Links To The Lands Beyond The Dynasty.

Anime Web Turnpike
All the good boys and girls of the world know this sight. Only included for those poor few who don't.
The Spoiler HomePages
TenchiKen runs many pages of use to the anime fan including spoilers and rumors of anime to come.
Northern Virginia Anime Anonymous
Marc Yu's anime club as well as a web forum and mailing list. Perhaps the best anime group of I've ever been to a meeting of.
The Anime Literary Source
Fanfiction, translated song lyrics, and neat stuff like Otaku Purity Test and Evangelion Linear Timeline. What sold this site to me? Translation of the extended "You Get To Burning!"
Streamline Pictures
A thought provoking relic from the past. All U.S. Otaku should visit this graveyard website. Don't bother trying to talk to it or understand. Merely watch, breathe stale Macekian air, and wonder.