As creator of the Rocket 88 homepage, I must inform you that while this page is officially recognized and endorsed by Rocket 88, I am not affiliated with them in any other way. I volunteered to maintain this page as a friend and I make absolutely no profit from these pages. They are intended to inform people about Rocket 88 and when they can see them, not as a commercial venture.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that since I am not an employee of Rocket 88, I do not participate in any of their business dealings or any other decisions they make, please do not ask me to do so. I will pass on fan messages when I am able, but anything else I ask that you discuss with them personally; either at the shows or by calling their booking number.

Rocket 88 logo is copyrighted to Rocket 88, all other graphics created by Heather Aichele.


Heather Aichele

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