CBAs (combined basics)

To tell what the name of a CBA means, remember that the first name is how many opponents you have, and the second name is the number of the CBA.

ni ichi Cross body ichi, reversed elbow, backfist
san ni san, hammerfist, cross body ni kick
ni san double ichis, knee, heel thrust, knee
ni chi chi strike, chuto strike, go or elbow strike, tiger claw rake and knee
san go ni kick, sided mule kick, sideward heel thrust
ichi roku chuto strike, go strike, chuto strike, ichi
ni shichi chuto strike, backfist, hammerfist, crossbody ni kick with opposite foot
ni hachi 2 chuto strikes, knee, heel thrust, knee
ichi ku * set in stance, 2 elbows (go or roku) going up
san ju* go into hidden foot, chuto or hammerfist strike, sided mule kick,ni kick, chi strike

* Jessie's favorite
* Edith's favorite

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