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Job History/Professional Experience:

Per-Se Technologies, Atlanta, Georgia ..................... MAR 01 - MAY 03

King Faisal Specialist Hospital (640 beds) - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ______________ JUL 95 - MAY 00

Executive Assistant, Hospital Operations and Office of Performance Improvement - Provided management information services for senior executives, medical chairmen, department heads and special projects by creating and maintaining a repository of clinical and administrative databases. Developed the infrastructure for a hospital-wide decision support services center. Completely revised patient utilization reporting systems - Inpatient Discharges, Outpatient Attendance, and Surgery. Created a monitoring system for Cost Reduction and Results Management. For the CFO, created and maintained databases of payroll and general ledger for departmental reporting. Coordinated Zero Base Budget preparation. Developed Capital Asset and Major Project Analysis Policy and Procedure to enable sophisticated capital budgeting process. Key participant to draft the Hospital Performance Improvement Plan (FOCUS-PDCA) in preparation for accreditation survey by Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA). Participated on multiple JCIA self-surveys and automated JCIA's "Standards for Hospitals" on Access. Created Excel spreadsheet for simplification of Patient Chart Review. Coordinated development of mainframe program for Clinic Attendance and Scheduling. Created a model for the Annual Quality Review Cycle. Trained senior management and department heads to make better use of a wide variety of computer programs, including Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Project, Smartstream, Ansos and Orsos. Supported head of clinical pathways development project.

King Fahd National Guard Hospital (500 beds) - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ___________ JUL 94 - JAN 95

Deputy Project Director - reporting to the Project Director of the Hospital Contractor (AMI/GAMA). Primary responsibilities were to administer the operating contract per the needs of the Saudi Arabian National Guard. Assisted in preparing for and obtaining certification from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Substantially improved the management reporting information system.

NW Armed Forces Hospital (320 beds) - Tabuk, Saudi Arabia ____________________ JAN 92 - JUL 94

Program Administrator - reporting to Saudi Program Director, assisted with implementation of Master Hospital Management Contract requirements. Key projects included revamping of utilization data systems such as Patient Registration/Census/Outpatient/ Ancillary Services/Medical Records and QA. Coordinated JCAHO compliance program. Instituted a responsibility accounting/budgeting system for effective alignment and improvement of finance/payroll, personnel, maintenance, capital assets, materials management and recruiting systems. Introduced new concepts such as critical success factors, performance profiles, and performance indexing. Implemented supportive policies and procedures. Provided on-going staff support for 38 nationalities under exceptional cultural circumstances.

Tamilnad Hospital (100 beds) - Madras, India _____________________________________ NOV 89 - DEC 91

Hospital Administrator - Commissioned 100-bed acute care, proprietary Hospital Project in a challenging third-world environment. Guided and coordinated development of essential systems and services in finance, materials management, inpatient/outpatient units, ancillary and support departments, personnel, medical records, insurance plans, marketing, etc. Extensive equipment acquisition.

King Fahd Specialist Hospital (512 beds) - Buraidah, Saudi Arabia ________________ OCT 87 - OCT 89

Consulting Management Advisor - For a Saudi Contract Company (Mutabagani Health Services), assisted with commissioning this Ministry of Health referral facility. Guided development and implementation of required systems and projects, including Materials Mgt, Medical Records, Staffing Recruitment, Information Systems and Quality Assurance. Aggressively and successfully promoted staff morale and productivity under unique cultural circumstances.

Voluntary Hospitals of America - Tampa, Florida _________________________ SEP 85 - JUL 87

Director, Consulting Hospital Management - For this 850-member hospital association, completed several multi-hospital productivity improvement projects. Participated in development and implementation of extensive, VHA-wide, decision support and data comparison reporting system. Assisted in developing marketing and sales opportunities as the distributor of commercial software systems (i.e., ORSOS and ANSOS). Developed and implemented a unique Executive Performance Profile methodology for client hospitals.

Al Hada Military Hospital (350 beds) - Taif, Saudi Arabia __________________________ JUL 80 - JUL 85

Associate Hospital Administrator - Assisted in commissioning this acute care, referral hospital in addition to a 100-bed Rehab and satellite outpatient facilities. Included responsibilities for Medical Records, Outpatient Services, Patient Registration, and Admissions Office. Developed and implemented unique contract compliance system resulting in significant performance improvement. Deeply involved in successful development, implementation and improvement of HIS applications, especially Materials Management, Outpatient Scheduling, Inpatient Census, Utilization Review, Medical Records, Master Patient Database, Personnel, and Financial/Budget Reporting. Commissioned housing requirements of 1500 staff members, including 100 medical staff and families. Implemented JCAHO standards.

Florida Health Care Plan - Daytona Beach, Florida _______________________________ APR 78 - JUN 80

Administrative Director - Implemented clinical and support services for this start-up 10,000-member managed care program and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

Hospital Corporation of America

_____ Palm Drive Hospital (44 beds) - Sebastopol, California _______________________ JAN 77-APR 78

Hospital Administrator - For HCA, responsible for total management of acute care facility including budget control, strategic planning and performance. Productivity improved 20% by reduced hours/adjusted patient day. Implemented a substantial human resources enhancement program in conjunction with a successful marketing program, resulting in a 30% improvement of occupancy rate and profitability. Achieved a 3-year accreditation by JCAHO.

_____Plantation General Hospital (264 beds) - Plantation, Florida ___________________ JUL 75-DEC 76

Assistant Administrator - In an extremely competitive market for HCA, carried out all senior management responsibilities for Support Services (Medical Records, Materials Mgt., Engineering, Environmental Services, and Dietary Services). Participated in all aspects of this highly successful proprietary hospital. Developed and implemented a unique system for departmental performance analysis and control. Created and implemented innovative support for medical and surgical audit committees.

Mercy Hospital (500 beds), Miami, Florida _________________________________________ AUG 73 - JUN 75

Management Development Coordinator - Conducted training of department heads and supervisors using American Management Association's course in "Management for Healthcare Supervisors". In addition, assumed interim responsibility for 80-staff Environmental Services Department resulting in substantial productivity gains.

US Navy Bethesda, Maryland and USS Saratoga (Aircraft Carrier) ___________________ FEB 63 - APR 68

Hospital Corpsman and Lab Tech - Nursing care on 28-bed inpatient unit for Orthopedic and Neurosurgery. After completing Program for Clinical Lab Technology with a commendation for outstanding performance, served two tours as independent lab technologist. Responsibilities included duty in Emergency Room and rotation through ancillary services such as pharmacy and radiology. Honorable Discharge

Academic Record:

1973 - MPH, Healthcare Administration (Honors), UCLA, Los Angeles, California

1970 - BA, Psychology and Economics (Phi Beta Kappa), UCSB, Santa Barbara, California

1965 - Clinical Lab Diploma (Honors), US Navy, National Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland

1963 - Hospital Corpsman (Honors), US Navy, San Diego Naval Center, San Diego, California

1961 - High School Diploma (National Honor Society), Clark Air Force Base, Philippine Islands

 Community and Professional Associations and Personal Interests:

American College of Healthcare Executives, American Hospital Association, MENSA, Hospital Information and Management Systems Society, Rotary International, Medical Explorers, and YMCA. Reasonably fluent in French, some Spanish; jogging, golf, and travel.

Published "Resting Heart Rate - a Significant yet Neglected Leading Health/Fitness Indicator",Master Trainer, Vol 1:1, Feb 99.:


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