). Cow tried
to  find  out how she was born, but  was unable to. All the answers, however,
suggested that she was indeed adopted in a way, while Chicken was a "natural"
child of his parents.

FLASH:  There is a bovine side to the family - in one of the newest episodes,
Dad's brother, Longhorn Steer, appears! Which might bring some nasty ideas to
the mind - would Cow be an illegitimate child of Steer? ;-P

A new animal streak has appeared in the C&C family,  courtesy of a  character
named  Black  Sheep.  Also,  a  rather  strange  cousin  named Slime has been
introduced recently. There is a snail streak in the family, too.

Section 5 - C&C: the episodes


Currently, there are apparently four seasons, and these are the episodes:

No  Smoking  - the original "World  Premiere  Toon" episode which the viewers
 liked so much that the whole series was created.

Season I:
 Field Trip to Folsom Prison (originally titled "Folsom Prison Blues")
 Orthodontic Police
 Supermodel Cow
 Part Time Job
 Who Is Supercow?
 The Molting Fairy
 The Ugliest Weenie - part one.
 The Ugliest Weenie - part two. Or three.
 Crash Dive
 Happy Meat
 School Bully
 Time Machine
 The Cow With Four Eyes
 Cow's Instincts... Don't It?
 Ballerina Cow
 The Girl's Bathroom
 Space Cow
 The Legend Of Sailcat
 Chicken's First Kiss
 Squirt The Daisies
 Lawnmower Chicken
 Cow Loves Piles
 Headhunting In Oregon
 The King And Queen Of Cheese

Season ][:
 Fluffy The Anaconda
 The Laughing Puddle
 Pirate Lessons (originally titled "Captain Buttz Pirate")
 Halloween With Dead Ghost Coast To Coast
 Tongue Sandwich
 Dream Date Chicken
 Sumo Cow
 Dirty Laundry
 Grizzly Beaver Safari
 Boneless Kite
 Which Came First?
 Buffalo  Gals  - pulled down by  censors,  replaced with "Orthodontic Police"
 (see below)
 Cow And Chicken Reclining
 Free Inside
 Journey To The Center Of Cow
 The Karate Chick
 Yard Sale
 Meet Lance Sackless
 Who's Afraid Of The Dark?
 The Bad News Plastic Surgeons
 The Exchange Student (originally titled "The Holy Cheese War")
 Child Star
 Perpetual Energy
 Bad Chicken
 Stay Awake

Season ]I[:
 Can Cow Come Out And Play?
 Horn Envy
 Goin' My Way?
 Me An' My Dog
 Cow Fly
 Where Am I?
 The Baby Sitter
 Chicken Lips
 Sow And Chicken
 Cow Dream Catcher
 Sergeant Weenie Arms
 Chicken's In The Bathroom
 Playing Hooky
 The Day I Was Born
 Grandma At The Mall
 Intelligent Life?
 101 Uses For Cow And Chicken
 Be Careful What You Wish For
 Factory Follies
 Lost At Sea
 Cow's Pie
 Chickens Don't Fly  (probably  an episode from the above list with a changed

Some  of  the  titles from the third  episode  have probably been changed. Or
maybe  there  are some other ones. I didn't  see all of the new episodes (see
"THE 'WANTED' SECTION"), but there was an episode "Chickens don't fly", which
does not appear in the list above.

Season IV:
 Professor Longhorn Steer
 Send in the Clowns
 Black Sheep of the Family
 The Penalty Wheel
 A Couple of Skating Fools
 The Big Move
 Major Wedgie
 Invisible Cow
 The Full Mounty
 Mall Cop
 The Great Pantzini
 Cow's a Beauty
 Snail Boy
 The Ballad of Cow and Chicken
 The Cow and Chicken Blues
 Child Star
 Cow's Magic Blanket
 Chachi the Chewing Gum Seal
 Red Butler
 Monster in the Closet
 Chicken's Fairy Tale
 ? (Cow's toys become alive)
 ? (Chicken is a magician)
 ? (about "rubber")
 ? (about cousin Slime)
 ? (about Chicken's SuperJet Plane toy)


Which ones do you like?  Anyway,  here's  my  classification,  if you care to
know (no you don't :) ):

No Smoking - probably the all-time favourite. :)

C&C - season. (one "s", one dot...)
 Who Is Supercow?
 Orthodontic Police
 Headhunting In Oregon
 Field Trip to Folsom Prison
 Happy Meat
 The Molting Fairy
 Time Machine
 The King And Queen Of Cheese
 Squirt The Daisies
 Cow Loves Piles
 Chicken's First Kiss
 Space Cow
 Part Time Job
 Supermodel Cow
 Cow's Instincts... Don't It?
 The Girl's Bathroom
 Crash Dive
 Lawnmower Chicken
 School Bully
 The Legend Of Sailcat
 The Ugliest Weenie - part one.
 The Ugliest Weenie - part two. Or three.
 The Cow With Four Eyes
 Ballerina Cow

C&C - sseason: (two "s's", two dots...)
 The Bad News Plastic Surgeons
 Dirty Laundry
 Halloween With Dead Ghost Coast To Coast
 The Laughing Puddle
 Perpetual Energy
 Yard Sale
 Journey To The Center Of Cow
 Which Came First?
 Fluffy The Anaconda
 Pirate Lessons
 Who's Afraid Of The Dark?
 Sumo Cow
 Meet Lance Sackless
 Stay Awake
 Free Inside
 Bad Chicken
 Dream Date Chicken
 Grizzly Beaver Safari
 Boneless Kite
 Tongue Sandwich
 Cow And Chicken Reclining
 The Karate Chick
 Child Star
 Buffalo Gals
 The Exchange Student

C&C - ssseason.: (three "s's", three dots!)
 Sow And Chicken
 Factory Follies
 Be Careful What You Wish For
 Playing Hooky
 The Day I Was Born
 Can Cow Come Out And Play?
 Goin' My Way?
 Chickens Don't Fly
 Sergeant Weenie Arms
 Lost at Sea
 Chicken's In The Bathroom
 Grandma At The Mall
 Horn Envy
 Where Am I?
 Cow's Pie
 101 Uses For Cow And Chicken
 Cow Dream Catcher
 Cow Fly
 The Baby Sitter
 Chicken Lips
 Me An' My Dog

Thus, my top five is...
 No Smoking
 The Bad News Plastic Surgeons
 Dirty Laundry
 Halloween With Dead Ghost Coast To Coast
 Who Is Supercow?


