TV series Profit:"Security"

Episode storyline

A undercover journalist is working within the security section of G&G, under the name of Kelly Hunt.

But Profit knows that she is, in fact, the journalist Carol McKenna.

With whom he happens to be having an affair.

To cut a long story short ... Kelly tries to file a story about the corruption of Jim Profit. His sage advice is Don't.

But Profit is a step ahead, exploiting gambling debts of Kelly's editor, and framing her in a televised robbery within G&G. Profit writes a story about the greatness of G&G which replaces Kelly's story in the paper.

Kelly has argued that she is the counterpart to Jim. When she asks him how it feels to have prevailed, his simple but powerful answer is: You tell me.

Continuing sub-plots

Bobbi helps Constance to write a creative diary, by increasing the explict nature of what she records about the affair between them.

But Bobbi and Jim ensure that Chaz Gracen also gets to read the diary!

Joanne enlists Sykes in her vendetta against Profit.

But, for now, his position seems secure enough.

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