(Predicted by Nostradamus)


                          * HOMME  ROUGE  IV  *
                          * ( Faux Nouvelle ) *

  KAB-1555 development of a  "Secret"  quatrain taken from HOMME ROUGE .  
  CAUTION: This quatrain was found in a Nostradamus's handwritten codex 
  by italian author Renuccio BOSCOLO in the MARCIANA Library in VENICE.
  ( I know that many between You are using my messages to make your own 
  book, I have to advice you to avoid publishing this HR-04 in any way...
  Because R.B. is very prone to SUE anybody that uses HIS material ! )
       Q.HR04-d   Faux Nouvelle    .       October 30 
  H.R.IV -Faux nouvelle et la loy sera en traite/
         Alors l' armee masledira le fier Corsier/
         Et apres sera dans l' Aquilon essortie/
         Reboursee l' arbre qui fert l' olivier.
   HR.O4  New Sickle (False gospel) and the law will be put in teatry,
   (ENG) Then the army will curse the fierce Corsier (Pirate ? Strongman ?)
         And then He will be flown inside the Kite (Big Eagle= USA ?)
         Overturned the tree that FERT* (supported) the olive tree
   HR.04  Hoz Nueva (Falso evangelio) y la ley estara en discusion,
   (CAS) Entonces la armada maldecira al bravo Corsario (Hombre fuerte ?)
         Y despues sera dentro del Aguilon (USA ?) hecho salir,
         Volteado el arbol que FERT(ilizaba) (FERT*) el olivo.

   HR.04  Falce Nuova (Fallace novella) e la legge sara in trattativa,
   (ITA) Allora l' armata maledira il fiero Corsaro (Pirata,Uomo forte ?)
         E dopo sara dentro l' Aquilone (Gran Aquila= USA?) fatto uscire
         Rovesciato l' albero che FERT(ilizava) l' ulivo.

  * FERT = is the motto of the Savoy House, the former Kings of Italy .
 Historical:if Nostradamus published this quatrain, he would surely lost
 Comment    support from catholic Queen Catherina De Medici and maybe 
            had been burnt in the Inquisition Stakes.( Think what could 
            happen to a Magician, accused of having a pact with Devil,  
            with certain Hebrew ancestors that writes: "False Gospel"!) 

  DIRECT  Could be about the Return of Communism (Sickle) to Russia,that 
 READING: coincides with START-2 teatry final signature by Russian DUMA.
 COMMENT  The strongman Boris YELTSIN is outed by a Putsch, given by a
          a desperate Russian Army that has been brought to famine. But 
          B.Y. is rescued and flown to America. The Olive tree, symbol
          of Peace is overturned.( Italy: R. PRODI's Government falls :
          the tree that protects Ulive is ex-communist PDS's " OAK " ).
          After this events,there could be problems in Catholic Church. 