For some reason (a devil showing cruelty to an animal? :-) ), Cartoon Network
stopped  airing this episode. It is aired here, but in a dubbed version (and,
unlike the show itself, a horribly sounding one).

The  cartoon started with Chicken watching TV and Cow trying to talk him into
playing  with her. He was fed up with her,  so he told Mom and Dad about "Cow
being  stupid  again", but it didn't quite  work.  He agreed to play with Cow
when she threatened to show Mom an ashtray full of cigarettes which she found
in Chicken's underwear drawer - and so they played Supercow.

Meanwhile,  deep  in Hell the Devil -  that  is, Red - introduced himself and
Cerberus.  He announced his plan to kidnap and torment some innocent children
-  starting with C&C. He decided to kidnap Chicken, because "Cow looked kinda
big".  Cerberus reminded Red of the rule  stating that kids must commit a sin
before  he can kidnap them. That was no problem for Red - he took a lift into
C&C's  garden,  and  offered  Chicken  a  cigarette,  which Chicken accepted,
sealing  his fate. Taken into Hell, he was tortured by Red, who used him as a
cigar,  washed  his  mouth, and decided  to  throw him into lava. Eventually,
Chicken  managed to scream for help, calling for Cow to "get Supercow". Which
she  did.  Having become Supercow, she jumped  down the hole leading to Red's
domain,  and,  in  accordnce with the place  she  found  herself in, she beat
living hell out of Red and took Chicken back home.

Next  day,  during  the breakfast, Chicken  thanked  her, but also complained
about  Cow's drinking all the milk and  not leaving any for him. Cow refilled
the  milk cartoon with her own milk and offered it to Chicken. He was shocked
and  disgusted - and then Cow revealed that she's been doing it in secret for
a  long  time. Chicken felt sick, while  Mom and Dad laughed, happy at having
such wonderful children.

And  then the camera slowly backed away,  showing the classic scene - Mom and
Dad in their full glory, revealing that they are just two pairs of legs. End!

Section 6 - C&C: the official side

6.1........IS C&C OVER?

Well,   Cartoon   Network  is  said  to have stopped ordering  new  episodes.
According to the show creator, David Feiss, it is over, then. BUT... CN _did_
order  new episodes of I. M. Weasel. I  actually used to treat IMW as a so-so
cartoon, weaker than C&C - until its second season, and especially the moment
that  the  magnificent Red showed up on  the show. With his arrival, IMW very
quickly  developed into a great cartoon, sometimes even surpassing C&C (check
out  Weasel's kids - it's a real  killer!!!). Since Red has become a frequent
"visitor"  of IMW, and Cow and Chicken have done guest appearance on the show
as  well,  we  may hopefully see them in  the  new episodes of "I Am Weasel".
Remember  also  that if Cartoon Network  receives enough e-mails, letters and
telephones  asking for new C&C episodes,  they will probably order them! This
is how the show originally came to life, after all!

This  is  what David Feiss says about the  matter:  "Cow and Chicken and I Am
Weasel  are  now  finished, the series is  over.  It would be great if enough
people  wrote  to the Cartoon Network asking  for  more, but I don't think it
will happen".

Perhaps  CN  did  that  because of  certain  armchair  critics, who, on their
web sites,  advised the company to drop  C&C and,  if continuing  the idea at
all, to move fully to I. M. Weasel.  That's  basically what CN guys are doing
right  now...  Soon  there may be other people  calling  them to drop IMW  as
well, and then... you get the idea.


Yes,  you can! In fact, it _depends_ on  you! Do what David Feiss says on his
site  and  send an e-mail asking for  new C&C episodes to Cartoon Network! Or
write  them  a  snail mail! Actually,  send  them  thirty e-mails from thirty
accounts  with  thirty different names! ;-)  The more input, the more chances
for C&C to live longer!

Mail CN at:

Or write them at:
 Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
 Cartoon Network
 1050 Techwood Drive
 Atlanta, GA 30318

Or send them a fax. But don't send them any fax in that fax...  oh God,  that
was moronic. I apologise. ;-) Here's their fax #, anyway:

 +1 (404) 827 3384

Take a look here as well:


The lyrics were written by David Feiss and music is by Guy Moon:

Chicken:     Mama had a chicken!
Cow:         Mama had a cow.
Both:        Dad was proud,
             He didn't care how!
Cow:         Cow...
Chicken:     Chicken!
Both:        Cow and Chicken!
The Red Guy: 


Yes,  there are. There is a "COW  AND CHICKEN COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK" for
young  children, four  C&C comic books by DC, and a Cartoon Network C&C promo
book.  As for fan fiction, there isn't  much - two talk show scripts starring
C&C  are  available,  and  they are very  good.  I  myself have written a C&C
episode  script,  but  it  needs  changes   and  additions.   Mike  Cervantes
(SlomotoML@aol.com) wrote an IMW fan episode.

You  can  read  the  first  comic  book  on  the  official David Feiss' site:

The site also keeps track of any new C&C merchandise.

An official C&C movie is said to be in plans as well.

6.5........A MOVIE?

Yes  -  a  movie.  A full movie!  "Cow  and  Chicken do America"? Naah... how
tasteless!  :)  OK,  there is talk of a  C&C  movie but not much is known for
certain at the moment. Sorry!


