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  *                                                  *        *
  *       _____      **************************     /|\       *
  *       \   /      *   Predictions    by    *     /|\       *
  *    |\__| |__/|   *   Milan's     voyant   *    //|\\      *
  *    | __   __ |   *  Cristina   MORIGINO,  *   /o/|\o\      
  *    |/  | |  \|   * for years: 1998 - 2000 *   ///|\\\     *
  *       /___\      **************************      |        *
  *                                                           *
  *   Will fall the clouds, the leaves will go up,            *
  *                                    ... the red dust,      *
  *   1998: by the (sides of the) Sun... the snow ! (*1)      *
  *   The MOON (*2) heatens, ices will roll,   (*3)           *
  *   moving the crust ... land, land !                   
  *                                                           *
  *   TRU-TRUMEFS nÝ 10                                       *
  *   Key: important discovery !                              *
  *   February 7th: Sulphur smell (*4)                        *
  *                                                           *
  *   SIUKTR-20 (95-(c)orticoid-benzol), with salt,           *
  *   a step ahead, resources are natural,                    *
  *   the answer will come... all from nature !               *
  *   H.I.V.:(...yes, salt is BECHIROLO )-(c)orticoid ?       *
  *   Perequeia ( PEIRESKIA ? (*5) ) from  MEXICO             *
  *   Smell of health, you will walk through and              *
  *   love every thing that GOD gave to You,...               *
  *   from this gift every thing will be possible !           *
  *                                                           *
  *   1999: CAT EYES will say the truth, paths,               *
  *         thoughts, facts, crumbles.                        *
  *   1999: GOD will return, warm breath,...                  *
  *         IRON MOUTH will find his bed ???                  *
  *                                                           *
  *  AERIAL: VI.02 made by EIGHT rhimes:... NEW ERA !  (*6)   *
  *                       /////\\\\\\                         *
  *                     //////\\\\\\\\\                       *
  *                   ///__    ___ \\\\\                      *
  *                  ///___   ____  \\\\\                     *
  *                   /_-_ \=/_-__\===\\\\\   _               *
  *                   \___ / \____/...\\\\  //\\\___ //       *
  *                    |.. o  o  .....|\\\_///\\\___/         *
  *                     \..\====/:::::|  \\_/                 *
  *                       \:::::::_::/                        *
  *                         \:_:_/                            *
  *             ORIENT:             Thita  Lambda  (*7)       *
  *                                                           *
  *                                                           *
  *     IN DON: MATRE MATRIOSCA (*8) WILL DIE !               *
  *                                                           *
  *   " In Don parada voul tue' vertis (R' o N)anch           *
  *     Ha ounce faux blanche simplier,                       *
  *     Vous it accabaramendi e naberaaht                     *
  *     Colopriank attevre rrith.       ...un frer Galatki "  *
  *                                                           *
  *                                  Cristina  Morigino .     *
  *                                                           *
  *   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *  *
  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
  *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****

  1* ( This message was written by italian voyant Cristina Morigino,
    in years 1990-95. She sent this to me, by fax, in August 1997.
    In December 1997 and 1998, I heard that there were snow storms in 
    many desertic places in Mexican highlands and California, and 
    storming rains showered "West Coast", with floods in Los Angeles)

  2* ( By the "MOON" is meant the LUNATIC behavior, irrational of
     mankind, that continues to persist in the waste of fossil fuels
     as petrol-oil and coal, that when are burnt produce a lot of  
     carbon dioxyde, a greenhouse gas )

  3* ( One of the most fearful events coul be the becoming of an
       "AVALANCHE GREENHOUSE EFECT", that could begin like this:

