We remember the time when Tom Cat was too sick to play and they called Kevin up to replace him. We also remember the time they had a sub for Tommy Angel for the first time. We were there for the 25th anniversary party. The tent was so full that you could hardly move. We will always remember Rocket 88 singing "In the Still of the Night."
-Tim & Pat, House of Christianson

My favorite memories of the band are the anniversary parties. I must admit the 25th was one to remember. I have been listening to the band for over 14 years and it was sure great to be able to see many of the former members. Its not oftern that you get Ricky Runaway and Frankie Hayes at a reunion together. A lot of memories were brought back that night

Thanks ROCKET 88 for the wonderful memories!


We remember Peter hanging on the ceiling at Howell Gardens and playing at Muskego Beach on New Year's Eve and so many different members during the 25 years we've been watching you.


In the twelve years that we have seen Rocket, each time becomes a greater memory to hold than the last. One of the greatest memories we have of Rocket is the 25th anniversary party. What a blast that was!! It was fun and interesting to see past band members play again. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun. We were two of those people. The way the band puts their music together makes them one of the best bands out there. Don't stop rockin' and rollin'. We want to dance forever! By the way, we were wondering, when will the CD be coming out? And will you be selling a video also? Thanks for the memories Rocket 88.

-Marlena and Jerrilynn

Rocket 88 has been such an important part of my life. I've known them since I was 12 and my step-dad took me to their dressing room to meet them. It was the greatest moment of my life! To this day the moment that stands out the most is the last night that "Conway Tweed" played with them at Zivko's Ballroom (now The Chandalier). I sat on the steps and cried, sure that my heart would break.

Thanks for the memories guys! I now see you with my own 13 year old daughter, and she thinks as highly of you as I do and always will.


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