Cartoon Network has made a number of small C&C promos. I can recall four: two
were combined of fragments of C&C episodes, and one was made as a stand-alone
original.  The  first one consisted of Dad  calling C&C in a stern voice, and
C&C repeatedly making the "ping" sound which can be heard when they are taken
to the military school. The second and third one were basically short musical
clips,  with C&C "playing" (Chicken with his  hammer, Cow with her nose), and
singing  ("C-c-c-chicken! / COW!"). The original one showed C&C performing at
a concert: Chicken played a guitar wildly, yelling "Cow 'n' Chicken YEAH! Cow
'n'  Chicken YEAH! Cow 'n' Chicken YEAH!" and then shouting at Cow to take it
over  - "COW!". She was quiet and timid all the time, and only responded with
a short "Ooo!".  There are,  of course, some "normal" promos simply informing
of the time of the show, etc.  The original promo, which introduced the whole
series,  contained a "Cow and Chicken" line sang to the tune of "Hallelujah".
And a long  time before that,  there was a short promo for the World Premiere
Toons  series  - notably, for  the week when  "No  Smoking"  was to be shown.
I don't  really remember much from that promo,  but there was something along
the lines of: "What do you do when your little sister is a cow?".

And  there was a Red Guy promo, too.  First it had some contemporary hit song
in the background - whatever, I don't know it, I can't name it - and then the
music  was  gone.  Perhaps  for copyright  reasons.  Anyway,  apart  from "No
Smoking",  the  promo was the only time that Red openly said he was the devil
(well, it was a quote from the original episode, actually).

JIM provided this info about two promos I forgot (!) and one I haven't  seen:

- Cow as a  fortune teller  (Chicken:  "It's not gonna workin',  Cow!",  Cow:
  "C'mon,  big brother,  concentrate!"  -  and Cartoon Network logo pops from
  the flashing magic ball).

- C&C dancing in front of TV set  (Chicken presents his parents and sis, then
  he says  "Now  let's  rock!"  and  he  and Cow start to dance. When Cartoon
  Network logo appears on screen, Boneless Chicken lands on it. Chicken says:
  "My cousin Boneless").

- Flem and Earl (short clips from episodes where F&E co-starred,  song in the
  background with easy lyrics: repeating "Flem and Earl, Flem and Earl").

There are also the  "Red's Beauty Tip"  and  "Rear Admiral Floyd's Pork Butts
from Wazco" spots.


Taco  Bell  restaurants in the US of A :)  sold six kinds of C&C toys: Cow TV
Animator,  Chicken TV Animator, Cow on a Pop-A-Wheelie Tricycle, Huggable Cow
&  Chicken,  Sparkling  Super Cow, and  Cereal  Spinner.  Cartoon Network has
produced  C&C souvenirs (for instance, C&C copybooks), and you could win them
in  some  competitions. Other things I know  of are mainly PC multimedia: two
C&C screen savers (one is official, from Cartoon Network), two official games
("Here's  Milk in Your Eye", in which you play Cow and shoot milk at Chicken,
and  "Bombs  Away!"  with  Red throwing  bombs  at  C&C!), and one unofficial
Shockwave  "memory" game (similar to one of the games in Nokia 51xx/61xx cell
phones). There are two C&C desktop themes for Windoze as well. Which of those
should  you get? All ones, of course! It's about 9 megs of download in total,
as far as I can remember - and everything free (except for the phone bill)!

Quake ][ and HalfLife fan(atic)s can download a C&C inspired scenario here:

I personally  don't  like FPP shoot'em ups, but the screenshots of those mods
look quite funny, so if you like "quaking", check it out.

Cartoon  Network  sites inform about a  new C&C promotion, connected with the
release  of a number of new episodes!  The promotion is named "Smelly Telly",
and  you  can receive a number of  special  cards which, after you scrape the
protective  cover  from  them,  will  emit  a  particular  odour  staying  in
accordance  with  the  contents of the episode  being  aired! There are a few
cards,  and  each  should  be used  with  different  specific  episode of C&C
(reminds me of Smell-O-Vision from the 1950s... :) ).

Cartoon Network has a new C&C Shockwave game:

You can find the C&C Halloween pumpkin stencils here, on David Feiss' site:

David's site also has all the songs in the show,  and you can listen to them.

You can buy C&C production cels here:

Warner  Bros stores sell more cels, as  well as other C&C collectibles (a C&C
clock,  a  key  chain,  a t-shirt and  a  picture  frame). You can find their
addresses here:

I myself have created  a  C&C car for "The  Need  For  Speed  III"  (it's the
Mom and Dad Mobile with all the main characters visible  and  The  Red  Guy's
head added), but it's not been released yet. If it is, it will be placed at:

Section 7 - IMW: the introduction

7.1........WHAT IS "I. M. WEASEL"?

The "I. M. Weasel" series is another creation of David Feiss. Basically, it's
a cartoon that accompanies C&C, and which is soon to become independent. It's
produced  by  "Wild Brain, Inc.", and  here's what the show makers themselves
have to say about it:

"'I Am Weasel' features the exploits of the internationally famous genius, I.
M.  Weasel, and has insanely jealous archrival  I. R. Baboon. Weasel is loved
by  women,  he enjoys a transcontinental  high-life complete with sports cars
and  fabulous  mansions.  Bulbous-butted and  hopelessly  hapless,  Baboon is
unyielding  in his attempts to unseat his nemesis from the throne of pedigree
and breeding".


During  its first season, IMW was OK, but nothing special. There were quite a
few good episodes, but otherwise the show was rather bland when compared with
Cow and Chicken. However, with the coming of its second season, IMW changed -
for  better! It went rather in  C&C's direction, and became more surrealistic
and  thus  much funnier. Season three is  actually  so good that sometimes it
even  surpasses C&C. Also, I. M. Weasel  was no longer successful every time:
there's  nothing like seeing a celebrity lose! >;-) Sometimes Baboon actually
took  the grand prizes! C&C's and IMW's worlds started blending: as it turned
out,  Cow was in love with Weasel, she did guest appearances as Supercow, she
watched IMW on TV... And best of all, the magnificent Red Guy started showing
up on IMW! He became a frequent visitor there, not necessarily wreaking havoc
-  sometimes he does very good deeds there. For example, he baby-sits IMW and
IRB,  which the latter likes very much (though IMW isn't too happy with their
new babysitter and... uhm... _her_ ways of telling stories).

IMW  is  to  be made into its own  series  now.  There is no telling what the
"final  product" will look like: hopefully, "I. M. Weasel - The Show" will be
more  like  seasons  II and III of the  older  IMW,  and less like the weaker
season I.