  ( increase of SEAWEEDS and many             Increase of "vitaminic"
   other Clorophyll owning beings...   <----- Ferrose and Phosphoric 
 is a BRAKE AGAINST against GREENHOUSE ?     /Ions, diluted in Hot Seas.
   /|\        because they absorb CO2 )    /
    |     G       /|\                     |   More SWEET water in SEA,      
    |     R        |                      |   sea, and in this way
    |  EFFECT      |                      |-> probable decrease in  
 Higher --E --> Increase ---> Melting of _|   in surface's salinity:  
 Indus-   N     of Global     Mountain's      Elevation of melting point
 trial    H    Atmospheric    Glaciers        (from -1,5 to -1ÝC) (BRAKE)
 CO2      O    Temperature _____________              |               |
          U        |                    \--->( DO THEY BALANCE ? )-----\ 
          S  danger|   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!              |                |     
          E  loop  |-->!!  MELTING OF !!              |                |
         /|\        ___!!    POLAR    !!<--- MORE SALT WATER in seas:  |                        |
  "feed    \       |   !! "ICE-PACK"  !!---> melt ice because of di-   |
    forward" \     |   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     minution of water melting |
              |    |   /|\  |    /|\   \     point (ACCELARATOR)       |
              |   \|/   |   | DANGEROUS  \             |               |
            fossil CO2  |   |  LOOP !     ?\     PROBABLE   <----------| 
            in ancient  |  \|/    |          \   alteration            |           |
            glaciers    |   DECREASE          of OCEAN CURRENTS,       |
          NOW MELTING   |  OF  ALBEDO:        due to breakage of       |
         (ACCELARATOR)  | ( riflectivity      natural barriers         /
                        |  to sun beams )     of undersea ice ?       / 
                        | Great INCREASE of            |             |
                       /  SUMMER TEMPERATURES         \|/           \|/
                      /   due to absortion       INCREASE  OF   WEATHER
 Sudden arrival of  /   of SUN in NORTH POLE.    INSTABILITY: mainly in 
 anomalous currents                              Middle Season, because
 of HOT air or water <-- CYCLONS, TORNADOS  <--- easy transformation of 
 just in the worst      Typhoons, air trumps    THERMAL Energy in KINETIC
 place: POLAR ICE CAPS              |          Energy: winds, currents, ecc.
 ( ACCELERATOR +++ )               \|/
                        NEW YORK's HURRICANE ? ---> " Crystal Rain "
                      ( see Nostradamus q. IX.48 )
 4*   Many anti-virus proteins, and specially, anti-AIDS proteins 
    have in their structure, functional THIOLIC groups, made by : 
    Hydrogen- SULPHUR --to Main Structure . 
    Is known that several compounds, very simple in their structure... 
    (for Chemistry doctors) work well against AIDS VIRUSES, blocking 
    THEM, ...BUT, unluckily,... ONLY in the TEST-TUBE !

    chain polimers of Glucose (destrose), that have high molecular weight 
    (more or less 7000 - 8000 dalton) are active (in Test-Tube) against
    AIDS virus replication, protecting human cells in contact with HIV. 
    treated with this drugs, will have TERRIBLE BLEEDING, and die faster  
    from emorragy than from AIDS. Not least, Posphoric group is quite
    strong acid at high doses, and it will make deadly changes in the 
    very narrow acidity degree (around pH 7,4) that is allowed to blood. 
    So discarding the sugars, we can choose to experiment PROTEINS...
    Today, many proteins can be built by several ways: with Chemistry
    and Biologically, with GENETIC ENGINEERING  ( But both methods are 
    costly, and sometimes the product does not fulfill Medical request )
    Many of this proteins are well known in their PRIMARY structure 
    (aminoacid sequence), SECONDARY ( alpha or beta helix, folds, ecc.) 
    BUT, only a FEW* proteins are well represented in 3-D, the TERTIARY 
    STRUCTURE: tridimensional shape in space, exposition to the outside 
    (water) of hydrofile groups, folding to the inside of aromatic rings, 
    and joining of hydrophobic chains, links by thiolic ( -S-S bridges)).
    * This because 3-D structure CHANGES SHAPE due to several reasons:
    1) Acidity in environment, 2) Because of contact with other proteins,
    3) Because of degradation by HEAT or UREA, 4) Changes of JAW-LIKE or
    POCKET structures, that open and close, exposing other groups.

    This is the case for AIDS's CRX-4 Protein... the molecule that consent
    to HIV virus to attach to T-Lyphocite receptors ( Policeman Cells in 
    our Body, that arrest ILL CELLS of viruses), in order to anchor to them, 
    and then bring CELLS to get swallowed by MACROPHAGES...  the DOG-CELLS 
    ( eat all unidentified subject not approved by our immunitary system ).   

    brings to the outside of it's structure the KEY or GLUE, that was 
    hiding in ORDER TO ATTACH to Cop Cells ( T-Lymphocyte ).

