Cybernetic neural reactions boosters add to Initiative, not to the REF stat.

The cybernetic Adrenal Booster adds +1 REF, +1 BODY, but -2 COOL.

Nunchaku/Tonfa inflict 1d6+2 damage, not 3d6.

Scholastic INT skills cost half IP for characters with a total Education skill roll (including INT) of +10.

Education skill of +1 indicates high school graduation. Higher levels indicate greater levels of schooling.

Mathematics skill indicates specialized higher learning. All characters are able to conduct basic math.

Brawling skill applies to the use of cybernetic Rippers and Wolvers.

Skill specialization can only be applied for only one level (+1 to the specialty but -1 to other uses).

Monetary wins or losses in the Lifepath are each for $10,000. Characters may indeed start play in debt.

Luck may be used in each game session: a player may apply some or all of the luck stat to affect a die roll. This may be done after the dice are rolled.

Career skills might vary from the norm for some characters, depending on their history and training. Ask the GM if you have a question.


Cybernetics: GYROBALANCE (GYR), Surg: N
Automatically corrects for inertia, reducing vertigo and improving balance. The character must have
CYBERAUDIO. +3 to all balancing, piloting, and zero-g skill checks.
Cost: $15,000 HL: 1d6

Applies to thrown knives and other weapons.