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Welcome to another bandwith-wasting webpage, brought to you by Ragabash. Like the title says, this page exists to bring you trivial trivia about Gainax's Neon Genesis Evangelion. Expect this page to expand as more useless, morbid, or outright bizarre information surfaces.

But it's Historically Accurate!

According to the Evangelion FAQ most of the characters appear to be named after Japanese Navy warships. The FAQ also provides ship classes and such. Thanks to a friend (and military history student), here are the fate of those ships.
DISCLAIMER: This information is not provided so that some idiot can gloat over the Imperial Navy's losses. What happened has happened, and these are just the facts.

Name Class & Type What Happened?
Akagi Akagi Class Aircraft Carrier Sunk 5 June 1942 at Midway. Torpedoed by a Japanese destroyer to prevent it from falling into American hands.
Aoba Aoba Class Heavy Cruiser Sunk in port of Kube by US planes, 28 July 1945.
Ayanami Fubuki Class Destroyer Sunk 15 November 1942.
Fuyutsuki Akizuki Class Destroyer Badly damaged. Scrapped and used as a breakwater in 1948.
Hyuga Ise Class Battleship Sunk in port of Kube by US planes, 28 July 1945.
Ibuki Ibuki Aircraft Carrier Captured. Scrapped 1947.
Katsuragi Unryu Class Aircraft Carrier Captured. Scrapped 1947.
Sorhyu Sorhyu Class Aircraft Carrier Sunk 4 June 1942 at 7:13 PM. Battle of Midway.

Go directly to the Evangelion FAQ, Section 3, Question 4 for the original source, as well as interpretation of character names not in the above list.

Also I would have put links for each individual ship class, however Jane's.Com does not have a searchable database, and the online edition of Jane's Fighting Ships that I did find was all in Scandinavian. Useless, well except for anyone who can read Scandinavian. However, at some point, a list of the Eva characters may be put online.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion and related likenesses copyrighted by Gainax, of course. If ships and their classification can be copyrighted to their respective navy, well then they are.

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