---------------------( Q.HR-04 , KAB-1555 extraction )------------------

    Italian  Decryption:                  ENGLISH TRANSLATION:
 1) F N L T O R T E R A E L E R   ( FiNaLLy to the dOORS, IsRAEL, will...)  
  FiNaLmenTe TORTE isRAELE hitLER  ( ARRIVE to you new hitLER, death ...  ) 
  S-   alle pORTE mORTE pORTERA    ( because splicing of territorial CAKE.)
 2) A O L L Y A T R S A R M D L E R S E   ( CRAZY ERA arrives with DELaY,
    ERA fOLLIA "ATRaSAR" ARMa Ma  DoLERSE  ( and DoLE LOST and feels pain  )
  -    jOLLY     TeRZA  DoLE pERSE ( jOLLY for DoLE arrived late and lOST ) 
 3) U U E L A R A A R M A I E I T     ( SEqUEL of dUELs they will have and
    SEqUELA  dUEL AvRA ARMA lEtalITa'? ( WEAPON lEtalITy-X (Atomic Bomb?).)
   vENezUELA dUEL ApriRA ARMAdI ELeTtori  ( In Venezuela Electorary dUEL)
     ^                           ^
 4) X V A S E A I L L M E S R F C E  ( In SEA-X-VESseL (Aircraft Carrier ?) 
  X-VAScEllo  fAILLir aLLarME SuRFaCE    ( ...will fAIL the aLLarM (against)
    eVASionE SEA     MEStieRe oReFiCE    ( SuRFaCE (missiles plenty of ?) )
       -                                 ( NITrOglicErin, will gRAZE (or...
 5)  E E L E N I T O E E L A F I O R A  ( get out of sea)...the propELEr !)
             NITrOglicErina ELicA sFIORA AfFIORA  
  CiELo sELENITO En cappELlA FIORANzuola  ( MOON-like skies in FLORentinE )              
   E sELEzNIov senaTO E E L A co@LFIORito ( Chapel, near coLFIORito !!!   )
 6)  N L T L O R T E R E I E R P         ( In NiLe LeTaLity, dEATH, for )
   NiLo LeTaLe pORTE pORTaEREI sERPente   ( the aIRCRaFT-carrier, made...
   NeL LuTto La mORTE EREdItiERe sERBO    ( by the [sERBIan???] sERPent ? )                
            LORd ?                  ^                  ^
 7) O L O Y A T E S A M D L E R S E R    ( POLAnD (Pope ?) ALreaDY is...)
    POLOnIA ? TEStAMento DoLERSE   SERVE  ( EXpecTED TEStAMent, but they )                          
  - O L O YATE ATtESA M D L E R S E R    ( will have to WAIT , in PaIN, )           
                                          ( is NEEDED a (Teological) DUEL !)
 8)  U E L Y R A R M A I E R I T E   [WEAPON: MAIEutica= Philosophical Art]
             ARMA MAIEutica prEfErITE 
  dUELlo per la LIRA ARMA @AERonauT@Ica ( dUEL for LIRA =[Italian Currency])
 - dUELlo LIRA ARMAdI pIEni di fERITE   ( WARdRoBES... plEntY of wOUNDS ! )  
 9)  V A S E A A L L M A S R C E S        ( In a TALL SHIP an ALLArM ...  )
    VAScEllo A ALLarMA  SoRCi EScapE       (  RaTS will begin to EScapE !  )
       -      unA   [MASuRia]    [in MASR -> MISR ? = EGYPT's name in Arab ]
 10)  E E S E N I L O E S L A F C O R A   ( And the SENtrY iN NILE river...
  E E SENtIneLla NILO EScLAvo Fu CORAno    (* will be SLAVE of the CORAn  ?)
       -  ESsENI     LASCia anCORA CORdA   ( or SLAviSh abbondones...CORD ?)

11)  L T L E R T O R E L E I O R P S      ( The slave NILE : is DANUBE !  ) 
 > iL hiTLER RiTORnarE L E In cORPo SLavO  (... hiTLER will return in a... )
       -             En LEbed ?            ( Slave Body ...General LEbed ? )

12)  L O R A T E R S A E D L E R S E R E    ( The HOUR (long) AwAiTeD ...
   >  L' ORA   TERZA ?  E DoLE peRSE  RE     (  the THIRD HOUR: III W.W. ?)

-> L'ORAToR@E SAcErDotaLE E Le EReSiE SEgREtE  ( The SPEAkER Priest and... 
                                                (... his SEcREt hEReSy ? )
13)  E L Y A R S R M D I E R S I T E R    
   >  EL Y A R SeRpe MahDI E R eSIsTERe     ( The Y-A-R-S ?  SeRpent ...)
     -    YeAR ?     MeDItERraneo  TERrA  (*5 MahDI , of MeDItERranean, )

14)  A E A A L M A I R I E S A         ( Mahdi already eXIsTs in EaRth ! )
  TERrA dE lA sALMA MAIRI RIESumArE     (... from the LAND the cORPSE of...
       -         MArtIRI ?      ( the MArtYRS (MARRIED?) will be DIG UP ???)

15)  E S E N I L L E S R A F C E R A      ( An ESSENe dAUGHTER will ... )
   >   ESsENe fILLE   SaRA  F  CERA     ( have the TaLENT of gold CRAFT ?)
   -              oreFiCERiA TaLENTO

16)  T L E N T O E L A I O R P S D    ( Your's SLOW @TELAIO.exe is ...  )
   >  Tuo  LENTO @TELAIO  sORPaSsaDo   ( suRPaSseD !)( Yeah!: C. RAMOTTI )
                                       ( has developed a FASTER version !) 
------------------------( derhr04 )-----------------------------------------                                         

 17)   P S D A I E S I B E E A F E V     ( A CounTry of DAmnEd will ...)
    PaeSe DAnnatI ESIBirE BEstiAle FEBRE  ( show a BEstial-(like) FEVER.)
   -      DiaNa (DAIanEe )  

