Sensei Jan / Master Tripp

Monday Night Class
Master Tripp is the one in black, Sensei Jan is next to him, me and Jessie are on the ends. The three kids in front are the other three kids that came to class that day. (it was summer, most of the other students were on vacation) I hope to get a more recent pic of our class soon! We have a lot more, about 13 kids now.

Sensei Jan is our Monday night Sensei / Master Tripp is our Wednesday night Sensei

Well, what should we say about our Senseis... Actually Master Tripp is not really our Sensei, but since we go to his class he pretty much is anyway. We like both of them, they're very cool and very good at karate!

The most interesting thing about having two Senseis is that they both do everything a little different, so we learn two ways to do everything! Not always easy when you're trying to remember stuff!

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