Sailor Aurora
Sailor Aurora Is A Cross Between Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn. The Original Name I Was Going To Use Was Sailor Satune, but I decided to Make it An Actual Space name. Heehee...But You Have To Admit Sailor Aurora is very beautiful. Y'know Most Pages have sucky images when creating a new Sailor Scout..NOT ME!I took more than 10 minutes on these pictures soooo...y'know.
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RL Name(US):Michelle-lea; (Japanese)Miki-li  Favorite Color: Purple and Green
Sports, Hobbies:Painting, cheerleading, Volleyball, Tennis Known As: Sailor Aurora meaning beautiful light
Located: (US)Tennesee (JP)Tokyo Dislikes: DragonBall Z (:p), Computers, anything technical
Hair+Eye Color=purple hair, one eye green, other purple Likes: Guys, Pizza, dressing fancy, dancing
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