Robin  Steele  is said to be the director  of the new show. He made "Garfield
and  Friends", too. If the new show combines the madness and fun of C&C, IMW,
_and_  "Garfield" (not to mention Orson :)  ), it may turn out great! (Though
_nothing_ will replace C&C...)

Section 8 - IMW: the show

8.1........WHO IS I. M. WEASEL?

I.  M. Weasel is a genius among weasels. A very talented, intelligent, and at
the  same  time gentle character, he's  been  very successful in almost every
field  he's ever taken on. He is a  very popular figure, and crowds love him.
He  is  mostly  into scientific research,  but  has numerous other talents as
well.  His motto is: "If there is a problem to solve, I will solve it - for I
AM  WEASEL!".  His fur can be taken  off easily, and hides a sinewy, somewhat
hairy  torso  with  sailor's  tattoos  -  something  rather  disgusting,  and
strangely out of place for an intellectual.

IMW's brain is much bigger than the rest of his body.

IMW  doesn't  really  look  much  like  a  weasel.  The Red Guy took him  for
a squirrel more than once.

He  used to be accompanied by a  blonde girl named Loulabelle, who, like IMW,
has  quite a number of occupations but whose intelligence equals more or less
that of a box of cookies. Censors pulled  her character down after some time,
though (Yes, censors, and yes, pulled down - read further to find out more).

I don't  need to dwell on the "I. M." and "I. R."  (and "I. B.", for Red :) )
jokes, do I? Yagidditall, right?


An astronaut.
A sailor.
A diver.
A lawyer.
A genealogy expert.
An actor.
An odour specialist.
A Ping-Pong player.
A judge.
A biologist.
A virus researcher.
A doctor.
A businessman.
A minister.
An architect.
An engineer.
An ambassador.
A politician.
A retired toon. :)
A king.
A baboon. :)
A child-raising specialist.
A DNA researcher.
A TV star.
An archaeologist.
A musician.
A senior citizen. :)
A fairy.
A traveller.
A journalist.
A fireman.
A clerk.
A hole specialist.
A prisoner. :)
A ship inspector.
A driver school examiner.
A time traveller.
A vampire count.
A best man at IRB's wedding.
A bride.
A pilot.
A pet cat named Spot. :)
A psychiatrist's (Red's :) patient.
A scientist - apparently, that is his primary occupation.
A private eye
An olympics player
A hairstylist
A gladiator
A fighter for freedom of future US
A ghost

8.3........WHO IS I. R. BABOON?

I.  R. Baboon is IMW's archrival.  He  is a character of low intelligence and
almost  no  manners. Amazingly, he is often  amiable - and _always_ funny. He
seems  to suffer from a complex he doesn't  even know about: a complex of his
red "glossy" butt - a trademark of his. He is often unsuccessful and unlucky,
and almost always blames IMW for that.

I. R. was apparently introduced as a villain and IMW's enemy. However, he was
probably  liked by the audience too much,  and he was gradually promoted with
new  episodes  coming.  He  ultimately  became  IMW's  sidekick  rather  than
opponent,  and  in  the third season he  and  Weasel often work together. The
show's  villain remained - but his persona  changed: C&C's Red Guy is the IMW
anti-hero  now.  As  for  I. R., he  even  became  more intelligent, at least
formally:  he got a PhD. His grammar  remained as horrible as before, though,
and he keeps referring to IMW as "Stoopid Weezle".

I. R.'s brain is about the size of his eye.

I.  R.'s hobby is sniffing his  index finger. According to Weasel's research,
it  may mean that he misses his mother. She is alive, by the way, living with
her  husband, Mr Baboon, and their daughter, very similar to Cow in size, and
to I. R. in behaviour.


An astronaut.
A prisoner.
A diver.
A seaman (sea-ape?).
A drifter.
An amateur hole-specialist.
An actor.
A pig farmer.
A Ping-Pong player.
A virus researcher.
A plant salesman.
An engineer.
A king.
A weasel. :)
A guard.
An amateur lawyer.
An architect.
A mother.
A biologist.
A time traveller.
A deep-sea farmer.
An archaeologist.
An amateur musician.
A retired toon. :)
A fairy.
A fisherman.
A salesman.
A clerk.
A TV star.
A wild baboon. :)
A ship captain.
An amateur poet.
A vampire.
A groom.
A pilot.
A pet dog named FatHead. :)
A psychiatrist's (Red's :) patient.
A scientist (yes, you've read it right!)
A private eye
An olympics player
A "toe man"
A hairstylist
A gladiator
A rather unfortunate fighter for freedom of future US
A ghost

Section 9 - IMW: trivia


The lyrics were written by Richard Pursel, and music is by Bill Fulton:

 You don't need pants for the victory dance,
 'Cause baboon's better than weasel,
 I. R. Baboon's big star of cartoon:
 I. R. Baboon reigns king in his mind,
 He's just as good as the weasely kind,
 But round every corner he's likely to find:


"Pop!  goes  the  Weasel" is a nursery rhyme.  The  IMW theme is based on its
melody,  and  I.  M. Weasel can be  frequently  heard humming this short song
(which usually infuriates I. R. Baboon). The rhyme goes:

 All around the cobbler's bench,
 The monkey chased the weasel.
 The monkey thought 'twas all in fun,
 Pop! goes the weasel.
 A penny for a spool of thread,
 A penny for a needle.
 That's the way the money goes,
 Pop! goes the weasel.

 Rufus has the whooping cough,
 And Sally has the measles,
 And that's the way the doctor goes,
 Pop! goes the weasel.
 A penny for a spool of thread,
 A penny for a needle.
 That's the way the money goes,
 Pop! goes the weasel.


Not  really. Actually, no real weasel is harmed in the song. The weasel which
goes "pop" is an old tool used by hatters to apply fabric to the top of hats.
As for the "pop" itself, it isn't a sound made by poor exploding weasel; it's
a  (rather dated) slang word meaning  giving something to the pawnbroker (and
here the "something" is said weasel :) ).