 18)  R E A N  L S S E O   E R Q U R I   (  The ENgLish KINGdom is ...   ) 
    REAMe ANgLaiS coLoSSEO dE poRQUeRIE   ( a coLiSSEUm of fiLTH things ! )
   -  ^        LaScivE

 19)  E R N S A O S O U L B U R T O E    ( Fury iNSAne COWl is the SOUL  )
    >  ERinNa SAiO  SOUL LaBoUR RiTOrno   (...of LaBoUR Party that returns)
   -       iNSAnO             RiTO farE  ( and an iNSAnE RyTh madE ! )

 20)    S A S Q N O R R R L R I T L R     ( This SAXon will pollute, and  )
    > SAXon inQuiNa ORRoRe Lui RITagLiaRe  ( horror, He will CUT for other:)
 21)  L U R T E S E L I            ( ...the DIRty coURT of SELIn : means:
 LURida cORTE URbe SELIn            ( the Prince of MOON: the Antichrist ! )
 22)   S D L I E T I B E A F L V            (... with his slimy YEAst ... )
    vISciDo LIEviTo dI BEAst eFfLuVi      ( the BEAst's happy secretions ! )
    -       LIETI 

 23)  E A L S I E O E A R Q E I       ( of fALSE sErmOnS He is ARChitEct !)
    > dEi fALSI sErmOnE ARChitEtto I    
 24)  R N A O S E U R B U R O E            ( Irony in the (greek: NAOS = )
    > IRoNiA NAOS  EUR-BUROcratEs           ( = HALL ) of EURo-BUROcratEs )
       -                                   ( ASAssins ? )
 25) A S A Q N O R R L B R I T O L R   
    > ASAssins       LaBouRIsT BRITOns LoRo   ( of the LaBouRIsT ENTITLED )
       inQuiliNO ORRore  tITOLaRe             (... their Polluting hORRor )

 26)  Q U R R E S R E L I        ( They will Call-back iSRaELItes's KING )
    RiQUiamaRe RE iSRaELIti
 27)  D L U I E T E B E E F L I V      (   Will be diluted the peace...  )
    > DiLUIrE qUIETE BEstiE   oLIVA     ( by Beasts, of the oLIVE symbol: )
    -                BEEF LIVing ? ( Israeli shield, by beast secretions )
 28)  A I L S I B O E A Q E V I        ( BEEF LIVing tAIL (Mad Cow again?)
      tAIL SImBOlo dEl AcQuE VIciNo     ( ... is a SImBOl of mistakes !!! )  
        -                    VINo ?   
                               ( WINe (of faith) is LOST by URbis ? (Rome) )
 29)  N L O S E O U R Q U R I E    [4* Now we are near to (Red) Water-Time]
     VINcoLO  SEO  U R Q U R I E         
        coLOSsEO  URbe  poRQUeRIE   ( Rome= coLOSsEUm CIty of Filthiness ! )
       -                                          ^
 30)  S A O N O U R L B U I T O E R    ( Screams of Vultures of Death ...)
       SAlgONO   URLi  BUITre mOrtE R   ( climb and turn air umbreathable )
  -RIESumA ESAgONO  @RetriBUITO ?      ( 3* ...They ask for death )
 31)  Q N R R R S R I L R       ( They ask for oRRoR : ( maybe ?: to...
  RiQuiedoNo oRRoRe SoRtIr LoRo  ( take away artificial lung to YELTSIN ?)
        -   iRReSpiRabILe        ( ... an uNBreathAbLe ( situation ) ! )

32) L U E T E S E E F L I    
    LUnEdi TrE ESsErE FLIght ?   ( on Monday Three, will be the FLIght ?)
  - LeoNE TESsErE FiLI       
        ^                             ( and ... Lion weaves his threads )    
   ( LUE ?= Siphilis )
--------------------------( End of decription )---------------------------

 1* Mr. SELEZNIOV is the president of Russian Deputy Chamber .
 2* Probably will come from ENGLAND a Priest that will disseminate a
    FALSE GOSPEL, like a SLIMY YEAST, he will dilute with his poisonous
    doctrine the RED WINE of the Catholic Church into REDDISH WATER ! 
 4* The NEXT epoch in Italian history seems to be called by Nostradamus :
    " ROUGIR LE EAU "  reddening of water, because from his point of view,
    the Wine of True Catholic Tradition will be diluted with waters .
    ( And a flood of the TIBER river, and... political killings in Rome ?)
 3* They ask for Death, probably Mr. Boris YELTSIN will be reduced 
    to a Vegetative Life, and has to be connected to Artificial Lung !
 5* The GREAT MAHDI (in Arab means "CHIEF") of Muslim People probably
   is already in a relevant position and ready to increase his power !
    Next reincarnation of SELIM THE MAGNIFICIENT (Turkish Emperor from
  1520 to 1566) could be Osama BIN LADEN ?, or another Saudi Arabian, as
  widely said by American Energy Secretary (Donnald), there is a branch
  of the SAUDI FAMILY, headed by King Feisal's brother ABDULLAH AL-SAUD,
  that is hostile to American presence in Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf.

