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Richard NIXON appears in Kab-1555 extraction of quatrain X.42

                    *  TAROT VIII-C:  *
                    * " THE JUSTICE " *
                    * NIXON & VIETNAM *

   Q.qx42-d  VIETNAM. President Richard NIXON. (1969-1975). May, 1997
     X.42  -Le regne humain d' Anglique geniture,
           Fera son regne paix union tenir:
           Captice guerre demy de sa closture,
           Long temps la paix leur fera maintenir.

    10.42   The humane kingdom of an Anglic offspring,
    (ENG)  Will make his reign peace and union to have: 
           Captive war in the middle of its enclosure,
           (For a) Long time will make them keep the peace.

    10.42   El reino humano de Anglica progenie
    (CAS)  Hara en su reino paz y union tener:
           Cautiva guerra en la mitad de su recinto,
           (Por) Largo tiempo la paz les hara mantener.

    10.42   Il regno umano d' Anglica progenitura
    (ITA)  Fara il suo regno pace ed unione avere:
           Circoscritta guerra a meta del suo recinto,
           (Per) Lungo tempo la pace loro fara mantenere.

Comment to the Direct Reading:


1st-: Here M.N. could be talking about any ANGLIQUE (ENGLISH-BORN) kingdom: any English-speaking country as USA, Canada, Australia or New Zeland.

2nd-: Any long time of peace in the USA: End of Nineteen century, after Secession War,after Vietnam (war:1964-1973),(real peace: 1975-1990), or after the I World War (1918-41)

3rd-: Fits very well to Vietnam war, because of U.Nations mandate, american land forces COULD NOT trepass the borders of South Vietnam, north to HUE or enter in the territories of LAOS and CAMPUCHEA (A route of passage for Ho Chi-Minh trail ),( But can be said too for Secession War in USA,was fought along an East-West line,inside First States precint frontiers ).

4th-: In 1973: USA infantrymen were retired. In 1975: SAIGON felt in Viet- Kong hands, American embassy occupied. KISSINGER Peace with CHINA (ping-pong diplomatics.
Begining of the first Détente cold peace until 1980, then Desert Storm in 1991.

***|Development of quatrain X.42 - Anglique geniture (Kab-1555) 
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----------------( q.X.42, KAB-1555--> Decryption, completion )------------
NOTE: In 8th line appears the name " NIXON " preceded by " EALIGVERN "
  ( Richard Nixon was elected President of the USA from 1969 to 1975, 
    after defeating Democratic Party candidate HUMPHREY in 1968 )   
                                                                 ENGLISH TRANSLATION  
                                                                  IN THE RIGHT COLUMN:      
 1) L G U D G E I T F S E G A N T E C C E                 ( The JUDGE that manaGEs... )
 iL GiUDice G E I T Fa SEGAre giGANTE TECniCa     (... hIsTory cuts with a SAW...)
    che GEstIsce SToria             ECCEdE         (... the  GiANT of  TEChniCS that...  )
      -    [GrUDGE?] (E.T. contact?)                   (... is ECCEding in the Deadly DueL )

 2) E N M D L T U E O G N I I E N A E R             ( ENeMy in DueL KILLED (fr.))
    ENeMi DueL TUE(fr) OrdiGNI IN pIENA cAdERE        ( BOMBS as a fLOOD fELT )
             LuTtUosE          da  AEREi                  ( ... from AIRplanEs )
       -                          ( Note: Grief: Ho Chi-Minh died in 1969 )

 3)   E A I G U R R N N E X O N I P R     ( and You HAve GoVeRn in RuiNs, )
   Ed hAI GoVeRno R N N E niXON OmNIPResente  ( niXON in RoME, everywhere )
           (RoME) RoviNarE niXON PoRcheRIA    ( PResent FILthiness ) 
       -    (N+N)                           
 4) R I A Q E R E A E N I R T G E   ( USA OPEns QuERElle,again aERIAl wAR )
   RIAPrE GuERra E.u.A. vENIR sTraGE  (TraGEdy: TuRns  river into a sTYX *) 
      ^   ^  aEREA     IRaTa sTiGE     (* Mekong became the river of died )
                                  ( as a GEHENnA: burned biblical inferno )