Section 10 - IMW: the episodes


Currently,  there are three seasons, and the episodes are aired together with
Cow  and  Chicken. Only time will tell  what  the new independent series will
look like. Here goes the list, anyway:

First season:
 I. R. on Sun
 Deep Sea Tour
 I. R. Gentlemans
 I Are Big Star
 Power of Odor
 Ping-Pong at Sea
 Disease Fiesta
 I. R. Plant Life

Second season:
 This Bridge Not Weasel Bridge
 Happy Baboon Holidays
 I Am Ambassador
 Law of Gravity
 I Architect
 I. R. Mommy
 I. M. Deity
 I Am Crybaby
 I. R.'s Phantom Foot
 Queen of DeNile
 I Are Music Man
 I Am My Lifetime
 I. R. Pixie Fairie
 I. R. Ice Fisher
 I. R. Role Model
 I. R. in Wrong Cartoon
 My Friend, the Smart Banana
 I. R. Wild Baboon

Third season:
 The Hole
 I Stand Corrected
 I Am Bush Pilot
 The Unsinkable I. R.
 Drivers Sped
 Dessert Island
 I Am Vampire
 A Tree Story
 Honey, I. R. Home
 I Are Good Doggy
 He Said, He Said
 I. R. Do
 Who Rubbed Out Cow And Chicken? (Mom and Dad shown in full!)
 The Sackless Games
 I Am Whale Captain
 I Am Hairstylist
 I. R. Gladiator
 Revolutionary Weasel
 The Baboon's Paw
 ? (about dream research)
 ? (Weasel as a ghost)


See the answer on C&C. Here is my choice:

IMW - season. (one "s", one dot...)
 Deep Sea Tour
 I. R. Gentlemans
 I. R. on Sun
 Ping-Pong at Sea
 I Are Big Star
 Power of Odor
 Disease Fiesta
 I. R. Plant Life

IMW - sseason: (two "s's", two dots...)
 I. R. Pixie Fairie
 I. R. in Wrong Cartoon
 Queen of DeNile
 I Am My Lifetime
 I. R. Ice Fisher
 I. M. Deity
 I. R. Wild Baboon
 I. R. Role Model
 I Am Crybaby
 I. R. Mommy
 I Architect
 I. R.'s Phantom Foot
 Happy Baboon Holidays
 This Bridge Not Weasel Bridge
 Law of Gravity
 I Am Ambassador
 My Friend, the Smart Banana
 I Are Music Man

IMW - ssseason.: (three "s's", three dots!)
 I Am Vampire
 Honey, I. R. Home
 The Unsinkable I. R.
 I Stand Corrected
 I Are Good Doggy
 He Said, He Said
 I. R. Do
 Drivers Sped
 The Hole
 Dessert Island

Thus, my top five is...
 I. R. Pixie Fairie
 I Am Vampire
 Honey, I. R. Home
 The Unsinkable I. R.
 I Stand Corrected

Section 11 - C&C: the less official side


"Buffalo  Gals"  was an episode pulled down  after it was aired for the first
time.  It told a story of a girl  motor gang, which Cow desperately wanted to
join.  Apparently, the contents proved  controversial to some narrow "minds",
and one of the curses of modern times,  the Political  Correctness-censorship
communion  acted, sadly resulting in the episode's  being blocked from airing
again, and replacing it with the "Orthodontic Police" episode.

Those   who  decided  to  ban  the episode promoted it to a 'cultoon' ;) that
way).  So  much the better! (BTW, the  character  of  Loulabelle from  "I. M.
Weasel"  was removed by censors as well. I suppose it was because she was the
standard  dumb  blonde  from jokes, and she  was  too real - the dumb blondes
apparently  felt insulted and pressed their  little old *influential* boys at
Turner...  oh,  I'd better stop before saying something they wouldn't like...
or have I said it already?)

The  whole "case" may have influenced  certain later mindless attacks on C&C.
One  of those is so bizarre it is  even worth mentioning here: a woman, whose
name  will probably not even be remembered by  her family in a year from now,
tried  to  have  her five minutes  by  accusing  Cartoon Network of promoting
sexism  and showing women in bad  light through C&C. Apparently, the attacker
took Cow to be a portrayal of a woman, which might make some malicious people
think  it was perhaps because of some qualities, emotional and physical, that
they both shared. Then again, it would obviously be unfair. To Cow.

11.2.......WHAT WAS IT ABOUT?

I watched it only once, and a long time ago, but here goes: Buffalo Gals were
a  group of tough, er, girls, who formed a bike gang. Large buffalo hats were
their symbol, and they did what any motor gang does - they wreaked havoc. And
they  did  the same in C&C's house.  They ate the carpet, among other things.
They  liked Cow, however (they being buffaloes, her being a cow...), and they
asked  her to join them. She did just  that, and Chicken set out to bring her
back. Buffaloes beat him up, and again he was only saved by Cow.

11.3.......SO WHY DID THEY BAN IT?

Who  knows  that  for sure? Some say  it  was primarily because lesbians felt
insulted.  Yeah. The BG gang is basically  a group of tough lesbians, and one
of  them  falls  in love with Cow. Then  there  is  an instance of cruelty to
animals  in  the  tradition of "Frog Baseball"...  ;)  And the humour of this
episode  went  to  the  extreme  in  a  few  moments,  which the thick-skulls
apparently disliked (sorry, I really dislike cartoon censorship...).


Find  someone who taped it... or persuade  CN not to pay attention to foolish
attacks on the show. The first solution seems more realistic.

Section 12 - The Red Guy!

12.1.......WHO IS THE RED GUY?

The  Red Guy is the most  fascinating, enigmatic and charismatic character on
the  show. In fact, he is the  most fascinating cartoon character ever! He is
basically a devil. Or, in fact, _The_ Devil! That was his original appearance
in  the  first episode. Being the source of  all  evil, he decided to do what
everyone else would do for fun on a boring, hot day in Hell - namely, torment
innocent  kids. He picked on Cow and Chicken - or, actually, on Chicken, whom
he  kidnapped using a clever "thou hast sinned, now thou art mine!" trick. He
was defeated by Supercow, though, and apparently he swore revenge.

