This page has been visited by would be 1555-Kabbalist.

But what does it mean Kabbalah-1555 ?

  Well, in hebrew "QABBALAH" means "TRADITION", this is because the
secret of Kabbalah is a very ancient one, going back to MELCHISEDEK's
times, and even to ABRAHAM ( probably years 2000 to 4000 B.C. ).

  Practicly consist in a very simple proceeding:

 Covering the SCROLL of TORAH (Hebrew's Bible) with a Leather or
carboard sheet, with holes, that follow several traditional patterns,
that could resemble... as a contellation of stars... a tree, a palm,
a hand, ecc. Those patterns of holes are called SEPHIROT, and are
drawn in many books of the Hebrews as ZEFER BAHIR, ZOHAR, YEZIRAH, ecc.

 ( This is the part of Kabbalah named GIMATREYA ( Geometry ), then
the kabbalist should follow other two groups of rules, named
NOTARIQON (  Kab-art of stenography ) and TEVURAH ( Kab-art of
permutations ). Is a very complex art that is described in really
heavy books, and have some aspect that are obscure and maybe discu-

 This holes let uncover certain letters of the TORAH, that are read
following several patterns: clockwise or counter-clockwise, in this
way is obtained the hidden message.

 The 1555-KABBALAH is really much more simple. It consist in writing
Nostradamus Quatrains (in original Provence language) in a squared
sheet of paper, as those used in the school for mathematics (a space
must be left for each blank, commas and apostrophes).

 Then you should COVER IT with a HOLED CARDBOARD, and you will read

 The HOLED CARDBOARD (This is the HIDDEN TRICK) must have 20 Holes
that will cover a span of 80 Letters.

 They will UNCOVER TEXT BENEATH following a:
 1-5-5-5-1-5-5-5-1-5-5-5-1-5-5-5-1-5-5-5 pattern:

 this means that in the original string you wrote, you will have
covered the most of the letters of the quatrain:


 Then the covering-reading device will shift of one letter and 
 read the same numbers ( plus one ) :

 2°-7°-12°-17°->18°-23°-28°-33°->34°-39°-44° ( and so on )

 ( You will have to shift the rotatory device of ONE space ,
  sixteen times )

 This method was DISCOVERED IN 1992 by THE ITALIAN AUTHOR:

 Ottavio CESARE RAMOTTI ( born in Trieste )
 and he will fully explain his method in his new book:

   He developed this method to a great perfection and ease...
   He has even rend fully authomathed all this process, with a
 computer program named TELAIO.EXE that performs all this operations
 over the chosen quatrain in less that 1/10 of a second ).
 ( Well, you still have to write the EXACT ORIGINAL QUATRAIN...
 in a REALLY PROPER WAY... but this is an advbanced trick ) 

  Then another progran (VOCAP.EXE) searchs complete words in the
 RAW TEXT of the quatrain ( but ALREADY there are complete quatrains
 in the RAW TEXT: is like serching GOLD in Klondike river, there is
 often golden sand, but sometimes there are enormous Gold stones !)

  As an example in quatrain x.70 we found the name:

  X.70-8) °E A L I G U E R R N I X O N A P E : 
  (in the 8th line of the Kab-1555-development of X.70 )

  that can be completed (in Italian ?):

  8) Ed A mALIGna ALI-GUERRa tipo GUERnica (presidente) NIXON APrE:
  translated to English:

  And to a BAD WING-WAR like GUERncia (president) NIXON opens.
 This lines form a INCREDIBLE COMPLETE TEXT !! of 32 lines...

  see it to believe it... contact me at my E-MAIL: ... I have TONS of matherial....all free !

  but I will stop sending you all this matherial when you
  desire it...
  In other quatrains appeared:

 I.22->(last line) FERMI =Nobel Prize Enrico FERMI, that 
                          invented the Graphite Nuclear Reactor,
                          that made the Plutonium for the 
                          First Atomic Bombs.                           
  IX.17->(1°line) SHUA =the Hebrew word that means HOLOCAUST,
                        in a quatrain that had already
                        been connected with Adolf HITLER .
                        ( In the very first line of the very
                        first quatrain, began a discourse
                        (incredibly in italian ?) that said:
                     " After the EXACT PATH make attentive read
                      if you do erroneous , you will go into
                      worst dark,... but you will learn "  !!! 


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