A Word About the Screen Shots

As you may have noticed, the list of characters in the screen shot section is quite small. This is because I'm only taking screen shots of my favorite characters, instead of wasting time on the ugly/less popular characters. (Like people would actually WANT to see 100 shots of Uozumi...nope!) Therefore, it is a very limited list, but I believe most of these characters are also the more popular ones. So hopefully you will find your favorite player there. To be in the list, a guy (yes, guys only) have to be 1) great looking 2) has good basketball skills, and most importantly 3) catch my eye. (That's why some of the other good looking guys aren't in there...) Don't miss the "Groups" section, they have some of the cutest ones. (Like Hana/Fuji, Saku/Kiyo combos ;))

Also, many screen shots have a watermark placed on the top left corner, this is something I can't help, so please bear with it. The quality of the screen shots are so-so, thanks to my slow computer. I only have the first 101 episodes, so the screen shots also only go up to there. I love face shots, so you will find many of those, but there are also some "playing" positions, which I find quite interesting. In each section, you will find many serious/beautiful ones and "some" super deformed ones. Well, certain characters go into SD mode much more often than others (i.e. Sakuragi v. Fujima) I have not separated them into two categories...too much trouble.

Finally, please do not reproduce these on your own site, nor link to them without my permission. All of the screen shots have been captured by me. I am slowly going through the episodes and taking new ones, so please check the what's new page for recent updates.

Well, enjoy!

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