How    much    do    you    know    about    Gabi    and    Ricardo?

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1) What is Gabi's Fathers name?
A) Roberto
B) Phillip
C) Lorenzo
D) Samuel

2) Which of the following characters was not on the boat for Shockwave?
A) Gabi
B) Ricardo
C) Antonio
D) Carmen

3) Who told Carmen that Gabi was the one who accused Ricardo of rape?
A) Mark
B) Antonio
C) Ricardo
D) Ben

4) What is the name of Gabi's childhood friend from Texas?
A) Katie
B) Jennifer
C) Kelly
D) Jessica

5) Where did Antonio want a transfer to?
A) Mexico
B) Guatemala
C) Brazil
D) Puerto Rico

6) Which of the following characters didn't help with Ben's escape from jail in June '98?
A) Cole
B) Casey
C) Gabi
D) Antonio

7) True or False. Ricardo encouraged Gabi to work at the resort for AJ.

8) True or False. Ricardo was always close to his mother, Carmen, even during Maria's missing five years.

9) Fill in the blank.
Ricardo thinks that this man _________ is coming between him and Gabi.

10) Fill in the blank.
______ and ________ fooled Antonio into giving up the Rosario Jewels while in Mexico.

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