From then on, he has been appearing on Earth, always pursuing Cow and Chicken
and  usually  trying  to lure them into  trouble.  It is not always the case,
however,  and sometimes Red is a nice, decent guy - he may even be helpful to
C&C! There were cases where he actually saved them from certain death.

He uses dozens of different identities and aliases. He can be recognised very
easily, though, even when he covers his devilish horns with wigs or TV masks.
Amazingly,  nobody  has  recognised him yet.  Only  I.  M. Weasel came close,
suspecting  it,  but never really discovering  the truth. But then, who knows
what the truth actually is? After all, Red's power are so amazing that he may
in fact influence everyone's mind, forcing them to forget him. Red can travel
in time and space, create anything out of nothing, control others... and much
more. A devil, after all, is a being of a thousand faces. His name is Legion,
for he is many.

Red's  appearance  is  that of a red devil.  He  is rather fat and of average
height.  His face is very expressive, and  his eyes usually reflect his mood.
His eyebrows only appear when he has a need for them. His voice is as amazing
and  distinctive  as  the rest of  him.  He  often introduces himself saying:
"Hellllloooooo!...  It's  me!". Sometimes he goes  naked but very often he is
clothed  fully - with an exception of his  bottom part. His great red butt is
always  bare - and it seems to be his pride and joy. It is also the source of
nearly  each one of his aliases - they all play on the idea of a bare bottom,
sometimes using languages other than English for reference. His butt has more
uses than just mooning  - Red can walk using his butt instead of his legs. He
is very skilful at it,   too.   He  also  likes to roll around on the ground,
often moving in this way.

FLASH from JIM: In the episode "Black Sheep of the Family"  Red actually puts
on a pair of trousers;  earlier, in "Intelligent Life?", he also gets to wear
pants, courtesy of the United Nations. Also, in "Major Wedgie", we learn that
he dropped the habit of wearing pants while in the army, when he accidentally
learned that pants made him feel grumpy and imprisoned.

Red  apparently has a brother, looking and  sounding very similar to him, but
with  a different colour - beige rather  than red. There are suggestions that
this  brother  is  in fact painted Red,  but  I doubt it: although Red proved
numerous  times that he can either multiply, or  be in more than one place at
the same time, he never tried to disguise himself using tricks such as colour
change, even when the situation really required such measures.

There  is no certainty as to whether he has any other relatives. According to
his  own  words,  he has at least  a  grandmother,  whom, for some reason, he
dislikes  very  much - but whose picture he  seems  to be keeping on his wall
(however,  it  may  be his mother -  now  imagine  _who_ could be the devil's
mom). Red is also said to have three kids.

Back  in  his  original  place, Hell, he  used  to  have  a faithful dog, the
mythical  Cerberus.  Since he has no pet  on Earth, he sometimes tries to get
one, for instance, by catching pigeons in parks, or by keeping wooden dogs.

Red very often appears as a mischievously-spirited commentator of the show, a
commentator who knows and can do much more than anyone else.

He frequently changes the strength of his voice, which results in his talking
like THAT!

His  tail is apparently telescopic and flexible, and he can manoeuvre it with
great skill.

Red,  as  mentioned,  possesses  obviously  supernatural  powers.  Sometimes,
however,  for strange reasons,   they seem to leave him.  Yet  he is probably
the  only  creature  able  to break the  barrier  of  time  and space without
anything  but  his  own  will.  He may  even  be  able  to exist in different
realities or different locations in one reality at the same time. :)

Supercow  is  Red's  deadliest  enemy. He also  hates  milk  and is afraid of
feathers  and eggs. Thus, C&C are not just a symbol, but an actual embodiment
of his worst fears; can you blame him for pursuing them so relentlessly?

He  is  also  my favourite! Currently "my best" :) appearances of Red are the
original  Devil  from  "No  Smoking"  and  the  factory  owner  from "Factory
Follies"! ;)

Red belongs to "The Full Moon Club"  and  "Pantyhose of the Month" club.  His
favourite TV channel is The Moon Channel (well, do you get it?).

Recently, he explained to IMW and  IRB that when he was nine,  he had no idea
one should wear pants when going to school. A picture of someone who,  as Red
claimed, was his dad, could also be seen.

We  had  a  chance to hear  Red's mother, too! Unless, of course, he is a red
version of Norman Bates among everything else...

For a limited time  Red  lived with  C&C  in their house, where he became the
favourite kid of Mom and Dad.

He likes himself.  He is possibly the only...  er...  *man*  ever to actually
marry himself. (He gave himself a solid gold wedding ring with a big diamond)

As  you  may remember, I suspect that  the source of Supercow's powers is her
costume.  Red already laid his hands on it once, but unfortunately, he didn't
try  it on. If he did, and if  my guesses were correct, imagine what we would
get! A glorious, Spanish-speaking SuperRed flying above the city and equipped
with even more powers than he already has!

(And  by the way, don't you find it suspicious that Supercow _only_ beats the
guy  who  wants  to pick on Chicken?  Wouldn't  it be, by any chance, because
_she_  wants  to  pick  on Chicken  herself,  and  she's just eliminating the
competition? ;) ).


