Slam Dunk Links

I haven't looked around on the net too much, but I did find some nice interesting sites.

  • Dr. T's Slam Dunk - beautiful page with images, fanfics, a HUGE music collection, and lots more!

  • Slam Dunk Drive - the most beautiful page in web design that I EVER saw, anime related or not. A very fun and creative site, with manga summaries, a forum, post card/slam dunk mailboxes, fanfictions, images, and much more! I especially liked the hilarious cursors in the "Gift Shop".

  • My Kaede's Corner - a very creative site with lots of interesting yaoi doujinshi, great fanart, and even a hilarious beauty contest!

  • Hanafuji Favorite - a site with a lot of beautiful fanfics, mostly centered on Fujima/Hanagata. Chinese only.

  • Slam Dunk Doujinshi - a site with beautiful fanfics on all imaginable pairings in Slam Dunk. Chinese only. A must see!

    Well, I'm sure there are tons more good sites out there, if I come across them myself I will add them to this list. To see more sites, why not go back to my main page and explore the Slam Dunk Ring? :)

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