Snes Emulator Roms, As u can see I'm a RPG person.

7th Saga
This is a ok game
Chrono Trigger
The Best Snes RPG!!
Final Fantasy 3
The Second Best Snes RPG
Final Fantasy 4
Another Great FF game (J)
Final Fantasy 5
Get this then search for the English Patch (J)
Final Fantasy 6
FF3 in Japanese
Good OLD game, but ive played better.
Illusion Of Gaia
I really like this game, RPG type game
Pretty good RPG
Breath of Fire 2
Awsome RPG

The only Emulator i trust now. until they get better one!

Snes9X: Has sound plays all Roms

Since i dont have alot of roms right now go to these pages for more

Great page, with alot of roms:
Also great, hole lot of roms!: