TV series Profit:"Chinese Box"

Episode storyline

G&G must divest themselves of Wong industries in order to avoid a damaging FBI investigation. But to do so is expected to result in a large penalty clause, unless Wong industries agrees

Profit discovers that Wong industries will co-operate, if they can be given a computer chip, designed by an ex-G&G scientist, Dr Jeremy Batewell. But Batewell was sacked for sexual harassment of Gail Koner, Profit's secretary.

Profit's plan is to convince Gail to befriend Batewell, in order to steal the chip. Of course, she is less than keen on this idea - but Profit's powers of persuasion are enough, and the two meet at Batewell's house.

The chip turns out to be a dud. But Profit's idea is to give Batewell instead to Wong industies. He is last seen being drugged and tied to a chair, en route to China. We see Profit and Gail walking away from the scene, Profit commenting that the outcome was for the best, not for the weaker person's motive of revenge.

Gail's help with the deal is recognised by Charles Gracen, who presents her with a box. Earlier in the episode Gail had been passed over for promotion.

Continuing sub-plots

Bobbi is continuing her lesbian relationship with Constance Grancen.

Sykes is watching Profit and Koner, and thinks he can entrap Profit for stealing the computer chip. His plan flops, humiliatingly, when Profit is seen to be working for the government in retrieving the (ineffective) chip.

So, Profit can sleep soundly ... in his own box

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