    This KEY has been RECENTLY (late 1998) IDENTIFIED, because it has been
    broken away from the main part of CD-4, and forced to open in several
    ways: chemicals, temperature, etc. Biologist discovered it has groups 
    HYDROXI ( H-O-to Main Structure) AS TEETH IN THE KEY... that can be 
    (surely) blocked when entering in contact with a SULPHURIC GROUP !

    ANTIBODIES that were tested for many years, were aimed to unknown parts 
    of the CD-4, mainly to the outside of CD-4, in several points, where 
    they (unluckily) could not stop the virus. This did not work because 
    the deadly part of CD-4 was in a safe place, and ANTIBODIES COULD NOT 
    manage to FORCE the CD-4 TO SHOW THE KEY in order to BLOCK IT !
    AIDS is some like a STICKY explosive ball, that makes that any Police-
    man that is infected, gets attached to every other Cop that arrives to 
    help the infected, so is formed a giant heap made of Policemans, that 
    can no longer patrol the blood-streets of body, giving freedom to 
    criminals. Terrible GLUE (only for Lymphocytes) is the CD-4 PROTEIN !
    Then, AIDS virus (H.I.V.) penetrates into bodies os Cops (T-Lymphocite)  
    make them get mad, and build giant "blob" of Cop corpses ( SINCIZIO ).

    This paves the way to other criminals, that are not Cop-killers, but 
    can be worst: PNEUMOCYSTIS carinae (Lung protozoid from birds), and
    BURKITT's Lymphoma (a skin cancer of T-Lymph.s) are typical of AIDS. 
    But, the most common killer diseases that come along with AIDS are: 
    deadly TUBERCULOSIS; EMOPHYLLUS and MENINGOCOCCUS: causes meningitis;
    Herpes ZOOSTER (that gives terrible pain in restricted areas of skin);
    and many, many others that are not so difficult to win for healthy 
    people as TOXOPLASMA gondi, LEISHMANIA, MALARIA, ecc.
    From 1950 to the eighties, proteins were visualized statically, as 
    models made of BALLS and pipes (example: DNA chain). Today, we can 
    see proteins in a much faster and easy way, with COMPUTER PROGRAMS
    that simulate (with mathmatics) the laws of Phisic-Chemistry and
    others that are derived from theories and experimental observations  
    of Organic Chemistry. With help of all this stuff, they got "Virtual" 
    models and prints of coordinates, that can help scientist to build a 
    solid model (Or help a computer controlled robotic arm to build it)
    With tri-dimensional viewers, they can see these structures from
    several points of view, or even in motion, in interaction with other 

    Maybe somebody has developed a PROGRAM in order to compare many
    tri-dimensional structures, maybe of millions of substances,... 
    and soon will be know... 

    that a molecule, maybe SIMILAR to THIS that CRISTINA PROPOSED... 
    ( very, very, unclearly told, and I tried understand following my 
    not high knowledge of Organic Chemistry, and her's that is ZERO !)
  SULPHUR ATOM (a Sulphate ?) as you can imagine, is in a POCKET, (*19)
  a protected position, (maybe CORTICO-STEROID folds around it, making 
  something as a FUNNEL or a SHELL, and BECHIROLO is like a LEAF-DOOR that 
  covers entrance. But, once that is freed from BECHIROLO (an excellent 
  leaving group, that could also reshape itself as toxical for virus's RNA) 
  ... SOLFONIC group could make an irreversibile BOND, with one or two   
  of the OXY groups of the KEY in HIV's CD-4 , making CD-4 key USELESS !)             
              GLYCEROL              (( ? ))       _____
                 H                     |         (( ? )): In this point  
 GUAICOL  . H-O--C---H                 C (20)    there could be a carbon
         .       |   :             H   |         chain, branched, with
   H3C--O        C---O         CH HCH  C-H       insaturations, similar to
        |       /     \       /  \ | /  \        ERGOSTEROL (lipophilic)      
    HC--CH  O--C-H..O=(S)=O  CH2   C     C-H     Or two aromatic rings 
    /  _  \/   H        \*19 |     |     |       with oxygen atoms,
  HC  (_)  C       H2-C  CH2 C-H   C-----CH      like in DIOSGENIN.
    \     /          /  \| /  \  / |     (15)    Or, strangely, an 
     HC--CH       H2C    C     C   H             Acetonic or Hydroxide
                   |     |    ||                 like in CORTISOL ?
     HC--CH       HC     C     C  PHENANTRENE     
     / _  \   H   /  \ /   \\/    LIKE NUCLEUS      * asterisk
   HC (_)  C--C--O    CH    CH    (similar to )     is a sign for   
     \    /   H       H           ( Cortisol ?)     Carbon-19

     SIUKTR-20 ? ( 19-S ?-(c)ortica-benzolo ), salified with Bechirol                     
     ( Phenantrenic Nucleus half way between Ergosterol and Cortisol ?) 