  5) E H N A N U N E R P U R : I U         ( Great NUMERs of DWARFs from... 
     E H NANi NUMERosi singaPUR: lI Vi GiUNGE ( singaPOORe,here It arrives)
       -                            ^           ( in the JUNGlEs the ...  )
  6)  G U N G E I F S E P A N T : C C E D       ( FrenCH caught in SWAMP, )
   IN   GiUNGlE I F S E P A N T : eCCEsso Di    ( an eCCEss of NoMaDs ... )
            Il FranceSE imPANTanarsi:           ( troGLodiTes !!!  )
  7)  N M D G L T F E O G A I I E C A E R E       (  the SIlly Fair Play  )
   NoMaDi GaLaTeo FEssO GAllIcI E CAdERE RE       ( of GAllIcs is hurted  )
       troGLodiTi FEriscOno                       ( and the KING FALLS ...)
8) E A L I G U E R N N I X O N A P R M ( And EVIL WAR like GUERNIca
^ GUERNIca ^ [Mc GoVERN?] (... GoVERNment will light the fuze )

 9)   I I Q E R R A E X N I P T G E Y    ( lAND Will be poLLUTED because )
       I I Q E R R A E X N rIPorTa sTiGEY       ( of GEttY's  EX-NEPheW * )
   sI InQuinERa tERRA EX NIPoTe  GEttY (* maybe is talking about the owner)
                                    (of the factory that made AGENT ORANGE)

 10)    H N A Q U N E A R U R T I U            ( MeN of New GUiNEA, RURal )
  HomiNi  N A inQUiNErA  R U pRimiTIVi      ( pRimiTIVes,will be PollUTed,)
        NuovA GUiNEA NuclEARe URTI  ^ UraNio   ( by URanium NuclEAR BLOWS )
              ^          uRURTI ?        ^                                 
 11)  U N U E I S E P U N T : I C E D D    ( eVEryWhere mISsilEs are AIMEd: 
    oVUNqUE   I S E PUNTare : In eCcEDDenza           ( ... In eCcESS !!! )
     ^       mISsilE
       -                           ( Over the MiDGET is THROwn the SPindle)
 12)  M D G E T F S O G A N I E C C E R E E  (* Slick Bomb: shaped as a " )
   MiDGET GETta  FuSO  giGANtI  ECCEdeRE  E  ( GiANt ECCEssiVE aRE AND...)
 13)  A L G U E O N N I I O N A E R M      ( SOMEBODy*  to pUNISH, shame: )
(span)ALGUiEn* hONNI MIlIONAirE fArE En ( GUElfO MILiONAirE mAkEs in RoMe )
       GUElfO lEONe (N+N)        RoMe   ( Lockheed Scandal: Pres. lEONe ? )