Originally,  Red introduces  himself as the Devil.  Which  he is, there is no
doubt  to that. Later on, however, while  pursuing Cow and Chicken, he uses a
number of other identities and aliases. Among these there are:

Rear Admiral Floyd
Mr Buttstein (?)
Mary Lou Heiney
Dr Pantsless
Irving J. Slacksoff
Lance Sackless
Walter Jeansbegone
Ivan Panced
Cleopantless, Queen of DeNile
Geraldo Rearviewa
Baron von Keinlederhosen (Neinlederhosen?)
Captain Buttz Pirate
Mr Devlin
Uncle Breezybum
Mrs Beaver
Mrs Baredrear (? - alternate spelling may be "Barederriere")
Dr Clearbottom
Dr Seymore Butts
Dr Nopance
Dr Lax Slax
Dr High Knee
Principal Red
Officer Pantsoffski, Orthodontic Policeman  (I  wonder  if  he's  Russian  or
 Polish? :)  "-Ski" cops in US are usually Pl, so hey, maybe I know him ;-) )
Officer Funny Heiney
Larry Lackapants, The King and Queen of Cheese
Rex Fanny
Professor Hiney Bottom
Red Heiney
Dr C. D. Heiney
Red Heiney
Al Heiney
Larry the Molting Fairy
The Copy Fairy
Little Red Fairy (in slang, the word "fairy" has a homosexual connotation...)
Dead Ghost
Ben Panced
Colonel Butt Seriously
Emperor Gluteous Maximus (His Majesty Big Butt...)
Sir Pantsareoff (Pantseroff?)
I. B. Red Guy :)
Mr Fly Man
Dr Sigmund Fraud
Red Kid
Allen the "Alien"
Dr Slacks Off
Mary Lou Hiney
Ivan Panced
Ben Panced
Mike Hiney
Talula Bottoms
The Bareskin Rug
Officer O'Fannyhee
Hives the butler
Buttes Galore
Red the Giant
Professor van... ???  [I only heard this episode dubbed,  so I don't know his
actual  name.   It's  a  word  play based on his butt and van Helsing's name,
I suppose]

Often,  mainly while talking to himself, he just uses the name "The Red Guy",
or "Red", for short.  He also often uses the aliases Ivan Panced,  Ben Panced
and Lance Sackless.


Who  knows  for sure? It may be because  he hides his real identity. Or maybe
because  he  wants  to cease his devilishness.  Or  perhaps in order to avoid
accusations  of promoting Satanism. When you think of people forcing a ban on
"Buffalo Gals", it's a plausible explanation.

And now Alan Burton confirmed my speculations:
"The  Red  Guy  doesn't  call  himself the Devil anymore, indeed, because the
 network didn't want to promote Satanism".


He is so talented. He can be just anyone, and be good at it! This is probably
a partial list only, but here goes:

The Devil, source of all evilness.
A prison warden - I suspect it's his primary job. ;)
A nurse.
A TV announcer.
A plastic pipe salesman.
A cartoon character. :)
An emperor.
A queen.
An orthodontic policeman.
A lawyer.
An attorney.
A prosecutor.
A photographer.
A bar owner.
An admiral.
A sergeant.
A businessman.
A factory owner (CEO, "High Knee Industries").
A clerk.
A doctor - that seems to be his favourite occupation.
A prisoner.
A professor.
A musician.
An inventor.
A hunter.
A drifter.
A car merchant.
An unemployed woman.
A generally know-it-all commentator.
A plastic surgeon.
A girl scout.
A caring mother.
A woman of questionable behaviour.
A teacher.
A manner teacher.
A boat owner.
A storyteller.
A fairy.
A cafeteria owner.
A house wrecker.
A musician.
A pet shop owner.
A video game salon owner.
A crippled veteran.
A gangster.
A first mate.
A babysitter.
A shop owner.
A supermarket owner.
A barber.
A tribe chief.
A tour guide.
An adventurer.
A cheese maker.
A car dealer.
A salesman.
A pirate.
A talk show host.
A TV celebrity.
A president.
A retired toon. :)
A fried onion salesman.
A Vice Squad policeman.
An astronomer.
A journalist.
A baron.
A pilot.
A stewardess.
A hunter.
An artist.
A karate "sensei".
A general.
A film director.
A vampire hunter.
A vampire.
A flycatcher.
An angler.
A Viking (in the intro).
A major (? - in the intro).
A rugby player (in the intro).
A samurai (? - in the intro).
A baseball coach.
A psychiatrist.
An ophthalmologist.
A star of the cartoon "Godzilla vs Rear Admiral Floyd" (or similarly titled).
An angel (yep!).
A grandfather trader - or do you call it slave trading?
A _real_ police officer.
A lorry driver.
A man hit by a falling tree in a park. :)
A psychotic "psychiatrist".
A lost "kid" who became C&C's brother.
A TV contest host.
An "alien".
A funfair-stand clerk.
A guest on the IMW - IRB wedding.
A pin-up girl in a calendar.
A statue of something, probably not liberty.
A large funfair element.
A rug. ;)

An emperor
A janitor
An umpire
A hair cop
A little boy with long hair
A 196 pound man in Earl's head
A skater
An actress
C&C's neighbour
A beauty contest promoter
A Canadian Office Mounty
A Uruguayan Meter Maid
A magician
A giant
A clown
A government agent
A door-to-door salesman
A joke salesman
A mall cop
An Irish policeman
Cow's udder :)
A butler (buttler :)


It  would  appear  so. However, a scene  from  one of the episodes, where the
Folsom  Prison Warden meets Geraldo Rearviewa, might cause some doubts. After
all,  these are _two Red Guys_ meeting each  other face to face, and at least
one of them seems genuinely surprised. A number of explanations are possible:
a) One of the Red Guys was a fake Red. Which one? Take a guess. ;)
b) Red, being the devil, has the power of multiplying. ;)
c) The scene was fabricated by Red to create more confusion - how devilish!
d)  There are indeed two Reds - symbolising the two natures of the devil, the
bad  one,  and  the  remains  of the  good  one  (remember,  the  devil is an
_ex-angel_,  after  all - a _fallen_  angel, but an angel nevertheless!). The
bad one, appearing more frequently, manifests himself as the evil personality
constantly  tormenting  Cow and Chicken, and the  good one is simply a decent
man, law-abiding or even law-guarding (a warden, a soldier, a teacher...). ;)
e)  Red,  as  explained earlier, has the  powers  which allow him to exist in
different  realities or different locations in  one reality at the same time.
f)  As mentioned in the answer to the question "Who is The Red Guy?", Red may
have  a brother, who appeared on the show as the Scab Fairy. Geraldo may have
actually  been  Red's  brother - or perhaps  when  they met in prison for the
first  time,  Red  noticed the similarity  between  himself  and Geraldo, and
decided to treat Mr Rearviewa as his brother, teaching him his tricks such as
flying, etc. ;)


Are  you  kidding? It's all as serious as  the show itself. And figure it out
yourself! ;)

Section 13 - The 'Net

13.1........IS THERE ANY C&C SITE?