  The only indications given by Nostradamus are in his LETTER to CESAR: 
  underlined 24 and 48 degrees (North?)-> 24N: Saudi RIYADH's latitude !  
  ( 24 degrees both North-East is in LIBYA desert, near an underground 
   compound, suspected to be an Underground Chemical Weapon Factory... 
   24 degrees EAST passes by Bulgaria and Latvia capitals SOFIA and RIGA,
   and near of WARSAW, along the BORDER between POLAND and UKRAINIA... pro-  
   bable scenary for a war between enlarged NATO and reborn SOVIET UNION ?
   In 24 degrees WEST there is a very important place for Anti-Submarine 
   Warfare: DENMARK STRAIT, plenty of underwater idrophones for Submarine 
   eavesdropping, and to the south there are refuelling islands as AZORES 
   (base of USAF B-52), CAPE VERDE (Port.), and Sandwich Islands (U.K.).

   48 degress NORTH: we have SEATTLE ?, PARIS ?, VIENNA, BUDAPEST, and all
   and in Russia famous cities... as STALINGRAD, many ICBM silos: SATISCHEV, 
   nuclear factory CELIABINSK, and by last...SAKHALIN ISLAND, plenty of sub-
   submarine and bomber bases ( Korean Air Lines 747 was shot down there !).
   48 degrees EAST is near KUWAIT (and RIYADH), SOMALIA and Madagascar,
   and all the zone west to URAL MOUNTAINS ( Cities like GORKIJ: many mili- 
   tary factories (planes, tanks), nuclear weapons institutes like ARZAMAS 
   and CELIABINSK, rocket building complex like TOPOLSK, giant nuclear shel-
   ters, bases of missile silos in DOMBAROWSKY, KARFALY, IMENI GASTELLO, 
   Backfire bomber and submarine bases like ARKHANGEL'SK and Vorkuta. 

   48 degrees SOUTH is a circle that passes near Crozet and Kerguellen Is.,
   and New Zealand (but is very close to FALKLAND-MALVINAS Islands !!!)
   48 degrees West is Atlantic Ocean (and Brazil), with the Mid-Atlantic
   Ridge that could trigger EARTHQUAKES, that could weaken American
   factories in California, as Boeing, Lookheed and Microsoft.
                                                        Mr. ROUGE

                       *        II.18       *
                       * PLUYE IMPETUOUSE : *
                       * ( Hard  Raining )  *
       Q.q218-d   Pluye Impetueuse Empeschera .     August 24, 1998 .
 II.18  -Nouvelle et pluye subite,impetueuse,
        Empeschera subit deux exercites.
        Pierre,ciel,feuz (af)faire la mer pierreuse,
        La mort de sept terre et marin subites.*
   218   A new (News) rain,sudden,hastily,
  (ENG) Will immediatly torture (Impeachm.) two armies.
        Rock (from) sky,fire,(affaire) will rain (in) the rocky sea,
        The death of seven (september ?) earth and suffering* marines.
                              ( * otherwise: scubites (lat.) = wards )
   218   Nueva (Noticias) y repentina lluvia,impetuosa,
  (CAS) Torturara (Impeachm.) enseguida a dos ejercitos.
        Piedra (del) cielo,fuego, (relacion) haran (en) el mar pedregoso,
        La muerte de siete (septiembre ?) tierra y marines sufridos.*
                              ( * o tambien: scubites (lat.) = guardias )

   218   Nuova (Novella) ed improvvisa pioggia,impetuosa,
  (ITA) Torturera (Impeachm.) subito due eserciti.
        Pietra (dal) cielo,fuoco, (scandalo) faranno (ne) il mar pietroso,
        La morte di sette(mbre ?) terra e marines subiti.*
                                  ( * oppure: scubites (lat.) = guardie )

--( Comment to the direct reading of q. 218: )-------------------------
 RAIN: there could be link with the quatrain about the landslides in
       SARNO, in Campania (Italy) near the end of Casilina road (Q. 231) .

