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Stop the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia

Welcome! This site was born out of my frustration while impotently watching the first-ever NATO aggression against a sovereign state, Yugoslavia.
I will try to gather here some texts and links with alternative, non-CNN-approved information about the Kosovo conflict and the NATO aggression, in a seemingly futile attempt to counter the massive flow of hypocrisy, lies and misinformation.
I have no great talents in HTML creations, so this is a crude, makeshift site. Please accept my apologies. In fact, while I have quite a strong interest in politics, I have so far refrained from speaking about it on the Web, preferring to write about more pleasant -and anodine- matters such as language and literature, and to these peaceful matters is dedicated my main site . But I felt I could no longer remain silent.
This is no longer a war to "prevent humanitarian disaster": the Kosovars themselves stand to lose by it.
This is no longer a war merely against Yugoslavia;
From now on, this is definitely a war against Europe and the European Union. Europe has to be subjugated in anticipation of the commercial wars of the future, has to be trained to remain an obedient slave of her master's voice. Any bomb that falls on Belgrade, Kragugevac or NoviSad, has equally destructive, albeit not apparent, longer-term effects on Paris, Wolfsburg or Sevilla.

Will the Europeans allow it?

Nikos Sarantakos

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