     ( Benzene and guaiacol could interact in weakly manner, but then,       
       separate in order to "embrace" CD-4 of AIDS virus ?)

   ACTION: from one side has a structure similar to CHOLESTEROL, (this is
   a substance that is absorbed by ALL cellular MEMBRANES, making storage), 
   from the other side, it could be similar to the RECEPTOR for HIV CD4.
   IN THIS WAY: virus will get blocked to the surface of ALL HUMAN CELLS, 
   that are in contact with blood stream: Red cells *, White, Blood Vessel
   lining cells (endotelium), ... NOT finding it's TRUE TARGET:... 

   T-4 HELPER LYMPHOCYTES, in this way, Virus will NOT BE EATEN by DOGS 
   (Macrophages) and they will NOT infect T4-Lyimphocites, will NOT make
   "blobs" of T4, will NOT enter inside cells NUCLEUS and write, ( as... 
   a computer virus) their bad instructions into DNA (with enzyme "Reverse 
   Transcryptase") to make them mad, there WILL NOT BE millions of copies
   of the Virus HIV, each one a potential mutant that could resist to
   a new drug... and slowly, ... but steadily, AIDS disease will END !
   ( * RED CELLS: are cells that DO NOT DIVIDE, (as T-Lymphocytes do)...
   are very simple, HAVE NO NUCLEUS, NO DNA. Reverse trancryptase simply  
   CANNOT WORK, has no use in them,... Reds are only simple boxes for 
   transportation of Hemoglobine and Oxygen, THEY LAST ONLY 120 DAYS !
   (* Maybe after capture, blood should (in some three or six monts) be 
   changed in it's totality, because at the END of their lives, Red Cells
   are captured by Macrophages (Dogs), with new risk of T-cell infection )
   They are FIVE HUNDRED times more abundant than WHITE CELLS, so they
   will capture HIV viruses in great amount, lefting over only few virus 
   for the real victim (T-Lymph.)... and quietly working as OXYGEN CARRIERS.

    T-LYMPHOCYTES, by comparison, should LIVE for MANY YEARS. They have 
   a GIANT NUCLEUS, with intense DNA TRANSCRYPTION, they make a lot of
   different proteins, called INTERLEUKINES, that are ALLERT message 
   for other Policemans (T-cells), for Dogs (Macrophages), for the
   Bounty Killers (Natural Killers), for the Archers (B-Lymphocytes)
   that build and launch ANTIBODIES, for the Flame-throwers (Mast-cells)
   that give Allergy. They control INFLAMATION, make BODY PARTS get HOT, 
   RED and SWOLLEN (because following their orders, capillar lining gets 
   lose, in order to let military cells, reach their target from blood ).


                     Benzen   Guaicol   ( EXACT structure,  unknown )  
  The Molecule will    \        |       ( to me, ... should work ...)
  enter as a wedge in  CH2  glicerol    ( as a " FALSE LOCK " )    
  Cellular Membranes    /       |       ( TRAP for HIV's  KEY ) L.E.C.     
  forming, together    O        O                               Liquid
  with other  ten?      \__   O=S=O (Sulphur = TRAP for CD4 )   Extra-
  a FALSE RECEPTOR *    /  \   /                                Cellular
                        \__/__CH2  (carbon 19 ? ) 
   oooooooooooooooooooo /  \__ oooooooooooooooooooo glicerol   CELLULAR
 double ||\\\\|||||\||| \__/  \ |||\|\|\|\|\||||\|\||||||||||  MEMBRANE
 lipidic|||||||||||||||    \__/  ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||  of   ALL
 layer  ||||||||||||||||||  |  \__/ |||||||||||||||||||||||||  cells in
 |||||||||\||||||||||\||||  |__/  \ |/||/||||/||||||||/||//||  the Body.  
 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  (section) 
                         ( The Phenantrenic part of Molecule                                    
   OH: this part         acts as a trans-membranary structure)   
      of  Cortisol                                             Intra-
      will act as an       Virus STOPS in the Vacuoli          Cellular
     "anchorage" to ICL             |                          Liquid
   In this way, for HIV's reverse-DNA there will be NO WAY to NUCLEUS !    