 14)  I I G E R R N E X O N I P G E Y S      ( I'm NOT GUILTY ! , I'm ... )
     Io InteGERRiMo E X O N lI PianGE hE IS  ( IRReproachable !, claims...)
   kISsInGER     MESSO niXON             ^   ( niXON and CRiEs ! Will SaNE)
                 ^ ^^                        ( kISsInGER is SENT by niXON )
 15)   N A Q E N E A R N R T G U A           ( to ASK ENEmys(fr) to mAKe  )
   SaNA CHiEde N E fARe NeRa TreGUA          ( ... a BlaCk TrUCE (secret) )
             ENEmis (francese) GUAM ?        (...signed in GUAM ?... SHIT ) 
       -                          ^          ( will NOT pUNISH REPUblican )
 16)      N U N I R E P U T: I U E D D       ( REPUTatIon . Here it is    )
  NON pUNIRE REPUbblicana T: I VEnDetta D    (   keNnEDDy's  reVEnGe  ?   )
   ^                   REPUTazIoNE dI keNnEDDy      ^
       -                       ^       ^
--------(  Q.qx42-r, from 81th letter, KAB-5551, (1975) May-1997 )---------
  17)   D D C U O E M A X R T                   ( EcceDeS In HEArT the ...)
    ecceDe Di CUOrE  MARXisti ReTe                    (   MARXisT's NET   )
       -               @
                                              ( England: ProFuMo Scandal ?)
  18)  E E C L R N M P F M E       ( rEnE' auCLaiR: (Nostradamic Author) ) 
   viEnE auCLaiR NoMe ProFuMato Ed ( comes a SCenTEd NaMe: probably M.N. 
      rEnE                         ( ... likes the work of author R.A. )
  19)  M L O E G P S P L F E A N      ( EMuLating EGyPTuS ( Nasser ?) )
       EMuLO E G P S PLus FEra AN     (... will mAkE MoRE in YEARs ...)
       -     EGiPtuS        ( is about M. GHEDDAFFY: will do many mistakes)
  20)   Y S O S S A E E R I I         ( ViEntiANe in YEARS will be  
     ANNI  FOSSA  dE  AEReI I         ( as a rED GRAVE FOR AIRplanes:... )
        ^  ^ rOSSA    >-<        note:[ more than 2000 USAF aircraft ]
       -                              [ were knocked down in Vietnam ]
  21)  A S T L T L I U R A N R        
     ASTe SToLTi L I  URANio R   21-( Crazy men continue to build Lances ) 
       -       LeTaLIta             ( even if they know the LeTaLIty of  )
                                    ( ... URANium, but continue anyway   )
  22)  D T U O E L A X R A T       22-( I LaUgh of the COMPuter of YOURS )
  RiDo Del TUO E L A X R A T            ( ... eXperimental and piRATE !  )
              ELAboratore        X-( Ramotti in the 70's worked with the )
                       X-piRATa    ( Police's powerful computers: slower )
                                   ( than 8088, RAM 250Kb,Hard Disk:20Mb )
  23) E C U R N M A M E                
     dECURtare Robert macNaMAra AME ? (* RATE will CUT Robert MacNaMAra ?)
         sURiName                     (* JOHNSON's Secretary for Defense )
  ő- EsCURsioNe in MAN NAME 
                     ^ ^
  24)   L R E G P P L F M A N         ( The PoPe ( PauL the V I) governs )
   LiRE Governa PaPa PLuS MAl         ( ... the money in Very BAd Way    )
   MELies  REGio  PLuS  MANS
                                 ő-23-( ExCURsioN made in MAn's NAMe  )
  25)  S O E S P A E E A I I       25-( More MANS=MEN from NaSa On )
     NaSa On ESPAcE En Apollo 11      ( ESPAcE, in thE Apollo 11,  )
   MANSiOnE ESPlorAntE El  "  "       ( a real EXPLoring MANSiOn   )

  26) A S L T A I U R I N R           ( will ASsauLT the IURI's record  *) 
      ASsaLTAn dI IURI gagaRIN Russo  (* JURI gagaRIN: Russian cosmonaut )
      -    asTA     RINcoRre          ( that now are behind the mark )

 27)  T L O E L I X R A N T         ( they will left hAPPY INSCripTiOn )
     RoToLO    ELISiR ANTiCo        ( that will have the taste of an...)
            fELIX ^                  (   ANTiQue ELIXiR (of discovery) )
 28)  C U O N M A X T E              
     CUOre iN MArXisTi TELaRe       ( HEArts of MEn, iN  MArXisT LOOm !) 
            @                       ( A day will come, in which ...    )
 29)  L R N G P L F M E N           ( HEArts will be RaiSed MoRE,      )
  saLiRe uN G  PLuS e MENO          ( and LESS EGo ( Selfishness ),    )
           Giorno ^                 ( will eXPLodE as an ocEAN the...  )
 30) O E G S P L E E A N I          ( peoPLE of GoSPeL, eXPLodIng      )
     O EGo eSPLodErE ocEANI         ( yoUTH in ocEANIc croWD  !!!      )
       GoSPeL PLEbE foLlE ocEANIche
 31)  S T A E U R I I R             ( UNIted STAtEs will get tIRed, .. )
      STAtEs EsaURIR IRaTi          ( and EnRaGed, EURopa huRTed them !)
            EURopa feRIR
 32)  T L T E L I U R A N R          ( behind the LeTaL CoLlecTion of...)
      T fiLaTELIa  URANio RiNcorrera ( URANium will begin the RUN foR it!) 
     sToLTa  LeTalE       <->

