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I love anime, it just rules. Anime is(im my oppinion) the best animation in the world. Take this for instance

This is a picture showing both the boy and girl forms of Ranma.

Here is a picture of nabiki relaxing.

This picture contains the central girls in Ranma 1/2 (including ranma) in bathing suits.

Now my all time fav. anime is AKIRA with Iria:Zeiram the animation running a close second. I could talk about Akira all day, but im not going to. I feel like talking about Ranma since I used Ranma pictures on this page, so here goes.

Ranma 1/2 is probably the 2nd most famous anime/manga in the United States, it follows Robotech/Macross. Through Rumiko Takahashi's graphic novels/ comics anime producers decided to turn it into a television series. Up till recently Ranma 1/2 still had new comics coming out in Japan. "So what makes it so popular?" you may be asking yourself (unless you've already seen it, in which case why are you reading this?) Well first put yourself in the shoes of this teenaged martial artist. All your life, you have been trained in kempo(a mix of karate and judo), then you travel with your father to the training grounds of the cursed springs. Well thanks to pop, who can't read a word of Chinese, whenever your body comes in contact with cold water you turn into a girl (imagine the possibilities with that!). Well compared to your pop, who now turns into a panda, and a longtime rival, which you unknowingly knocked into a spring, who turns into a pig, you got off pretty lucky. Now to thicken the plot, you are named fiancee to a tomboy, who hates men, her name is Akane Tendo. Her two older sisters thought it was a perfect match, Akane doesn't like boys, and Ranma well he's only half a man. However, becoming fiancee to Akane proves to be a harder task than originally plaanned, first there's a cocky, but good kendo fighter, who refuses your engagement to Akane because of his own lusts. He too becomes a bigger problem when he sees your girlform, he has eyes on both Akane and You! This is really just the start of your problems when Ryouga, despite his poor sense of direction, finally reaches Tokyo. He claims you made him see the darkest places of hell! The only thing you can think of that made him so mad, was the bread wars back when you were in an all guy school. After defeating this boy with monster strength, and lots of unconventional weapons(a belt which turns razor sharp, bandanas which are razor sharp, and an extremly heavy, sharp umbrella which he weilds with one hand) the only one who offers him comfort is Akane. Now this Ryouga and Kuno are out to kill you because of your engagement to Akane. This plot thinkens even more with Kadachi Kuno, a raising star in gymnastics martial arts, who now has a crush on you. She makes several attempts to steal you from Akane and even tries killing Akane. If this isn't bad enough, a chinese girl from your past attacks you in girl-form, a fight that you win fairly easily, then she kisses you. This evidently is the Amazon way of saying we are now mortal enemies. Later on you find out her name is Shampoo. She eventually bumps into your boy-form, and again you win the fight. Now she is another fiancee, bound by Chinese Amazon laws. Your refusal to marry her leads to her grandmother, Colgne, interventions. She is extremely old, and is rightfully named the beast from China. Had enough from these people from China? Tough luck, says Mouse, who abducts Akane because for his whole life he has wanted to marry Shampoo, and because you are now engaged to her. Well if this isn't enough to make a great series, then we should add in Ukyou, a fiancee which you abandoned when you were very young. Now she has worked to become the best cook in the world, and now seeks her revenge on you. You are unaware that Ukkyou really is a girl, and so you fight this mysterious person which earlier beat p your pop. Again this fight is won by you. Then you find out Ukkyou's past, and tell her she's cute. To introduce Ukkyou, to Akane, you say "Cute fiancee meet uncute fiancee." Well to recap you have 4 mortal enemies, and 3 fiancees 4 if you count Kadachi, and you still are against marrying Akane, plus you have a father who turns into a panda. I hope that's not too much for you to digest.

OK thats it, soon i will have a tone up about AKIRA. Come again.

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