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The coolest gospel music links in the World!!

I'm working on this section. I'll basically connect you to my favorite gospel music sites. The sites I link you to will contain further links and you could get 'carried away'. Please sign my guestbook before that.

Comments? Links to be added? Links not working on this site? Put them all on my Message Board


Audio Adrenaline Website

Avalon Web Site

Big Tent Revival

The Carman Website

CCM Website

A great site to surf. It's got charts, chats, etc..

The Christian Band List Website

Christian Music Source

The CML Cafe Website

The Place to Be Site for CMP:

One of the coolest way to find gospel music

Crosswalk Music

A massive site with plenty of interesting stuff. Get there to experience it...

DC Talk official website

The Ardent Enthusiast DC Talk Page

A complete DC Talk site. It's got everything you ever wanted to know!

Delirious Website

Essential Records

Jars of Clay, Third Day, etc..etc..

ForeFront Records

Has plenty of artists (DC Talk, D&K, RS James, Big Tent Revival, Grammatrain and many more), links, multimedia, news, contests, games and links.



The Grammatrain Website

jaci velasquez

Jaci Velasquez Website

Jars of Clay Website


Jennifer Knapp Website


michael w smith logo

Michael W Smith Website


Michelle Tumes

The Music Force website

The Mustard Seed Site


A very good site for music, chat and contests. Plenty of links, news and the works.


Rebecca St. James Website

Reunion Records

Steven Curtis Chapman Website

The Supertones Website

Susan Ashton Website


Third Day

4 Him Website

The VeggieTales Site


Word Online

Has all the artists under Word Records, news,etc..etc.. You'll get engrossed.

Word Records

Wow 1998 site

Christian Music Charts and top 20:

Check out the top songs of the week, year, alltime! I like this site.

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Comments? Links to be added? Links not working on this site? Put them all on my Message Board


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