TV series Profit:"Forgiveness"

Episode storyline

Art McLean comes to continue his planned take-over of G&G, backed by Pete Gracen and Sykes. We have learned earlier that he abused Nora Gracen when she was aged 12, making her distinctly uncomfortable in his company.

Jim convinces Nora to explain this to Pete. His reaction, other than punching Art at a dinner with Chaz, is to resign from the company. On the advice of Jim, Chaz re-instates him.

Through a circuitous route, Jim poisons Art whilst Nora - who could have helped - declined to do so, leading to Art's death.

Continuing sub-plots

Jim buys Bobbi a new red BMW - great car, but she manages to enter intensive care after a drug-induced joy-ride.

Bobbi survives, and the series ends with a formal event at the Gracen residence.

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