Sahaja Yoga Meditation

             - Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation introduced in 1970 by
             Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, by which Self Realization is achieved
             - Sahaja Yoga is the spiritual paradigm shift of the 21st century, 
             whose tangible benefits are enjoyed daily by tens of thousands of Sahaja
             Yoga practitioners all over the world. 
             - Sahaja Yoga is an experience which can lead to a transformation in
             human awareness. 
             - Sahaja Yoga is entirely FREE of charge. 

             We invite you to experience Sahaja Yoga Meditation and Kundalini
             Awakening yourself, starting even as you sit in front of your computer...

Experience It Now!!!

  In Sahaja Yoga Kundalini gets awakened
                                   effortlessly and spontaneously.                                  

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About Her Holiness Shri Mataji

  H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 
                                   is the founder of Sahaja Yoga.                                  

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Chakras and Subtle Body
Self Realization, subtle aspects of the chakras and channels and how Sahaja Yoga works.
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centers around the world
All Sahaja Yoga meetings are offered free of charge, usually on a weekly basis. Contact the Sahaja Yoga center located in your country to get information about the programs which are closest to you.
What Is Sahaja Yoga?
Sahaja Yoga is the next step in the evolution of human awareness. It was created by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 and has since spread to over 70 countries around the world.
Kundalini and Self-Realization
With the discovery of Sahaja Yoga en-masse Self Realization became possible.
Research and Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation
Health benefits of Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga in the workplace. Personal stories and testimonies of people practicing Sahaja Yoga.
Prophecies and Fulfillments.
Fulfillment of the ancient prophecies through the advent of Sahaja Yoga.
Quotes and Talks
This page contains a few quotes as well as transcriptions of entire talks given by Shri Mataji.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Sahaja Yoga and Sahaja Yoga Related Links
What VIPs say about Sahaja Yoga. Shri Mataji's address at the UN Women's Conference in Beijing, 1995.
News Events
This page holds a calendar of upcoming events of Sahaja Yoga - opening public programs, seminars, courses, news related to Shri Mataji's itinerary, Sahaja Yoga conferences worldwide, books for order.
Sahaja Yoga Books
Sahaja Yoga books for order.
International Sahaja Yoga Web Site
Link to International Sahaja Yoga Meditation Web Site.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Vishwa Nirmala Dharma
International Non-Profit Organization
For addresses see "Sahaja Yoga Centers Worldwide"