Kenji Fujima 藤真建司--選手兼教練

Kenji Fujima is the coach, point guard, and captain of team Shoyo. (And IMHO, the most beautiful guy of all in SD!) He is a third level student, and one of the best point guards in the Kanagawa district. He has beautiful brown hair, and dark blue eyes. He's one of the guys I can just stare at and stare at...and forget where I am. Stepping aside from his looks (and believe me, it's hard to do), he has incredible and flashy basketball moves, and his speed, leadership skills, and the mix of calm and excitement just makes him all the more appealing. This guy's so perfect! *faints* Yes, he's my favorite character :P I don't think I'm being biased though...since everything I said is true ;)

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