EMPESCHERA: probable link with PRESAGE VIII ( P. Clinton's Impeachment ) 
            and PRESAGE CV, and with QUATRAIN VIII.14.

NOUVELLE: link with the secret quatrain HOMME ROUGE IV, (Faux Novelle) 
          discovered by author Renuccio BOSCOLO in Venice's Library. 
ROCKS: in the opinion of author Henry C. ROBERTS, is related to the pre-
     fabricated docks, made of giant caissons of reinforced concrete, 
     asembled in Normandy beaches after 1944 disembarkement, in order to
     consent the unloading of big ships (Harbors called " Mulberries "). 
       During many months before the attack, this prefabricated harbors, 
     and ordinary harbors of Southampton and Porthmouth in England, were 
     disultorily hit by hundreds of V-1 (flying bombs) and V-2 (missiles). 
     Probably Nostradamus compares missiles to rocks, in order to evidence
     the intensity (as rain) of carpet bombing made by american B-17 Libe-
     rator (in day) and british Lancaster (night) in raids of five hundred 
     aircraft, against the rarest retaliation of the V-1 and V-2.
 RAIN: several types of RAIN tormented the ANGLOAMERICAN and NAZI armies  
      during "Battle of Giants" (some months after D-DAY in 1944): opera-
      tion MARKET GARDEN, that should had consent allies to capture (fast 
      as  a lightning) the bridges between Holland and Germany... before 
      NAZI could manage to make them blow up. All this in order to let 
      hastily penetrate General PATTON's armoured columns, into Renanie, 
      the hearthland of HITLER's Third Reich .

        Instead, because of the RAIN and of the giant German tanks "TIGER" 
      (that resisted to man-fired BAZOOKA rockets) Nazi armies managed to 
      surround in a pocket many allied paratroopers, and slaughtered those
      that surrended in the forest of Ardennes, near BASTOGNE in Belgium.
        After two weeks, came the end of "watery" rain, mist and low clouds 
      cover, and this let Angloamerican aircraft, to start again the bombing 
      missions over Wehrmacht tanks and troops, and we can say, than in that 
      time, began a real "iron" rain that stormed (and defeated) the Nazi 
      troops of german general VON RUNSTEDT.

 ROCKS: quatrain could recycle in our era, in this case the rocky sea could
  II    be the ADRIATIC SEA, a sea with many long and thin islands, plenty 
        of low monts and sharp rocks, like Kres (Cherso), Lusinij (Lussino), 
        Dugi Otok (Long Island), Kornat (Crowned), ecc.

        In the KAB-1555 development of quatrain I.51, Nostradamus mentioned 
        cannon balls against a mountain, that maybe will cause falling of
        rocks, or a landslide over an American Base, maybe in the any terri-
        tory of Ex-Yugoslavia, or in Italy ?

----------( Q.218: KAB-1555-develop-> It. decryption-> E. translation)------        
   H: Hitler's isowave.
   O: Osama Bin Lader's isowave (The new Hitler ?) 
   S: Serbo-Croatian isowave
   W: Monica Lewinsky isowave.
  NOTE: after last line is ALL HITLER's isowave alone, untranslated:
         ITALIAN DECRYPTION                     
    (from the old french quatrain)               ENGLISH TRANSLATION :

 1)  N L T Y E I M E U M H S U D E I T I     ( In the  NiLe environment...
 O-> NiLoTIco YEMen@ItE rEgIME SUDanEse      ( with YEMenItEs and members
         "TIE"         StUDEnT@I islamITI    ( of the SUDanEse govErNMEnt
                                             ( LINK with islaMIC StUDEnTS )
 2)  O L E T P U S P E U B E X T E E C F     ( Money from peTrOL does not
 pe@TrOLE OLET  PUS "PEU" BESTiE En ConFiNo  ( STINK to this FEW BEaSTS...
       -                    ^            ^ ( that are hiding from HomeLand )

