The Southern California Size Acceptance Coalition (SC-SAC)

(619) 681-5087
PO Box 500293
San Diego, CA 92150-0293

SC-SAC Mission Statement

We, the members of the Southern California Size Acceptance Coalition, aim to break down stereotypes that promote size discrimination in our society. It is our goal to enlighten others through education and advocacy. We strive to provide support to each other by establishing a sense of community among fat people and allies regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or marital or socioeconomic status.

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What's New -- (last updated 12/04/2002)

WWW.SAFE4WOMEN.COM More2Lov updates-- see events.

"Paying it Forward - fat chick style" added to links.

Don't Tell Me What Size I Must B added to links.

International No Diet Day 2001 (INDD) was celebrated on May 6. Bash the scale for more info:

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Check out a cool 2001 calendar. As far as I know, this is public domain, so feel free to make copies.

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Main Pages

Our President Vicki Dolenga gave a great speech at the NAAFA Convention on Saturday Aug 5. Click here to read the speech and see Vicki at the podium.

Some of you may remember the horrible way that Patricia Mullen's body was treated by the Chicago police (the original story by Suzanne Szames was an article in the June 96 newsletter). Donna Marie Ryan's update has a page of its own.

SC-SAC and Southern California NAAFA had a demonstration at 24 Hour Fitness in Miramar. Please see Kimberley Moore's page for photos.

The SC-SAC photos of the Million Pound March are here! Also take a look at The Inland Empire's stills of the Inside Edition program on the Million Pound March (the march pictures are inedmpm.jpg through inedmpm9.jpg).

Hans Hornstein has written an exuberant essay on the Million Pound March. If you weren't able to attend, or if you want to relive the memories, please read this page. Also please read Marty Lipton's terrific speech (not that I'm prejudiced <g>)

Marty Lipton has a profile of the Century project.

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Coalition Information

The Coalition began its existence at a kickoff celebration in San Diego on Saturday, November 11, 1995. Its purpose is to further the cause of size-acceptance in our society through the following three pillars:

We will work to create a community where people are safe from the judgements based on size that permeate modern "mainstream" culture, and can share their common experiences, hopes, and dreams. Like any group that is the target of habitual discrimination, we empower ourselves through our connections with others.
We will work to educate the public in an effort to dispel the myths and stereotypes which surround fat people. We will work with the educational and medical communities in order to stop predjudice and discrimination before the seeds are planted. We will work to teach about the dangers of the modern diet obession, and to counteract the exaggeration of the health risks of fat.
We will serve as a voice against the discrimination rampant in society, and fight against discrimination in the workplace, in the market, and in the healthcare profession. We will speak out against negative media portrayals of fat people. We will work to establish the rights of fat people to exist as fully recognized members of our society, rather than second-class citizens.

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The Size Wise Excellence Award

For more information about the Coalition, contact us at, or at the address and phone number above.

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