Learn about the Sanchin-Ryu Patch

Stars There are 3 stars on the patch. One stands for your Physical state, one for your mental state, and the last for your spiritual state.

The Guy The guy on the patch stands for you, (if you are a Sanchin-Ryu student), the missing part of his head stands for open-mindedness. He is fighting on water to symbolize that even though its hard to fight on water, he won't give up.

The Sanchin Star The round, red, pointy star on the outside of the patch stands for Chief Grandmaster Dearman and all of his desciples, with each big point representing a desciple, and the smaller points representing his desciples desciples, and so on.
Yin Yang There is a reversed Yin Yang in the background of the patch. The white side stands for Sanchin-Ryu, and the black for karate. The reason they're that way is because Sanchin-Ryu is about protecting yourself, Karate is about fighting, therefore they are opposites, like the black and white of the Yin Yang.

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