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Itty Bitty the Russian Blue cat
Itty Bitty
the Russian Blue cat

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Ekaterina the Russian Blue kitten
Ekaterina, a Russian Blue kitten, born April 3, 1999
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and watch her grow!
photo © 1999 by Peter Barry Chowka


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May 2003 is the fifth anniversary of

The Russian Blue Cat

Here you can access, among other things, extensive information about this very special recognized breed of cat, the Russian Blue.

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We at were profoundly saddened to learn recently of the passing of Ingeborg Urcia, PhD on May 28, 2003. Ingeborg, a professor of English at Eastern Washington University, was well known to the international community of cat fanciers and to people who love Russian Blue cats, in particular. In addition to producing many special kittens over the years at her Katzenburg Cattery in Cheney, Washington, USA, Ingeborg wrote the definitive book on the subject of Russian Blue cats (see below). Please click on the book cover to take you to a page at where Deirdre Devereux, a friend of Ingeborg's, has written a brief reminiscence of her. We are preparing a more complete acknowledgement of the life of Ingeborg Urcia - a truly remarkable woman - to be posted here soon. If you have any memories or information about Ingeborg that you would like to share, please send an e-mail to

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The Russian Blue Cat book cover
The definitive book about
the Russian Blue Cat

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by Ingeborg Urcia, PhD