 3)  U E P S E E S E E R B I U E E S R I E    ( ConFUsion in the LaNd of...
 ConFUsionE PaeSE dE SERBI VElEnoSe miS@ERIE  ( SERBS*, miSERAbLE StoRIEs, 
                           StoRIE miSteRIosE  ( of POISonous substances.
 Union EuroPea PretESE SERBIa aBIUrE fESseRIE ( EuroPean Union asKED to...
O-> FUggE PaeSE SERBI BINariE gaS porcheRIE   ( SERBIa, several fOOL things:
 (... to declare reNOUncE to territories, while they are smuggling WAR-gaS:
 [ BINarY: many chemical weapons are combination of TWO NON TOXIC compounds!]                       
 [* SERBIA: former biggest national state of Yugoslavia, still part of it ]
  4)  V L S U T E S A I T X R S R E U        ( ViLe wAITING for ITaly, as
 H->  ViLe SUa atTESA ITalia ScoRSE@ R@UdE   ( it mAke out A rUde (war)) 
 O->  ViLe SUa inTESA vITtORioSa REcUpErarE  ( Osama made a ViLe agREEMENT
       -                  ^                  ( and vIcTORy will REgAIn ? )
  5)  E E U U B I U E C T C P E L Z      ( United States is at FORk-roads
 O->  E.E.U.U. BIVio dE ConTrattaCco     ( of CounTerattaCk agains this...
                            "PELiceZ"    ( "PELiceZ"(prov.)= Prostitutes !)
 6)  L T Y B I M E E M H S D E I P I       ( Of his QuerRIEs the MaJeSty
 LiTI suBlIME BIMEstrE MaJeSty "DEI" PILE  ( (Clinton?) is tied to an...
       -                 ^                 ( infamity COLUMN of LAW ? )
 7) L E I T P U M P E U D E X T I E C F F  ( In ItalY they ask to change
   LEggI T PUM ! PEU  DESTre En ConFlitto  ( LAwS, ... with BOMBS, the
      ITaliane BOMBE     DESTrIEri         ( RIGHTIst are in ConFlict )
                ^^^^        ^
  8)  E P T E E S P E R B E U E E E R I E A  ( AND a SuPER AirCrAFT Carrier
 O-> E PorTaErEi SuPER  VENirE  En  ERItrEA  ( will come to the ERItrEAn 
 W-> E PrE@sidenTE SPERma BEre lEUinsk.      ( ( RED-SEA )  !!! )
                     prE(fERIrE) amERIcanE A   
       -                                       ( The SECTS of EXAgoN ...
  9)  L S E T E E S A I U X R S R R E U I      ( (Hebraism) are KILling
O-> Le SETtE ESAgonalI UXoRicida iSRaEle fUggI ( their MotheR iSRaEl...
    L@A SETE ESsA hA  IUS RiSoRgeRE  lEUInsky  ( I advice to EscapE !!! )
 10)    E U U I U S C T X C R E L Z R      ( LeNiNIsm rEsUrreCTs, again the
 B-> LENiNIsmo rIsUSCiTa masSaCRE dei ZaRisTI ( speCtRE of ZaRIsT slauGHTER )
 O-> Etat UNIs USCiTa TaCita alaCRE dEL ZaR   ( USA agrees to a SiLent EXIt
                                              ( (from Russia) of ZaR (Boris))
 11)  T Y B I M E E C H S E I P E E 
 O->  TIBI  redIMErE CHieSE rIPEtErE  
       ^     ( C.H.= Confederazione Helvetica )
 12)  E I M P U M H E U D E X T I C F F 
 O->  Ed IMPUNE@ HElio jUDEi reSTI "CoFFin*" (*bara)        
       -     ^
 13)  P T P E S P E R B E X E E E C I E A L
 O->  P T "sPES" SPERperare BE X E E spECI(AL )  
                     ( sPES (lat.)=hope )   (  microanagram )

 14) L S E E T E E R A I U E R S R I E U I A
 O-> LaSEr En TERrA  Un@IvERSale iSRaE@lIani aLElUIA  
   LaSciassE "ETERA" mU@IER S R I lEUInsky fAUci 
                     ( eteria (greek.)= prostitute)   
 15) U U T U S A T X R C R E L Z R           ( heLP from USA is briSKLY
 Un aiUTo USA ATteSo alaCRE iL ZaR (Boris)   ( AwaiTeD by ZaR (Boris) )
                  massaCRE dEI ZaRIsti       ( a slaughTER of ZaRIst...
       -                     ^    ^          ( they will be tRAITIonEd
 16) Y B I U E E C S C I P E L E M           ( by the (modern) KoSSaCkS
  Y aBIUrE dEi CoSaCchI prinCIPE sELENitico  ( of the prINCE of MOON...   
 Y B I U E E C S prinCIPE jErusaLEM  ^ sELIM ( helping new jErusaLEM sELIM ) 

----( Q.q218-r   Pluye Impetueuse Empeschera .   August 24, 1998 )---------
 17)   E M E E S M D P R R N I T          ( Is a fATALity, this FaShion ...
 O->   nEMESi   MoDa inPheRNalI rITi      ( of InPherNaL rITes ??? )
      EnE@MiES  M D P R R N I T  
 18)  F E R R E M O E T R E M T E       ( in IRON SHRINE  LaND of HiLLS )
 O->  FERREo * EREMO  En TeRrE MonTE    ( will be a TREMor, because of...)
     (* Afghan base of Osama Bin LADEN is like an Iron Shrine !)