    FEBRUARY 7th 1998 (1999?): there will NOT be ANY NEWS, probably 
    this synthesis will happen in an unknown laboratory, maybe in
    PORTLAND - OREGON, and for, maybe 12 month this drug will be sperimen-
    ted in Human Cell Cultures of T-HELPER LYMPHOCITE. Then in monkeys 
    and mouses for another year. Only after TWO years (maybe shortened)
    of satisfactory results in Healthy Volounteers and then in AIDS 
    Terminal Patients. Then it will be sold in few selected Chemists 
    and soon in any Drugstore behind any corner of the city (YEAR 2000 ?).
    (* Maybe this date will be known because of researchers notebooks ? )
 5*  PEIRESKIA: Plant of the CACTACEE family, similar in some ways to 
     PEYOTE, maybe has a natural substance that (in original raw form),
     etc., is practicly totally inactive, but that with the proper
     treatment... ( Maybe: PLANT EXTRACT +  SULPHURIC +  GUIACOL = 
     SIUKTR-20 ) and will become much more active, ( maybe so active 
     to be similar in it's active site to a costly Quemioquine ?),

     But, will be very cheap and powerful, and will make CRUMBLE AIDS 
     virus in the whole World. And particularly in THIRD WORLD, that 
     now is abbandoned to it's destiny by drug multinationals !!! 
 6*( Maybe is referred to quatrain 02 of the VI Century in Prophecy 
     by Michel Nostradamus: referred to very strange CENTURY-CYCLE ? ).

    Developed with a Kabbalah-1555 method, we got a messagge about
    the definitive proof about the existence of ALIEN LIFE IN SPACE. 
    Achieved thanks to Radio-telescopy CONTACT ( maybe ARECIBO AERIAL ?)
    After this event, skepticals scientist will remain speechless .
    This will open to a NEW ERA, with a new understanding of Universe,
    of Science, of Philosophy (Contact with E.T. thinking), of Religion...
    probably this will decrease the faith in DOGMATIC CHURCHES... specially
    those that say to you: "you must believe in this... because tradition
    and great chief said this, the chief is the best, knows all, etc. !
    ... you must go to a certain place,... make seven turns, dress in a
    certain way, wash with a certan water. A certain PLACE is sacred... 
    ... you must revenge every offense to it, even risk your life, etc."


KAB-1555 of SETI-602

 7*( THITA LAMBDA: in Voyant's (CRISTINA) particular terminology this 
   indicates an antichrist, maybe referred to Shoko ASAHARA, chief of 
   AUM-SHIN-RIKYO SECT ( in japanese this means: The Supreme Truth ) 
   In 1995 his followers attacked TOKYO UNDERGROUND with a primitive 
   NERVINE GAS, killing many. Made with help of the phisic Hideo MURAI. 
   ( This message of the voyant was said to be received in 1990, so 
   this was a prophetical drawing of something already happened ?)
   Maybe they will sell a chemical weapon to Palestine Terrorist ? 
   AUM-SHIN-RIKYO sect is rapidly spreading in all the world and since 
   1991 is catching on all former Soviet Union (C.S.I.))
 8*  Quatrain referred to WHITE CROW ?: Russian President Boris YELTSYN. 
   He will be attacked, by successful rebel putschists, probably during a 
   Military  Parade near DON river embankment* ( ROSTOV, VORONEZH, JELEC ?) 
   Maybe his armored convoy will be surrounded by Red Army helicopters  
   and rebel paratroopers (Chechenians ?), or even by a Russian commando 
   in luxury Parade Uniform, and as those that in 1981 killed Egyptian
   President Anwar El-SADAT, after his peace agreements with BEGIN )

     This text has language, structure and style similar to Nostradamus
   quatrains, because of this, I soon tried to developed it, following 
   the Kabbalistic Key 1-5-5-5, discovered by professor O.C. RAMOTTI.

KAB-1555 of SETI-602

Scientific comment ? ... by Giancarlo Rossi

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