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  Rei and Minako have one of the best friendships in the whole BSSM series. Why? Because it's rather obvious to see that they *are* friends, and why. First, a quick peek into their personalities.

souls entertwined with love   Rei is a mixture of the other scouts and a dash of something unique that just screams elegance. She's most like the OuterSenshi in that respect. She's dark and moody partly because of the fact that her schoolmates treat her like royalty instead of a real person, and partly because of her religion and ESP. At first glance she seems to be just a pretty face with an attitude, but her life has been far from easy. Love doesn't come easy to Rei, and she's afraid of it because of her family life. *coughdeadbeatdadcough* But Rei is strong, arguably the strongest of the Inner Senshi in terms of powers (Mako is of course the physical powerhouse of the Inners), and she's tough emotionally. If you underestimate her, you'll probbaly end up a flaming torch.

hold me tonight and keep my fears at bay   Minako is light and bubbly, quite unlike Rei when you first look. She's got these innocent blue eyes, this sweet smile, and like Rei you figure her life has been rather easy. But you've got to look deeper and see the pain of her past, how she worries often about her own self worth, and how she worries about the past becoming the present. Minako is a relentless warrior who has died for her Princess, just like fellow Senshi, Mars. Minako uses the same dedication in her efforts to help her friends. (usually with.. mixed results) And then things begin to click and the dawn of realization begins to break.

  Minako and Rei have both had bad luck with men, Rei by choice for the most part after her father, Minako with boys she chases. Neither dwells on this, they continue forward, teaching us all not to live in the past, but not to forget it either. They both have an aura of sadness and are pretty misunderstood. People assume that their lives are easy, dubbing Rei a "queen" and Minako an airhead. Neither title fits either girl. Rei is incredibly human, she's got fears and weaknesses and gets lonely like everyone else, and Minako is far from stupid, being the leader of the Inner Senshi.   Rei brings Minako another layer of thoughts and spirituality as well as faith. Her powers prove that there is something higher for them to tap into, while Minako's faith in the Moon Princess and their own powers fuels Rei's own devotion and faith to life.

  Minako also brings some light into Rei's life (hence Rei of Sunshine.. ray of sunshine.. yeah, you got it) what with her being so silly and her wish to make her friends as happy as they can be. Rei learns to be more accepting of other's faults, and likewise Minako learns what *not* to do. Sometimes. This whole friendship is a rather open one, what with them sharing and always learning from one another. It's never dull and the kind of friendship most people could only wish to have. ^_^
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