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6/7/99 - got 3 more droolworthy shitajiki's today, including one that has been on my wants list for quite awhile. (with Sendoh and Rukawa! *sigh*) Which are now in my shitajiki gallery. Thanks so much to Tammy and Mel for helping me enlarge my collection :)

5/26/99 - 5 beautiful SD shitajiki's arrived today, and I scanned them and put them on my shitajikis gallery. One of Maki/Kiyota, too! *drool*

5/19/99 - During another study break, I finally added the team shots and group shots page. They were actually ready long ago, I just didn't have time to make thumbnails and put up the pages. But they're here now :) Enjoy!

5/17/99 - I had a little spare time at home today, so finally I put up the Best BB couples page. But if you feel offended by this, please stay away from it. You have been warned!

*** Corrected the spellings of some of the names on my front page. Thanks to Bremen for pointing them out to me!

5/13/99 - Added the scans of 4 Slam Dunk shitajiki's. The next big update will probably be in mid-June, when I get out of school. So, keep watching!

4/24/99 - Added a link to my newly setup Slam Dunk Shitajiki's page. There's only 5 from SD right now, and some from other animes. I will add more as I acquire more.

4/15/99 - This page is finally up, and right now there's not much except 726 screen shots. None of the other pages work yet...but they will, soon. Of course, I'm not done with the screen shots, I plan to give everybody at least 150-200, if they go on screen enough.

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