---------------------------( END OF DECRYPTION )----------------------------


2) Maybe referred to operation "NIAGARA" ordered in 1968 by the American President Lindon JOHNSON (D): some fifty B-52 bombers coming from Philippines' airbases flat-bombed in many night and day air raids the cities and the industries of North Vietnam, hitting them with stupid conventional "slick" bombs (Weighting 500 lbs. (~250 Kg), each airplane carried 120 bombs, total weight: 30 Tons.) Bombs were dropped indiscriminately over airports, harbors, roads, bridges, industries, houses, schools. In 1968, during the 77 days of besiege made by Viet-Cong soldiers to the Marines base in KHE SAHN, USAF's B-52 dropped 240,000 conventional bombs reaching the explosive power of 60 Kilotons,5 Hiroshimas !

6) Here again Nostradamus looks like a French Nationalist,calls VIET-CONG guerrlilla: DWARFS from SINGAPOORE, NOMAD (hit and run) and TroGloDites!

7) In M.N. opinion, French fought with the Rules of Good Behavior in hand, for this reason Fr. Indochina was overrun by savages, divided in 1954, and Emperor BAO-DAI had to fleed, his General DIEM took his place.

9) Seems to be about AGENT ORANGE (Dioxin) a defoliant (make leaf fall) that was sprayed by the tonnes over Vietnam forest, in order to prevent Viet-Cong from hiding under the trees. Generals didn't care about the fact that was a known mutagen and carcinogenic,after some years were born many malformated babies, sons of veterans. But nobody talks about the lands of Vietnam, polluted for centuries ? Price for being freed from Communism !

13) Seems about LOCKHEED scandal,that involved Italian Pres. Leone (Christian Democrat) ?

14) Henry KISSINGER, hebrew, famous and very capable Foreign Minister, was in charge under NIXON and Geral FORD, maybe asked for a secret truce in change of bombing stopping,in order to make shut up the DOVES that cried for peace,and quiet FALCONS that asked for a rapid End of the War *, with the use of Atomic bombs, (* and money savings), in order to get NIXON elected in 1973 against Mc. Govern .

16) After few years exploded WATERGATE scandal (1975), that forced President Nixon to resign: Nixon had ordered to make sound-recording in tapes of the Democrat Headqurters,being held in that building.With the information he got,managed to known in advance the Democratic ideas and prepared good counter-proposals. So he easily won in 1973.Resigned in order to be saved from trial Journalist that discovered the Scandal received Pulitzer Prize.

23) In 1971, after BRETTON WOODS CONFERENCE U.S. Treasury abbandoned the GOLD STANDART: the fixed convertibility of GOLD INGOTS to DOLLARS, assured by the Nation, this,and Petroleum CRISIS of 1973, led to great INFLATIONARY PROCESS.

25) NIXON was the President that cheered,from windows of quarantine camper, Astronauts ARMSTRONG, ALDRIN and COLLINS, just returned from the MOON.

29) About the Youth's Revolt of 67-68-69, and the " Sons of the Flowers ", and HUMANITARY protest and nudist ralies that made END the Vietnam War.

32) After the renounce to VIETNAM, American Generals decided to increase their Nuclear Strenght, and to develop New Atomic Bombs, as NEUTRON B. Mobile I.C.B.M. with M.I.R.V. (Multiple Reentry Vehicles). The Soviet in response proyected FOBS (Orbiting Nuclear Bombs) that could be seen by American Radars only 1000 miles before the impact (alert: 3 minutes)