 19)  A L R R O R E A S E S             ( ALL hoRROR to StAtE EmbaSsyS )
  O->  AL oRRORE  AmbaSciatE "St@AtES"  (  States... United )  
  20) I A P E L R T S T E R U S         ( ITALY: about Marta RUSSO killing
 O-> In APELlo ReSis@Te MiSTERO RUSso   ( the mistery will resist in Court ) 
  I rAPE L T@uRiSTE RUSso magiSTERo USa  
  21)  R P I U A T E E E T I B            ( * oppure TrIBunalE )
H-> SeRPI InsinUATE ElEzionE En TIBEr * ( TIBEr flumen (lat.)=fiume Tevere )
O-> USuRPatorI InViATi ElEggEre rETrIBuito
       IndividUATE ElETto TIBEr  
  22)  E M I E S D P R T N I          (  EneMIES (O. Bin Laden ?) are ... 
 O->  EneMIES ESt DiPoRTo I@N NIlE    ( in SPoRT-(leisure) boats IN NIlE
 W->   tEMI "dIES" "DePoRTe" TuoNI    ( deporte (spanish)= sport ) )
       -                              ( be aFRAId of the DAY of ThuNdeR ?)
  23)  E E R E M D E T R M T
 H-> NIEt ERa tREMenDa di DETRiMenTo  ( Will ReTurN the tREMenDous Era
  RiTorNI   tREMa Di T@ERreMoTo       ( of WASTE and damage, because...
     E tERrE RENDE   TRaMonTo         ( of the Russian "NIET"= NO !!!  

( and the EaRTh RENDS to SUNseT ! )


 24)  L R R R O E E M A S E    (OBL: But The teRRORist should trEMBLE !!!)
 O->  iL teRRO@Rita trEMASsE      (R: the taNKS the sOviEt will aMaSs ...
     iL caRRO sOviEt aMAssaSsE    ( because of the Tax-Revenue eRRoRs ...
   gLi eRROri RivOltarE lE MASsE  (... will cause a RevOLT of the MASSES )
       -                          ( CUttING There the RUSsian ReSTAURation )
 25)  A R E L R S T A R U S
 O->  SEgARE Li aRreSTARe ReSTAU@Razione 
            iL BoRiS     RUSPE     [ ARES = greek name of MARS, god of war ] 
      "AREs" L R S [TAuRUS]        [ Taurus (latin)= Bull costellation ]

