TV series Profit:"Cupid"

Episode storyline

G&G want to acquire Dynamite, a company owned by Anne and Ray Kestrel. This couple separated after seven years of marriage. From then, Anne has been plagued by abusive calls and letters. Is Ray doing this?

Sykes gets them both to the table to sign the deal, but Ray refuses at the last moment. He wants to get back with Anne.

Charles Gracen, having put the deal in the next annual report, tells Pete, Sykes and Profit they must secure the deal, or be fired.

Profit uses the reliable Gail to help set up Ray to "save" Anne when attacked.

The attack is conducted by a hooded Profit.

This is enough for them to get back together and sign the deal.

Profit then gives Sykes enough leads to suggest that Ray killed his first wife, which leads him to intervene and rescue Anne. Whilst this was Profit's way to get rid of Sykes, in fact Chaz holds Profit responsible for the behaviour of his team member.

Continuing sub-plots

Bobbi arranges for Chaz to get assaulted, so she can save him. She gets him to take alternative medicine - morphine and codeine being central ingredients. They get close but Bobbi, looking for a husband, refuses to go any further because Chaz is a married man.

Nora Gracen confirms that Pete Gracen is visiting her uncle, Arthur MacLean, known to Profit as head of MacLean industries. She confesses to Profit that the Uncle sexually abused her when she was 12.

Profit learns that Pete Gracen is pretending to continue drinking, whilst actually being teetotal.

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