Yes,  and more than one. :) First of all, there are the Cartoon Network sites
that  everyone  knows:

But most importantly, there is an official David Feiss site!

The Red Guy has his site as well:

Surprised?  No,  it isn't an official site,  but it is much better than good,
and  made  in  a very skilful way.  It's  one  of  the best uses of Hell Text
Markup  Language that I have ever seen. Visit it even if you aren't a Red Guy
fan. :)

I recommend visiting these C&C fan sites:
 http://www.ccaa.edu/~mcmurd/cowchick/ (Dan McMurray's Cow and Chicken, Yeah!)
 (Stephan Krabbendam's CCIMW Site)
 http://www.euronet.nl/users/idi_rad1/cow-and-chicken/ (Cow & Chicken)
 http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Studio/5735/ (Cow and Chicken!)
 http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Stage/2136/ (C&C Love Page :) )
 http://thor.prohosting.com/~patricij/cowand1.htm (Cow and Chicken Page)
 http://www.euronet.nl/users/idi_rad1/cow-and-chicken/index.html (CC Homepage)
 http://www.xs4all.nl/~terrible/ccindex.htm  (Cow and Chicken Homepage)
 http://www.captured.com/cow&chicken/ (C&C scenarios for Quake ][/HalfLife)

There  are many fan pages on C&C. Nearly  all of them are in the official C&C
Webring,  and  the  link to the ring can  be  found on Dave's page (he is the
ring's owner...  surprised? :) ).  OK,  if you really need the direct link to
to the ring, it's:

There is a C&C newsgroup as well, though it doesn't seem too popular. It's:
You may also take a look at:

Section 14 - concerning the FAQ itself


Well,  I  did,  primarily.  :)  And I  answered  them.  It's  good to have an
intelligent partner in a conversation, right? :) I thought these were more or
less  the  subjects that should be covered in  such an FAQ. However, I used a
number  of  actual questions concerning C&C  that people asked on newsgroups,
WWW boards, their sites, etc.


Well,  this is STRICTLY my personal choice, but you might want to take a look
at:  "Duckman", "Rocko's Modern World", "South Park", "Beavis and Butt-Head",
"Ren  and  Stimpy" and "The Simpsons".  "Garfield  and Friends", too.  "Space
Ghost Coast to Coast" as well  -  though it plays different tunes. :) Perhaps
"Tiny  Toons" and "Freakazoid", but they are weaker. Same with Dexter and his
lab.  Johnny  Bravo is OK - before C&C Mr  B. used to be my fav, actually. :)
And  some _older_ Bugs cartoons, of course.  Bear in mind, though, that while
C&C  is  a two-level show, most of  those  mentioned are one-level only - and
that's the adult level!

Oh,  yes - there is ONE cartoon VERY much like C&C. It's as insanely funny as
the  two C's, it's double-levelled, too, and  it has a very similar "spirit".
What  I  have  in  mind  is the series  about  Eek  the  Cat - in particular,
"EEK!stravaganza".  Currently  it's  #2 on my toon  list.  :)  The show's got
Charlie Adler in it, too!

And,  of  course, you should watch everything  made by the Monty Python crew.
Even  though it is not a cartoon (well, as a matter of fact, Terry's cartoons
are  an  integral part of MP... :) ). But  then, if you saw C&C and liked it,
you probably already know everything Pythonish by heart. :)


I have uploaded the FAQ with a little program to read it easily here:

Download it and run START.EXE to read the FAQ.

The HTML version of this FAQ is located at:

Currently,  the  webmasters  of The  Red  Guy's website kindly host every new
version of the FAQ on:  https://members.tripod.com/~Red_Guy/

The FAQ is now on the official David Feiss site at: http://davidfeiss.webjump.com/


 "Cow  and Chicken", "I. M. Weasel", "What a Cartoon!", "World Premiere Toons"
         and all related subjects are copyright (C) Cartoon Network.

 "Cow and Chicken" and "I. M. Weasel" and all characters related are copyright
                               (C) David Feiss.

 All  other names and trademarks mentioned,  and all the materials quoted  are
                    properties of their respective owners.

 Under  no circumstances can I be held responsible for any psychical, moral or
 otherwise  damage or unusual effects caused  by reading this FAQ or connected
 with  it any way. This FAQ is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind.
 You  read  and  use  it  at  your  own  risk.  I  specifically  disclaim  any
 responsibility  for  any loss of profit  or any consequential, incidental, or
 other  damages. Should you, for instance, set  fire to your bed or paint your
 bottocks in red and attach  a  tail above,  I will not be responsible for any
 of that. Or anything else.

        No animals were harmed in the process of writing this FAQ.

                     No computers were harmed, either.


Too much to write about! New episodes, names, info, links...

I have uploaded the FAQ with a little program to read it easily here:

Download it and run START.EXE to read the FAQ.

The HTML version of this FAQ is located at:

Section 15 - Closing Time

15.1........THE 'WANTED' SECTION.

I'm looking for some information concerning the show. In particular:

- Any other names of Red.

- Any other occupations of Red, IMW and IRB.

- Any info on the C&C movie and the new show with I. M. Weasel.

- A Spanish-speaking person to index and translate all Supercow's lines. ;-)

- Any interesting data from these episodes (season ]I[):
"Intelligent Life?"

- Everything on season IV.


People who deserve to be greeted for numerous reasons:
- Too many of you! You know who you are, and if you don't, ask me! :-)

People who deserve to be shot, and certainly not to be greeted here:
- You don't deserve to be greeted, so don't expect your name here! :-b

People  who  are  too  important  and too powerful to be ignored by not being
listed here :):
- William Henry Gates III.
- Saddam Hussein.
- Mr A. Nonymous,  the most often quoted  writer/scientist/philosopher in the
  history of mankind.

Other fine creatures worth being greeted:
-  Grandpa and Grandma's nice cows and especially all the wonderful chickens!


It sure is. If there is enough feedback and input, there may be new versions,
though. For now - END!

                              - Jaromir Krol -