 26)   P E U A T S E E E R I B     ( ...NOT MUCH is EXpeCTED by REBels )
   O -> "PEU"  ATtE@SE dEi RIBelli
 W: PEr E.U.A. mATto preSidEntE En  ( mAD American preSidEnt In cOURT )
         PENA  T SEdER@E tRIBuNalI 
           ^                   ^
 27)   M I U S E P R T I N I
   MIserabile U SEmPRe PRelaTI cReTINI
   MIo USarE Sandro  P@ERTINI*  [ * a Roman Hospital (Pietra-Lata) named...
                             (for S. PERTINI = Italy President: 1978-1985 )
 28)   E E S E M D P T R N T 
      E chiESE MiDas imPeR@TinenTe
 W: EsamE dE SEMe DoPo Ti(NToRia )  (  microanagram )
   NIlE ESEchie M DiPoR@To TReNTo 
 29)  R R E O E T E M S E        ( teRROR from rOCKETS and MisilES )
   TeRROr@E "cOhETE" MisilE 
    TeRRa EOnE "ETE" TEMeSsE  
    TREmendO ETagEtte aMaSsE 
 30)   R L R T A S U S           ( MiSERabLe RevoLT of jeSUiteS ? )
   MiSERabiLi R@ivoLTA jeSUiteS 
      R L R T A S U S  
 31)   P E L A T S T E E R U B
  W->  PhELATio preSidE@nTE E RUBIcondo 
OCR->  FEde LATini TrieSTE miSTERo chERUBINo     
       ^                                  ^
 32)   I U A E E R T I B I          ( The RUIN (damage) you will eSCAPE
  ROVINA eVAdErE moRTI bImBI IBIs   (  YOU will TELL them before ??? )
   ^^ ^
---( Here I put HITLER's isowave alone, untranslated:)--------------------
 H1-> iNuTi@LY rEgIME (dis)UMano SUDET@I  [Sudeti = regione Cecoslovacca]
 H2-> prOLETario PUS  PEUple  BESTiE  E CaFoNi      
 H3-> nUbE PerSEguirE SE@RpE BINariE* (deportazione) dE iSRaE@lIani 
 H4-> Ed Etat Unis UBIdieNtE ConTaCto "PELLiceZ*" (* Puttane in Provenzale ) 
 H6-> miLiTarI TIBer chIMErE Mussolini Homini SaDICI PILotarE 
 H7-> hItLEr ITalia POMParE jUDEi bESTIalE ConFino (ConFlitto?) 
 H8-> E PorTarE sTESse PERsone PERBENE vERso I@Ra cIEcA 
 H9-> Le SETtE ESAgItare UXoRicida iSRaEliaNI REnaNIE [Ebr. matrice culturale] 
 H9-> iL SETtE  ESAgono* IUS RaSaRE SaRRE REgioNI  (* Esagono di Francia )
 H10-> lENiNIsmo rIUSCiTa dopo masSaCRE deL ZaR  ( purghe Staliniane ? )
 H11-> ZaRisTI suBlIMarE En CHieSE SEI* PEllE [* EBREI,in termini Nostradam.]
 (furono gli Zar, suppostamente Cristiani, ad instigare i Progrom anti Ebrei)
 H12-> Ed IMPUneMEnte HitlEr jUDEi EXTInguere In CroSS S.S. ... ruPe TarPEa .
 H13-> ruPe TarPEa SuPERBE BEStiE duX rECItarE mALe (Piazza V. vicino a Rupe)
 H14-> LaSciassE lE  TERrA rIVERSa RIEcco bUgIA  
 H15-> fU OTtUSa ATteSa, RiCREdersi deL ZaR (Stalin: patto tradito da Hitler)
 H16-> ZaRIsti aBIUrE dEi KoSsaCchI priNCIPEsco (di)LEMma (K: aiuto a Hitler)
 H17-> mEMichE EsseES MoDa DePRedaRe "oRNIToS" (arte uccelli (greco: ornitos)
 H17B->   nEMESi MoDa inPheRNalI rITi       ^  (vien storpiata dagli uomini )
 H18-> FERREo tERREMOto En TRENTasettE    (1937: bombardata Guernica, Spagna)
                              ^           (...da forze aeree della Germania )
 H19-> ALi  oRRORE "ASES ASESInos"     (Ases asesinos (spa.)= Assi assasini )  
   bEstiALi oRRORE in kOREA ? aSsESIns   ( Corea : occupata dai Giapponesi  )
 H20-> In APELlo ReSis@Te magiSTERo USsaRo ( Pio XI condanna russi e bombe !)
 H21-> SeRPI InsinUATE ElEzionE En TIBEr * (TIBEr flumen (lat.)=fiume Tevere)
 H22-> "EneMIES" DePoRTa@Re in T@ReNI  (Deportazione Ebrei ai Campi di Conc.)
          "  usare PReTiNI, PeRTiNI ?
 H23-> NIEt ERa tREMenDa di DETRiMenTo  ( Inizio Guerra Fredda USA-URSS )
 H24-> iL caRRO EssE-(esse) ferMAsSE [ AREs =Marte= pianeta rosso di guerra]
 H25-> SEdARE LA ReSTAuRazione RUSsa 
 H26-> PEr E.U.A. mATto E@SsEssE En tRIBuNalI (forse si riferisce a R. HESS ?)
 H27-> MIlaNo USarE  PReTINI, SErPenTINI, Sandro PeRTINI ?
 H28-> E chiESE rE MiDa imPeR@TinenTe
 H29-> feRREO "cOhETE" MiSsilE TEMeSsE (cohete (spa.)= razzo, forse le V-2)
 H30-> SERaLe aLleRTA SOSPEnde 
 H31-> PELATo TriSTE En  ROVINA   ( sembra riferirsi a Mussolini !!!)
 H32-> InVAdErE moRTI T@RIBunalI  ( Riferibile ai processi di Norimberga ?)
                                                Giancarlo  Rossi